Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hour by Hour -- Return to the Playroom

Western Michigan—March, 2017

Hour Seventeen

I grunt in amazement as cum keeps dripping into my mouth.

I poke some of it back into Derrick, only to let it run out again.  And again.

I don’t ever want to get up.

But I do.  For I really need to fuck…

I pat Derrick’s thighs letting him know to stand up from the rimseat.  “In the sling, please.”

The Boy curls up for moment on the couch.

I get Derrick into the sling and spend even more time tonguing his ass.  Jacob picks up the phone and snaps a picture.

He watches us for a long time before he gets his second wind and comes over to work Derrick’s nipples.  I will myself to stop rimming and begin to fuck him.  Derrick jerks his dick like crazy.  I am slamming into his hole.  I froth what little cum remains in his ass.  The sound of my hips on his butt is the only sound in the room.

I stop.  I want to lick up the jizz I’ve pulled out of him.  I bury my face into him.  I grunt and gurgle my pleasure.  I stoke my super-sized dick.  Felching makes me bigger and harder than anything else. I am dripping precum.  I reach down, smear it on my fingers and wipe it on his puffy ass lips.  I dive in again.  I eat my fill

And begin to fuck him again.  Harder.

Jacob smothers Derrick’s mouth with his fragrant pit.

That does it.  Derrick shoots and shoots.  I stay still, buried in him, until Derrick’s breathing returns to normal.  He swings out of the sling.  “Now, how do you want to get off?” he asks.

I vote for some rimming in the sling as I stroke.  I get in.  I suddenly have two mouths on me.  One on my ass and one all over me.  Jacob kisses me, sucks my nipples, let’s me lick his pits.  I keep stroking, sure I’m close.

Derrick tongue is as hard as my cock and he is drilling me relentlessly.  I jerk.  For what seems like forever.  But I’m trying too hard—the orgasm recedes.

“Get on the rimseat.”

We re-position, Derrick beneath, me sitting, my cheeks spread and vulnerable.  Jacob stands astride Derrick’s chest and feeds me his cock which is coming back to life.

I suck and jerk.  My ass is awash with every nerve on edge as Derrick ravishes me.

Jacob moves slightly to the side, so he can kneel to suck my dick.  On the way down he kisses me.  He replaces my hand on my dick.

It’s too much.  I’m sure I’m about to cum.  Finally.  And instead I tear up.  I am sitting there, being totally service, as turned on as I can be, and for the next 20 seconds I’m sobbing.  I can’t speak and I can’t stop.   Jacob comes up and holds me, whispering in my ear.

The moment passes.

And my erection comes back full force.  “I want to shoot in your ass.”

We re-group once more.  Derrick in the sling.  I lick his hole for a moment, but it’s all about my getting off.  I shove it into his abused hole.

And I coat it—glob after glob.

Hour 19 – Hour…

We go out for a big meal.

We shop at a deli.

We have afternoon tea back at their house.

I know I should go home.  I look at my phone.  Really?   I arrived 23 hours ago.  I can’t believe it.  I say as much as I put on my coat.

We kiss.  Individually and in a group.

I sit in my car for a moment and let the whole thing wash over me.

I look at myself in the rear view mirror.

I smile.

I shake my head.

I can’t quite believe my luck.

And I turn on some Bellini for the drive home.


  1. I've been checking back to keep reading the installments! What a great way to tell the story of the hours...and not just the sex, but the whole thing. Thank you for sharing it, FP. I'm glad you let us in.

    1. It would have been way too much for one or two posts. It was great to re-live it. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. What an amazing 23 hours. I enjoyed learning exactly how that photo fit in this marathon fuk fest. It was perfect.I'm sure you were both so relaxed and enjoying the moment in all its deliciousness.
    And then that final moment when you were being serviced and you were overcome with emotion. near perfection as I have ever read.
    Thanks for letting us in!

    1. It was pretty damn special. I am really lucky...