Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tag Teaming at the Baths

St. Louis—February, 2017

My next business trip took me to St. Louis.  I have visited every February for the last 20 or so years.  I love the men of this city.  And I have, well, “met” more than my share.  The bathhouse in town has only gotten better with a couple of different renovations that included new playspaces.  I went there on the night of my arrival.  It seemed to be fairly busy for a Thursday night.

I arrive right around 7pm.  I want to make it an early night since I have a day of meetings tomorrow.  I rent a locker.  I strip down to my jock and put my boots back on.  I tuck my travel bottle of lube into the waistband of the graying Bike.  I tuck the key into my leather wrist band and throw the towel over my shoulder.  And I am set to tour the building.

I start in the newest play area.  This used to be the (seemingly) under-used gym.   It now has a line of booths with glory holes.   Behind that, there is a three screen porn area with lots of platforms to sit and watch or play.  There is also a slurp ramp.  I stop there.  In the sucker position.  An older Caucasian man is standing dead center on the ramp above, his cock halfway stuck through the hole.  It’s slightly larger than average, sporting a small PA.  As I approach, he pushes his inches all the way out.  I take him to the root.  He sighs.  So do I.  This is the perfect warm up.  My dick gets hard and hits the plywood of the ramp.

I must be doing a good job.  He’s groaning now.  He pulls out of my mouth, not wanting to shoot.  He thinks better and sticks it back in my mouth.  In moments, he convulses in orgasm.  He shakes.  I can feel his dick swell.  I can feel the pump.  And I don’t get a single drop of jizz.  It’s a totally dry cum.   He thanks me and, I’m guessing, goes home to dinner with his boyfriend.

I walk through the video area—several men are there jerking.  I continue the circuit and pass the booths.  There is no sign of life here—no towels hung on doors to let guys know there is someone waiting inside with dick, mouth or ass at the ready.  No, my eye is on the African American daddy lounging against the wall by the entrance to this area.  His cock is hidden under a towel.  He squeezes the mound as our eyes connect.  I stop.  Maybe he says hello, I don’t remember.  I do remember his pulling me to him and kissing me, grinding his body against mine.  His towel falls away.  My cock springs out of the pouch.  We stroke each other’s cocks as we kiss.  I can’t remember the last time I kissed anyone in a bathhouse.

I break away and go to my knees.   He’s surprised I want to suck this thick, curved dick.  Then he’s happy I want to suck him.  He makes noises about not wanting to get off so early in the night.  But he doesn’t pull out of my mouth.  He doesn’t push me away or pull me up.  He keeps pumping into my mouth and telling me how good it feels.

His load is big.  He forgets to hold on to his towel and just hangs on to my shoulders as his orgasm racks him.  And the volume of jizz is huge.  Those big balls have given me a meal.

I go sit and watch the movies.   Blowjobs are traded with three or four men and I lick a hot hole hidden by an ebony bubble butt I have to pry apart.  There are now nine of us on the various seating areas—playing together.

We watch a young couple, maybe 30’s parade around arm in arm.  They are opposites—one short, one tall.  The short one dark haired; the tall one blond. 

The tall one says, for our benefit: “Let’s go to the booths.”

I hear two doors creak open and bang shut.  Guys start dispersing to let these young ones service them with mouth and ass.  I move to a different seating position so if I turn one way I can see a screen, if I turn the other, I can see who goes into a booth where a towel now marks it as occupied.  I just don’t know which of couple is behind the door in my sight line.

I watch a guy go in.   You can hear the fuck sounds—the partition rattling.

And another.

When he goes out, I go in.  I haven’t a clue who mouths my cock for a few moments.  I feel the hot mouth leave.  A hotter ass backs up on it.  I haven’t a clue which of them is impaling themselves on me.  I feel the squish of the load he just took.  But I can’t see him.  I want to hold on to his hips.  I want to slap his ass.  I pull away and let another man take my place.

I wander the circuit of rooms.  An older man who had sucked my dick in the TV area is laying on his stomach in one of the small rooms.  We have a leisurely ass eat and fuck, neither of us trying to get off.

Back in the slurp ramp, there is a small crowd.   A stunning young man has placed his big dick through the main hole.  It seems like every man is waiting their turn to suck it.  I get in line.  None of us get him off.  He tires after of it after sampling most of the mouths, including mine.  He wanders off, never to be seen again.

“We want you to tag us.”

I turn around to see who’s talking to me.  It’s the tall half of the couple.

“Sure.  But can we do it someplace other than the booths?”

He looks at me like I’m crazy.  “Is you dick as big as Stevie said?”

I pull it out of the pouch.

He looks at it, drooling from the blow job I was just giving.  “You can fuck us anywhere you want.”

“The dark area near the sling.”

He nods.  I head off there.  There is a raised, padded platform in this dark space that is the perfect height to either bend guys over, or have them on their backs.  And it’s open for all to watch us in the shadows.

They arrive.  They lie down on their backs side by side.

“Use our holes, man.  Just go back and forth.”

I bend and eat the short one.  His hole is frothy with cum.  I switch my tongue to the taller one.  He’s not as loaded, but I’m pretty sure I can taste some in his ass.  I stand up and enter the tall one, as I’d seemingly fucked the short one in the booth.  He has a great hole.  And he’s perfectly lined up for a heavy assault.

I stop and switch.  I fuck the small guy until he begs me to go back to his partner.

I tell the tall one to get his feet on the floor and bend.  I shove my cum covered cock into his hole.  “Here’s some jizz from your boyfriend’s hole,” I bark out.  “Let me fuck it into you.”

This excites the short one he bends around to kiss his partner and whisper:  “Take that cum I collected.  Let him fuck it up your butt.”

“Get down here,” I tell the short one.  He bends so they are side by side.  I pull out of the tall one and go right into the short one.  One stroke, Two.  Then back to the tall one.  Pulling globs of man seed out of the short one and redistributing it to the tall one.

Back and forth.

The small guy is beginning to fade, I can tell.

“Who wants my cum?”

“I took more loads in the booth.  Give it to him.”

I pull out of the short guy and plow into his taller partner.  My cock is coated.  I begin to unload as I slide my dick home.

The boys hold on to each other, as I pump all my pent up jizz into the ass in front of me.

The tall one knows to turn around the moment I pull out of his ass.  He licks my wilting cock until it glistens with nothing but his spit.