Saturday, April 29, 2017

CLAW: Putting Him Through His Paces

Cleveland—April, 2017

Friday Afternoon.   I thought that after my post yesterday, my first line of this one would be “Sometimes things do go as planned”.  But I thought about it a little more and well, my first meeting of the day really didn’t go as planned.  Dustin, a tall sub, was to come at 2:00 pm.  A text came around noon about how excited he was to finally meet…and could we move that meet to 1:00 pm?  I agreed.

We had spoken on Recon for a couple of years, but our CLAW schedules had never aligned.  He was wanting me to put him through his paces and stretch his hole a little.  I was more than ready.

Dustin is at my door slightly before 1pm.  He’s tall, fair, and rather hairy.  He strips down to a red jock.  I am in my chaps and harness.  I motion to the towel covering a corner of the bed.  “On all fours.”  It’s inspection time.  He’s there in a heartbeat, his ass cheeks spreading naturally.  I dive in.  He sighs.  I lick the hairy crack and concentrate on his tight pucker.  Maybe he takes a hit of his poppers.  His hole lets me in.  I am slobbering all over it.

I stand.  I poke my wet head into him.  Teasing his hole.  Letting him feel my girth.  I go back to eating him out, enjoying the taste of my precum on him.  I stand up again and this time I give him half my cock.  He adjusts, sighs, and I slide home.  We fuck a short “get acquainted” fuck.

I go for the wrist restraints hanging on the sling chains.  I do his right wrist.  His left. 

“Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”  He’s on the floor, hands behind his back.  I clip the restraints together.  He takes me into his mouth.  He’s great.  I let him suck at his tempo.  Then I hold his head and fuck his face.

 I tell him to stand under the sling frame.  I clip his wrists to the middle of the X of the top support.  (The sling is hanging from only the two back chains.)   I tell him to step back.  His height gives his back the arch I want to see as his ass juts out.  He is hanging there.  Defenseless.  And I am going to use him.

I wet his hole with my mouth a little more.  I stand up, grab his hips and my cock enters him full on.  He grunts.  No poppers now.  He has to take all I have to give.  I fuck him hard.  Until I’m panting.  And I can tell I need to let his arms rest.

I get him into the sling, give him some water.  And then give him an easy, slow fuck.  Just to keep his hole open.

The blindfold is put on.  I lube up the eggheaded dildo and slip it into his ass as I slip out.  I grab the forceps.  Left nip—chew and clamp.  Right nip—tongue and clamp. Just one clip each. He grunts and takes it.  Dildo out.  Cock in.  I fuck him hard.  With my cock still in place I lean over and tighten the forceps.  I pull out of his ass and make him taste the incredible amount of lube he is producing. 
Back to his hole and another high energy fuck.  I take the forceps off.  He groans as the blood races back to his flattened nipples.  I rub them.  And fuck him some more.

Break.  We stretch and have some water.

The rimseat is set up right next to the bed.  “I want you to sit there.  You don’t have to do anything for me.  Popper up and let my tongue get as deep in you as I can.  When you feel ready, go from sitting on my face to sitting on my dick.  And you have to come back up here after you ride my cock.” 

I get under.  He sits.  He follows directions perfectly.  The popper bottle is open.  His hole is dripping with his homemade ass lube.  I lick it out and swallow.  He’s there a long time before he rides my cock.  He rides me hard, setting his own tempo.  An ass punishing ride.

I use his poppers myself as I see him stand up.  He sits gingerly and I get all the newly made lube his ass has manufactured to protect itself flooding into my mouth.  My dick goes rigid as I lap it up.

Back to the sling.  I fuck in the remnants of the ass lube.

I put the blindfold back on him.  I use five or six clothes pins on his balls—letting him pant through the pinch.

I fuck him with those in place.  For the first time he jerks as I fuck.  He stops himself from cumming.
I remove the clothes pins and lick his sack.  Suck the head of his dick for precum and shove it up his ass.

I use the dildo again.  And begin to add my dick along the thin, ribbed column.  I don’t get more than my head in.  I pull out and remove the toy.  He’s pinking. 

I use some paper towel to see how much.  It’s just enough that we agree that we should be adult about it and stop.  It’s not how either of us wanted it to end, this hot, fun session.

But I know we’ll meet again, if not this year than another.


  1. It ranks in my top favorite play sessions and I can't wait till we can repeat it, only next time we make it much longer. -D

    1. Well, boy, I'm glad you approve. It's always interesting if we view things the same way.

  2. This actually was amazing. I have no doubt that someway somehow you two will reconnect at some point or other. Something to look forward to.

  3. So hot that he read this! Love it when the energy clicks

    1. Yes. And, as you know, it can be slightly daunting to write about it if you know the guy(s) are reading it...