Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sandwiched by Derrick and Jacob

West Michigan—July, 2017

I had one official day off in July.  From the moment I knew the date, I’d alerted Derrick and Jacob to see if it would work with their schedule. 

It did. 

I arrived in the early afternoon.

And stayed…

We’ve had a moment or two of catch up over a cup of tea.

We’ve pleased each other orally in the upstairs study.  Even done a little fucking on the narrow bench. 

It’s time to go downstairs.  As we head down, Jacob tells me he has to piss.  I am on my knees the moment we are in the playroom.  His cock is hard when it goes in my mouth.  I can feel him willing himself to piss.  He pulls out of me so it will lose some of its stiffness.  The full bladder is insistent.  His dick goes down—and back into my mouth.  The boy floods me—the moment he’s in.  He can’t start and stop the flow.  He has just opens the gates and I swallow frantically.

And stroke my cock like crazy.  Taking piss from Jacob makes me rock hard.  The Japanese beer has made the stream light and sweet.  I swallow and swallow, breathing his light crotch musk through my nose.  I think he’s winding down—but no.  The stream is right back up to full.  Eventually it ends and his cock stiffens back up in my mouth.  I suck him for a bit—then get off my knees.  Derrick, who’s been watching it all, pulls me into a kiss to taste his partner in my mouth.  The three of us cling to each other for a moment—kissing first one, then the other, and back again. 

Jacob gets in the sling.  I fall to my knees and get busy with my tongue on his hairy ass.  I prod him over and over.  He squirms in delight.  I hear Derrick above me, but I can’t tell what he’s doing—likely kissing his partner or sucking his cock or both.  I work my cock as I eat him out, spreading my precum over the head, getting it good and slippery.

I stand up.  Derrick has secured Jacob’s wrists with leather restraints up the sling chains.  Jacob writhes—really wanting to be stroking his dick.  Instead Derrick either jerks him or sucks him or slaps his balls lightly.  I push my self-lubed cock into Jacob’s wet hole.  I bottom out on the first stroke.  The boy is super wet from all the play. 

I begin a slow fuck.  It speeds up rapidly.

Derrick grabs a long strip of rawhide and ties to the base of Jacob’s dick and under his balls.  He pulls it so the balls are pulled up.  Jacob yelps and starts panting.  The rawhide is tied off.  I keep fucking and Derrick keeps do some light ball torture to his boy.

They are eventually untied.  I bend over and, with my cock still in him (just) take Jacob’s abused nuts into my mouth.  I caress them with my tongue.  I leave them very wet…and go back to drilling his hole.

Soon it’s with my fist…which makes him shoot.


Derrick takes a turn in the sling.  I eat his flatter, smoother ass while Jacob recovers on the couch, watching us.  By the time I’m fucking, he’s back with us, smothering Derrick with his fragrant armpits.  This makes Derrick jerk faster. 

I fuck with all my might.  Over and over.  His hand flies over his cock.  I keep thinking he’s on the edge—but he never quite goes over. 

We break for a moment.  More piss from Jacob.  Not as much this time—but still in just a massive stream.

“How can we get you off?”  Derrick asks.

I tell him I’d really like my ass eaten. 

It’s my turn in the sling.  Derrick is giving me a major rimming.  Jacob has given me his pits to clean.  They are my own personal poppers.  He lets me tongue every inch of them—leaving them soaking.  The acrid taste makes me jerk myself even harder.  At least twice I’m on the edge of unloading—but each time it recedes.

Jacob pulls a box over to the sling.  He stands on it.  He grabs the chains above the sling and swings out over me.  He sits on my face as Derrick continues rimming.  Fuck!  I can’t believe I have this freshly fucked ass on my face while I’m in the sling.  He grinds down on me.  The sling groans with a second man’s weight on it, but it’s not going anywhere.  Jacob rides my tongue—demanding I eat his hole.  Derrick redoubles his efforts on my ass.  His hands spread the cheeks apart.  He drills me in the same rhythm I am drilling up into Jacob.  I am so close—I know I’m going to shoot…

You would think this would be my trigger—but no.  I think I hit overload.

We have for at least another hour.

I fuck the cum out of Derrick.

And eat it.

And, trouper that he is, he lets me keep fucking him until I finally get off in his ass.

Dinner by Jacob.

