Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hour By Hour -- In the Study

West Michigan—March, 2017

Jacob had been away.  Far away.  But he was home now—and we wanted to celebrate.  I went over late Friday afternoon.  I didn’t come home for…well, a very long time.

Hour One

The guys are horned.  There is some small talk about Jacob’s travels, but not much.  I am ushered into the study where the television has a kaleidoscope of hot men (most bearded or in leather or both) playing on the big screen.  Jacob helps me out of my boots.  My jeans.  My underwear.  The boots go back on.  Jacob laces them up.  I sit and let him serve me.

And then I’m enveloped by men.  Jacob takes me as deep as he can in his throat.  Derrick has his tongue in my mouth.  My cock was semi-hard before—now it is rock hard.  And making Jacob gag.  He pulls off, takes a deep breath and then shows me he has been working on his deep throat technique.  Derrick kisses me a second time, a hand on my shoulder, pulling me closer.  Our tongues push into each other again.  I suck his as though it were a cock.

I push Jacob’s head over onto his partner’s dick.  I break the kiss and suck on Derrick’s nipples.  Then I slide to the floor.  I pull Jacob’s ass up so he is on all fours—while still sucking.  I spread his furry cheeks and find his hole.  He groans around Derrick’s cock and as I hit home.  My tongue goes deeper and deeper. My cock is dripping like crazy.  I rear up and poke it at his wet pucker—more tease than wanting to enter.  Derrick reaches down and pulls his partner’s ass apart.  I give the slightest push and I am in.  Jacob pulls off Derrick’s dick and pants like he’s in labor.  I give him a moment, then push him back down on Derrick’s cock and just let my cock sit in his hot, throbbing hole.

Derrick stands up.  He grabs the narrow bench we’ve used before and places it so it’s perpendicular to the sofa.  “Get up on it so he can fuck you.”

Jacob does as he’s told.  It is slightly precarious to be on all fours on it, as it is so narrow.  I get behind him.  I kneel.  It’s so much easier to get into his ass now.  He squirms and presses his butt back onto my face.  Derrick moves around to feed Jacob his dick.  I stand.  I enter him slowly.  
Deliberately.  I inch into his ass.  Jacob pulls off the cock in his mouth and pants again.  I bottom out.  I don’t move.  I wait until Jacob goes back to sucking before I begin fucking his ass.

I mix up the stroke length.  One minute it’s long and slow.  The next I am hard driving into him—pushing his whole body towards Derrick, making sure he swallows every inch of his prick.

I pull out of Jacob’s ass.  Derrick bends and sucks off the juices. 

We kiss. 

I go back in and fuck.

Pull out.



I fuck some more.

This time, after he cleans my cock, we switch sides.  I have Jacob suck me and Derrick fucks him.  I bend to taste Jacob’s ass on Derrick’s dick on his first pull out.

And again.

We give Jacob’s knees a break.

Derrick lies down on the bench, his head hanging over the edge.  I know just what he wants.  I begin a slow face fuck.  I am almost as deep as when we did this on the bed.  Jacob watches at first, stroking his engorged dick.  Soon, he replaces Derrick’s jerking hand with his mouth. 

The room is alive with the noise of extremely wet cock sucking.  I have increased the speed of my fucking.  I’m giving him at least half my length on every stroke.  Often much more.  It’s making me breathe hard.

We break for Derrick to slightly readjust his big frame on this tiny bench.  His head is now on the flat surface.  I turn around and sit on his face.  His tongue finds my hole.  He snuffles like a pig and digs in.  I let him eat for bit, then turn around so I’m facing Jacob.  I sit again and let Derrick get his fill of my hairy ass.  Jacob comes up for air.  He straddles Derrick and guides that spit covered cock into the hole I’ve opened.  As soon as he has it in place, he leans towards me.  We hug and hold onto each other as, each in our own way, we  ride the man beneath us.

It can’t last.  My legs are screaming from being bent in a plie’ for so long, Jacob is having trouble keeping his balance and Derrick has been smashed into the thin bench.

We break. 

We hug.

We laugh.

Derrick looks at the boy—then at me.


I grab my bag—as I’ve brought some toys—and we head downstairs…

To be continued….

My aim is to write a little of this session up each day before I head to CLAW….

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