Friday, April 7, 2017

The Sling In the Cellar

St. Louis—February, 2017

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been going to St. Louis for many years for work.  It’s hardly surprising that I have come to know several men there.  I love the idea of a yearly seeding.  I have written about the parties Will and Bruce throw for me each year.  This year, they weren’t sure they could do that.  So Will came up with a Plan B…something a little different.

It’s Friday night.  Dark.  I park in front of the grand Victorian.  I don’t go to the front door.  Or even to the door to the kitchen I usually use.  I am looking for the cellar.  And there it is—down some steps and under the back porch.  I knock—but I don’t wait for an answer.  I go into a dim room I’ve never seen.  And there he is.  Lying in the sling, blindfold on.  I go over and finger the crack of his hot, muscular ass as I tell him I can’t wait to fuck him.

“And you’re going to get more than my dick, boy.”

Will shivers.  I strip down and get into my jock, chaps, harness and boots.  Laundry facilities are on one side of the room, where I leave my bag.  The other wall has a shelf unit where there is a bag of sex toys.  The sling is by the stairs that must lead up to the kitchen.  I am glad a space heater is fighting the February night temperatures.  I keep looking for the man who is supposed to be here and in charge of Will.  He’s nowhere in sight.  So I just get to it.

I walk over to the reclining hunk of man.  I kneel and taste his hole.  Is he loaded?  I can’t quite tell.  I dig deeper.  He’s certainly very moist.  I dig into him.  Will groans.

“You like having me eat your hole?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You loaded, boy?  You have a nice load up your butt for me to use?”

“No, Sir.  He didn’t show.  You’re the first one here,” Will admits, adding “Sir.”

I kneel again and spread his hard cheeks apart with both hands.  I get deeper into his hole.  I stand up and insert my raw cock.

“Oh, yeah…” Will mumbles to no one in particular, his head lolling to the side.

I fuck him.  Hard.  I know he can take it and likes it hard.

I spell myself with a thick black dildo from the bag.  I add a finger on top of the dildo to the stretch of his hole.

“Break time.” 

 Still blindfolded, I help get him out of the sling.  I put a leather wrist restraint on his right wrist.  One on his left.  I turn him—then clip his arms up on the sling chains, making a makeshift cross.  The flogger is next to the toy bag.  I start slow and easy.  I concentrate on that luscious ass and lower back.  I can’t do anything too high with the low ceiling of the old cellar.

The whack of the flogger fills the tiny space.


And again.

I go in and press my crotch to his red ass and my chest to his heated back.  I hold him and whisper obscenities in his ear of what I’m going to do to him.  I twist his plumped nipples.

I unclip and get him back in the sling. 

Another toy fucks him.

My dick does, too.

I begin working my fingers into him—the beginning of my whole hand.

The door opens.  A man of about my age enters.  He is balding and is rather round.  He strips down and comes over just as my hand slips in.  The man has entered so silently, Will has no idea someone else is in the room.  The new arrival watches Will’s ass snap shut on my wrist.  He jerks quietly, getting himself hard.

I work in my other hand.

Then my dick.

I pull out and gesture for the new arrival to enter him.  He steps in and thrusts his six inches into Will.
“Oh, yeah…” Will groans in pleasure as he recognizes that it’s a new dick and not me.

We go back and forth.  The new guy loves having me clean his cock of Will’s ass juice. 

But he’s having trouble staying hard.  He flogs his meat like crazy every time I fuck—and that gets him hard enough to enter Will—but he’s pretty limp as he pulls out.

I do another round of my hands.

The guy uses a toy.

I have an early morning meeting, so I decide to wrap up my time here.

“You okay if I load him?” I ask the other top.  “You like fucking in cum?”

“Fuck, yeah!”

Will shivers again from the way we are talking over him—like he was a piece of fuck meat and nothing more.

I taste Will’s hole.

I insert.

I fuck.

Will clamps down on me—as only a fisting bottom can. 

And I exploded in his ass.

I leave the stranger a nice load to play in and go back to my motel.

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