Some television. 

Jacob massages my feet.

And I am asleep on Derrick’s shoulder, with Jacob reclining between my legs.

I wake long enough to get downstairs to my bed…and manage to stay asleep for the longest time in 2 months.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer Relief

My Hometown—July, 2017

My summer work had begun in earnest.  For those first couple of weeks in late June, I could still manage to sneak away occasionally.  Not so once July hit.  I went a full two weeks without sex of any kind.  Before you all start muttering “Poor, put upon bastard…” let me say that I usually have some sort of sex every two or three days so it was a huge shift for me.  Some years it has been excruciating knowing I won’t have the time for any kind of fun—this year was at least not that.  I found it easier to just get so busy I didn’t miss it.  Or so I told myself. 

I was also not sleeping very well.  I would go to bed and wake up exactly 4 hours later.  I would be up for two hours feeling extremely wide awake, like I’d had my usual 7 hours.  But then I’d crash and would nap for an hour and a half before I started these incredibly full days.  I was running myself down and I knew it and felt a little helpless in how to change it. 

I was sure some of the sleeplessness was stress, but some of it was lack of sex.  But I was now so tired most of the day, I doubted I could maintain an erection.  What to do?

SpiritHole took pity on me.  We talked over a series of emails as I was eating my dinner one night.  He thought that if I couldn’t get away to come to him, he would come to me.  I reminded him there was no playroom for another 6 weeks.  He assured me it we could have a lot of fun in a motel room.  I agreed, while reminding him it would be later than we usually played as I didn’t finish up for the day until at least 10:30pm.

We set a date.  He came…

I knock on the door to his room on the first floor.  It’s the same hotel the Professor uses when he’s in town.  It takes a moment, but he opens the door stark naked—fresh from the shower.  We hug and sit for a moment.

We both look tired.  He calmly tells me that he would understand if we just wanted to talk tonight.  He’s tired too—this is much later than our usual late afternoon sessions.  I thank him—and admit to taking a Viagra as if this was some massive sex party, not just a couple of good friends fucking.

We both look to my crotch.  It’s working.  My cock has certainly woken up looking at him naked—and remembering how his ass can grip me.  This seems to wake SpiritHole up, too.  I strip.

We hug again and land on the bed.

“Let me suck you before you get too big.  My small mouth can barely take you once you are fully hard.”  He is between my legs, sucking my cock deep into his mouth.  But it’s not to last long—it feels so good my cock fully erects.  Soon my cockhead is connecting with all of his teeth.  He stops with a laugh.  He spits on my cock and crawls up my body and sits on me.  The glide down is exquisite.  It’s been so long—and his hole is always special. 

SpiritHole bottoms out on me with a sigh.  He grinds into me for a moment.  Then he begins rhythmically squeezing my cock with those incredible ass muscles.  Milking me.  Sending literal shivers through me.  He’s in control for a change.  And he’s taking full advantage of it.  He pulls himself up almost all the way and lowers himself slowly.  He varies the speed.  He varies how far he pulls off my dick.  He bends repeatedly to kiss me.

“We need to do…this position,” he pants, at one point, “…more often.”

He’s getting no complaints from me—I just let him pleasure the two of us on my cock.

Eventually I have to be a little active—I start bucking up into him.  He moans and I think he has the first of his many internal orgasms.


We switch to a pretty typical doggy—SH kneeling right on the edge of the bed so I can stand to fuck.  I kneel first.  I get the confirmation that his ass was spasming—I lick out huge amounts of his sweet and slick ass juice.  My cock is rampant now.  I fuck him.  I take charge and plow into him.  SH huffs poppers and babbles about how good it feels.

I flip him and get him on his back.  I kneel and clean up all the wetness I have pulled out of him.  My beard is coated with his juices.  I stand and my cock finds its way into his slippery ass canal.  We fuck with abandon.  I lean forward and let him taste himself all over my face.  He shakes uncontrollably again…

We cuddle.

I get him to bend over a chair by the full length mirror—but without his glasses, he really can’t see my engorged dick pummeling him.

We go back to the bed.  He rides me again.  He feels so wet and slick.  He has another internal orgasm.  Maybe two.

We both agree that as good as it feels we need to wind this up and get some sleep.

