Monday, April 10, 2017

The Newcomer's Cum

St. Louis---February, 2017

Will, the man in the sling in the cellar, was not sure he and his partner, Bruce, could host the yearly sex party they usually throw for me.  As it turned out, we managed a slightly smaller gathering on my final night in St. Louis.

My dick is deep inside Will.  To the hilt.  I’m grinding my overgrown pubes into his upturned ass.  I look down at him in the sling.  We are just off the lounge area upstairs.  Six or seven men are in there, watching a guy they know from town in his porn debut.  Will and I are fucking.

He’s sucked me.  He’s gotten in the sling.  I’ve rimmed him.  Now we are going at it.  I deliberately make my hips slap his ass.  The sound of our sex draws others out.  At first just one.  Then a pair.   Soon the room is alive with guys on their knees, sucking each other’s cocks.  First one is down on his knees.  They switch off.  Or switch partners.  One man does two—I hear him grunting with trying to fit them both into his mouth.  The two of us keep fucking.  The other six are all oral.  So far.

“You want this ass?” I ask the biggest dick—who is currently getting blown right next to us.  He nods.  He fucks Will.  Hard.   Deep.  In an erratic rhythm that is nothing like the one I used.

I get to clean his cock when he breaks.  And go back up Will.

I hear a man climax.  I can’t quite tell who it is in the semi darkness.  But he leaves—and leaves the man who was servicing him licking his lips and beard.

A new guy arrives.  A stranger.  The rest of these guys have been to these parties—or at least played with the hosts before.  Not this one.  “New in town,” Bruce whispers in my ear.  He is drop dead gorgeous.  Tall, broad shouldered and with perfect pecs he stands in the archway watching us.  He has sandy colored cropped hair. There is a dusting of hair on his chest and a tangle pubes above a cock that is a perfect slab of meat.

Bruce walks over and greets him.  And then the men devour him.  Mouths are everywhere on him—cock, balls, nips and ass.  He lets it happen.  He’s used to it, I’m sure.  He lets at least three men suck his cock—and then he walks to the sling.

“Can anybody fuck him?” he asks.

I nod.  “But I want to suck your cock when you pull out.”

The newcomer grins and Will gets his third cock of the night.

I let my cock be sucked as I watch.  I don’t want to miss my clean up duties.  The new guy is fucking extremely slowly—letting Will savor every millimeter of the dick.  I can see Will working his ass.  He’s squeezing that thick invader.  I know firsthand the milking potential of that hole. 

I move around and bend my cocksucker over the bed next to the sling and rim him.  This seems to excite the newcomer—he picks up his fuck pace.  The other man who’s fucked Will is kneeling on the bed--thrusting into my man’s mouth.  The fucking beside us grows even more intense.  Is he going to blow a load? 

He stops.  And he remembers.  He taps me on the shoulder.  I pull my face out of the ass and clean the proffered cock.  “Thanks, bud.”  And he pushes my face back into the wet ass I was eating.

I can no longer keep straight who is where.  It’s a free for all now.  At one point, I am fucking the man I was eating.  The other top is sucking the newcomer.  Bruce is getting head by the youngest guy there.  Two men are in Will’s two holes. 

I pull out of the ass I’m fucking and kneel to taste it again.  I rim him until he’s begging for my cock again.  When I stand up, there’s a guy in Will but everyone else has gone to the other bed room.  I hear the sounds of fucking, but I stay right where I am.  Pounding the hole I can’t keep my face out of…


I fuck Will again when my bottom takes a break.  Then I investigate the other room.  The first top up Will is riding the Newcomer’s cock.  The handsome newcomer explodes inside him right about the moment I walk in.  He shouts out his orgasm—and when he calms down, he notices me.

“You felch?”

“Are you kidding?”

“I want to see you eat my load out of him.”


“Sit on his face like you sat on my dick,” he says to the man who is still milking his cock.   

I lay down next to them.  The bottom switches men.  From crotch to face—from cock to tongue.  After a few experimental prods of my tongue, I am treated to an avalanche of jism.  It runs directly in to my mouth.  I gasp and gurgle and swallow.

“Eat it, fucker!!” crows the newcomer.

I do.  Every drop that drips out. 

Then I fuck in it—doggy—and lick up what I pull out with my cockhead. 

I fuck some more.

The bottom is getting tired and begs off.

I go back to Will.

Ever polite, I blow my load in the host.


  1. Silly bottoms getting tired and begging off. ;) More great stories, as always, FP, and now I'm seriously turned on again...

    1. Does it feel different to read this, now that we have met (And had really hot piss sex?!!)

    2. Well, it's easier to imagine it more clearly since I've been in on the fun! �� So fucking hot!! I'm looking forward to reading your recollection of our fun if you decide to write it up. ��

    3. Of course I'll write it up. A couple more stories from February and March first...

    4. I figured ;) it would be terrible if this past weekend were the next thing after this February entry!

  2. Your description of the "new-cummer" is so vivid. I can see it all now. Sounds like a good reason for a return trip to St. Louis. Did you get suck him or just eat his lead. My guess, knowing you, is that if you see him again, you'll probably wind up fucking him.

    Paul, PS

    1. Thanks. Even after all this time writing this blog, I realize I sometimes forget to talk about how guys look. I did clean his cock when he pulled out of Will and sort of again with the man he seeded.

      I did find out (from him) that the hunk is vers for a big dick--but he wasn't 'prepared' that night...

    2. Hope you have an entry about how you blew your load in the newcomer's cunt.

    3. Sigh....I wish I had that particular tale to tell. I told him my contact info on bbrt---and never heard a word.