I have to thrust if I’m going to get off.  SH stands on the floor and leans over onto a stack of pillows.  It feels great.  You can really hear my balls smack his ass.  And I can fuck at top speed.  But it’s hard on his legs.

We re-position with him back to doggy with me still standing.  I fuck a little and I spend a long time tonguing his ass—knowing full well that that is the trigger for my load.  It works. I stand back up and shoot my two weeks worth of seed into him.

We hold each other a long time.

I finally go home.

And sleep the entire night.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Footballer: Another Step Down…

Near Home—June, 2017

I managed a break from work on the last Friday of the month.  As I could no longer host (until August) I didn’t even try to see who was online.  I dressed in some clothes I didn’t care about and went to the bookstore.  Luck was with me that night.

I quickly scope out the straight side.  Traffic is incredibly slow.  The closure of the gloryholes has not persuaded everyone who once used them to try the cinema as I hoped.  They just don’t come at all.  I look for the Friday night regular—and he’s there—down front so he won’t see any gay action that might happen behind him.  He needn’t have worried as he’s the only man in the room.

I don’t linger.  The porn choice is as depressing as the vacant room.  I go next door.  There is no one here either—but at least the porn is better—a video from another of those maverick bareback studios.  I try to tell myself it’s still early—but it’s really not.  So I resign myself to a solo jerk. 

I hear the cash register out front beep just as on the screen two loads are shot on the hole of a very young man.  One of the tops fingers it into the groaning boy as the door opens.  (It no longer has a buzzer to announce arrivals.)  I can’t believe it.  It’s the Footballer.  His face lights up when he sees that it’s me. 

“I almost didn’t get out of the car with so few others in the lot,” he tells me as he not only unfastens his belt, but steps totally out of his shorts.  There’s no underwear tonight.  And his big cock is already thickening.  The t-shirt comes off next.  All his clothes are tossed on a chair in the corner and the Footballer stands before me totally naked but for his sandals.  I can tell he’s back to working out.  He is firmer everywhere now than when I last saw him.  He lets me look for another moment before he gets on his knees and starts slobbering all over my cock.

“Get it good and wet---I really need to fuck tonight.”

He nods---his mouth too full to talk.  But the pace of the blow job picks up.  He is taking me deep into his throat.  Every.  Damn. Stroke.  It’s fantastic.

“I want to eat that ass.”

He knows the drill in here.  He swings a chair around so he can kneel on it and still watch the hot action on the screen.  I kneel between his legs and am at the perfect height to bury my face into those muscled butt cheeks.  I hit the pucker on the first stab of my tongue.  He hisses his pleasure—and reaches his right arm back to pull the cheek open.  I drill deeper.  He lets go—burying me in his hot crack.  I tongue and spit.  Poke and prod—and slick my cock with just a touch of lube from my shirt pocket.

The door opens.  In walks a favorite fuck bud.  He’s a good ten years younger than I am—his blond hair is showing gray in normal light, but in this half light it all looks blond.  He stops dead in his tracks and watches us.  I feel the Footballer tense.  He’s ready to flee.  I pull out of his crack.

“Stay there.  He’s a friend.”  That might be stretching it…but I do usually leave a friendly load in the new arrivals ass any time I can.  My Fuck-Bud has taken his cock out.  It’s bigger than I remember.  He sits and strokes, watching me as I go back to eating the Footballer’s ass.

The Footballer looks at the man watching him.  He relaxes.  He’s even showing off—pushing back more forcefully onto my face, and groaning a little bit louder than before.  All this makes my cock drip more pre-cum.  I smear some on his hole.  I tell the two men just what I’m doing.  I drill some of it into his hole with the point of my tongue and the rest I lick off.  The Footballer calls me a couple of nasty names as I do it.

I’m primed.  I want to fuck.   I stand up and drool one long strand of spittle down on his hole from above.  I wipe it across his relaxed pucker.  This sends a shiver through the Footballer. 

“Fuck me, man.  I need that cock.”

I poke in just the head.  I let it sit there.  

The Footballer pushes back—impaling himself on my cock.   “I said fuck me.”

I slap his ass with my open palm.  The sound fills the room.  And I begin fucking, full on, no gradual warm up.  And he’s taking it.  Loving it.  Egging me on.

I turn to my F-Bud.   “Stick that cock in his mouth.  He likes it at both ends.”

The Footballer pants, likely remembering the hot spit roast we had the last time we met.  My Bud gets up and eagerly sticks his dick in the Footballer’s mouth.  I slap the ass in front of me again and speed up the drilling.  The Footballer has to stop jerking himself and hold onto the chair.  I’m glad my Bud is there to steady it with his free hand to make sure that we don’t tip over.

The man in his mouth has at first allowed the Footballer to do the sucking.  Now my Bud grabs the Footballer’s head and begins to face fuck him.  Unconsciously or not, he is matching the rhythm I’ve set of plowing ass.  Suddenly my Bud pulls himself out.   I know that look—he was going to shoot if he’d kept it up.  He sits down in a chair to the side of us and watches my cock plow into the mounds of hairy flesh.

I consider a moment.  I know my Bud likes to be fucked.  I don’t know how the Footballer would react seeing me going from his hole to another.  I discard that idea.  I have a better one.

I turn my head to my bud, whose eyes are glued to my cock.  “You should fuck him,” I say matter of factly.  I don’t ask the Footballer.  I just decide for him.  Another step down his road to cum whore.

My Bud shrugs a ‘sure.’  I pull out as he stands up.  I hold the Footballer in place, just in case he tries to get up—but he’s totally into it.  He moans a sort of a moan that means “I can’t believe this…” And my Bud enters him.  Being thinner, he slides in easily with all the butt juice I’ve churned up.  I kneel down—on eye level with the fuck.  I watch him plow in and out.

“I want you to let me taste his ass on your cock when you pull out.”

“You fuckin’ perv…” the Footballer groans.  But his hand goes back to his cock and starts jerking it again.

My Bud suits the action to the word.  He pulls his dripping cock out of the Footballer’s hole and lets me sample it.  Amazing.  I slurp noisily so the Footballer knows just what is happening.  When my Bud pulls out of my mouth he steps back.  I swing around and go into full rim mode.  The Footballer literally starts shaking—it being the last thing he expects.  My tongue mops up every drop.

I stand.  I hungrily plow him again.

I pull out and my Bud goes back up him.  We repeat the process.  He fucks, I clean him up—but this time he goes back in.  He actually rips his cock out of my mouth and plunges back into the Footballer with a “Shit!”  I watch his body shake with every spasm of his cumming.

The Footballer is mumbling an “Oh, my God---oh, my God…” litany under all this.

I let my Bud marinate in his juices for a moment.  Then tell him I need to felch.

“Clean my dick first.”  He sticks it in my mouth.  Fuck—even better than before.  He pulls out and sits down heavily, exhausted, as I swivel and bury my face into the Footballer’s hole.

“You fuckin’ pigs,” he whines.

I slap his ass as my tongue pushes deeper into his cummy channel.  The slap gives me a huge dollop of load on my tongue.  I swallow and keep licking.

I finally spit into him and stand up.

“I’m going to fuck in his load.”

“Shoot in me, too!” he grunts.

“Now who’s the pig?”  I slide my cock into his velvety, cummy hole.  Instantly, I am super hard.  I know I will be shooting any moment now.

He squeezes me once—and that’s it.  I fire repeatedly into him.  Spurt after spurt.  And then one last one.  I hold on to the Footballer until I trust myself to slowly pull out.  I fall to my knees and clean the cum oozing out of his hole.  Just a couple of licks.  I can’t do more—I am so satisfied.

I pull back on my haunches.

“Now that you animals are done using me…”  The Footballer gets up off the chair.  Slowly.  Carefully.  His legs look like he’s not sure they can take his weight.  He reaches for his clothes behind me and pulls them on.  He turns to the two of us, both sitting there with our wet dicks wilting.  I see a million thoughts go across his face. 

But all he says is “Fuckers...”

And, rather unsteadily, he goes out the door.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Derrick's House Party

West Michigan—June, 2017

Just before my summer work hit overdrive, I got a message from Derrick.  Jacob was away, so to keep from being bored, he was hosting a group play session—was I, by any chance, available?  I checked with the office.  I could indeed get away by the afternoon.  So I did.

I park on the street instead of my usual space under the trees by the garage.  Cars are already in the drive—and I’m five minutes early.  Derrick lets me in, gives me a hug and tells me the men are in the living room.   It’s a mixed group, he reminds me.

And it is.  There are men he knows and are playmates.  There are men he’s just spoken to online.  There are men who bareback and some who use condoms.  There are men who only suck cock.  There are no men I know.  We are all between 40 and 65, many with bodies that show the years.

I think there are five of us at first:  all a little on edge clutching our drinks and working to keep the conversation going.  Two more arrive and we head to the family room—and lose our clothes on the way there.  The usual huge photo collection of leather men is playing on the television.  We sit for a moment—watching intently, maybe making a comment on the pictures flashing across the screen. 

We start squeezing our cocks which are starting to bulge in the underwear we, to a person, have left on.  Finally I say to hell with it and get on my knees in front of the man sitting next to me.  He’s a handsome graying daddy.  I find a thick slab of beef in his white briefs.  I take it into my mouth with pleasure.

Instantly other hands reach for the cock next to them.  It’s all hand jobs as they watch me suck. 

Two more arrive—coming into the room naked and aroused.  This sends the signal to get down to business.  Everyone is coupled or trio-ed.  Hands are everywhere.  Mouths are full of dick.  We move from man to man sampling all the cock on offer. 

I suck two or three before I end up in front of the Safe Sex Guy.  I lick at his cock, but concentrate on his balls, soon letting my tongue trail down to his ass.  He has seen my dick and tells me he hopes to ride it later.  I just grunt and keep tongue fucking him as a man leans over and swallows the stubby cock I left wet.

The man I started with has now had every man’s cock in his mouth.  But for all of 30 seconds before he pulls off the dick and says “fuck me” and goes on to the next one.  This is blow job-interruptus at its most annoying.  When he grabs me a third time, I suggest we wait until we go down to the playroom before we fuck.  (He never comes near me again—I guess I called his bluff on that one….)  Some man behind me reaches around and pulls me into his warm mouth…

I hear the front door open and close.  I focus back on the new daddy sucking my dick.  I reach down and idly twist his pronounced nipples.  This caused him to re-double his efforts on my cock.

My attention is again pulled to the new arrivals.  I hear him before I see him.  The voice is Southern inflected.  “Where are the men, Daddy?”  I don’t know if he’s asking Derrick or his partner or the world in general.  And then he walks in.  A big, bearded, bear of a country boy.  A red handkerchief is tied around his neck. A ball cap with a trucker’s logo is on his head.  Otherwise he’s naked.  A bit of a gut.  Furry.  And hard.  Derrick is right behind him.  He points in my direction.

“That the big one?” he asks loudly.  Several men on the couch chuckle and tell him it is.  The man sucking my dick pulls off me “You mean this one?”  He holds me in a vise grip right at the base of my cock, flopping my dick in the direction of the speaker.

“Oh, yeah!”  the country boy all but chortles.  “I need you up this Southern ass.”

I grin at him, but my attention is brought back to the men servicing me.  A new man, who I believe is the partner of the one on my dick, is on his knees and prying my butt cheeks apart.  His tongue finds my pucker.  I bend, supporting myself on the shoulders of the man still trying to give me head…


I go out to the kitchen to re-fill my water bottle.  The company of men is on the move to the playroom downstairs.  The Country Boy is standing at the corner of the kitchen island, talking to Derrick and the man I assume is his partner.  My eyes are drawn instantly to the full, hairy ass of the Southern boy with the scraggily beard.  He’s unaware of me.  I kneel and drill my tongue into his furry ass crack.

“Lordy, I hope that’s who I think it is.”  He reaches behind himself and pulls my face into him as he bends into his partner.  This opens his hole to my invading tongue.  “Fuck, yeah!  Eat this cum whore out.”  I do my damnedest.  Over and over.  My cock loves how deep I can sink my tongue into this boy. 

I finally have to get off my knees.  The four of us head downstairs.

The safe sex guy is in the sling and getting a fully latexed fuck.  I bend the Country Boy over the end of the fuck bench next to the other fucking.  I continue rimming his hole until it is frothy with my spit.  I stand up and work the head of my cock into him.

“Whoa, whoa—give me a moment!”

“I’m not moving,” I tell him.  It’s true—he was pushing himself back on me the moment he felt me at the entrance to his hole.

“Daddy come watch me get fucked.”

His handsome partner comes over and holds him as I insert.  I get about half way in but it’s just too crowded where we are—what with all the men not fucking watching us or the guy in the sling.  I stop and pull him over to the rimseat.  “Let me eat you out again—then you can ride my cock when you’re ready.”

I get under the rimchair.  I watch and my cock drools as that full, hairy ass sits on the rimseat.  I stroke as I eat him out.  I chew on his hole.  I can’t get enough.  My hand is knocked away from my cock and I am treated to some great head by who knows who as I continue to eat the hole on my face.

“I want to ride that thing.”  The Country Boy gets up and I see it is his partner giving me head.  CB lowers himself onto my super wet cock.  With him in control—there is no problem.  He sinks down my entire length.  He has as talented a butt as I suspected.  He squeezes me and works my dick expertly with his ass muscles.

“Sit down,” I tell his partner.  “I’d love to eat your ass.”

“You would?”  He sounds so surprised.  But pleased too.  I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to lick out this handsome man.  He does.  Gingerly.  And then relaxes as he feels my tongue enter him.  I work open this hole that I suspect rarely gets attention.

CB is whooping and shouting his pleasure now—announcing to the room that he is riding the monster.  He is pummeling himself on my spike of dick.  He bends toward his partner on the seat.  I can’t see it, but I’m sure they kiss.

CB fucks himself until his legs need a break.  His partner gets up with him.  CB is taken by another top towards the sling. 

“Do you get fucked?” I ask the partner.

“I’d like to…but…” He leaves it unfinished.

“Go ahead.  He’s in good hands over there.”

The handsome man grins and kneels astride me.  He spits into his hand and covers my cock with it.  He re-positions himself and I enter him.  Slowly.  Carefully.  He guides me into his rarely used hole.  As wild and acrobatic as the first fuck was, this one is as slow and sensuous as we can make it.  And I can’t stop looking at the exquisite pleasure registering on his face.   We lock eyes and he impales himself on me again and again.

We stop only when we hear the Country Boy demanding to be bred by whoever is fucking him.  His partner thanks me with a kiss—and goes to participate in the load taking of his boy in the sling.  I get up, hungry to felch.

I walk over to the sling.  I am rewarded with a creamy mouthful. given from a man I can’t remember now at all, in the Country Boy’s hole.

I fuck in the remains, of course.

I ask if he wants my load.

I look at his handsome partner, standing behind his head.  “Can I load your boy?”

“Tell him yes, Daddy.  I want his load.  Let him load your cum dump.”

I only half hear all that.  My eyes are locked on his partner.  He nods at me—giving me the permission I seek.

I fire a massive load into the Country Boy. 

And his partner just smiles.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Morning After the Orgy with SkinnyPigHole

Grand Rapids—June, 2017

Sometime after I shot my load (see the last post) I was invited by our host to stay the night.  I was exhausted, in the best possible way.  I slept in the dining room on a large inflatable mattress.  I put in my ear plugs and adjusted my leather blindfold.  I was asleep the moment I curled up under a light sheet in the hot June night.

The next morning I found Randy had stayed on the couch and the Rimmer had shared a bed with our host.  We had a great breakfast.  We did dishes, then sat around the living room chatting over a never ending cup of coffee…and in no time we were all horny again.  Randy went to clean up.  The three of us all wanted his ass again.  I had packed the sling—but the upstairs bed would work just fine…

Randy is on all fours.  The Rimmer’s tongue is buried in his hole and my cock is in his mouth.  Our Host sits in the chair to the side, stroking.  He loves to watch—and take pictures.  He does both all morning.  A lot.

The Rimmer stands up and inserts.  I lean across Randy and kiss the Rimmer.  I get a second hand taste of Randy’s ass.  I know it makes my cock swell.  I pull out and go around behind the Rimmer.  I lick at his hole on the back stroke—making sure I don’t impede his fuck rhythm.  The Rimmer grunts his approval of my prodding tongue.  Finally he pulls out, steps to the side and pushes my face into Randy’s super wet ass crack.

My tongue goes into overdrive.  I lick and swallow his delicious ass lube.  I know the Rimmer’s cock was dripping pre-cum inside him for it is doing it right now on the back of my neck as he stands over me.  I drill deeper and make Randy moan.

“Fuck me, man.  Use that big dick of yours.”

I spit a couple of times deep into his hole before I stand up.  I slap my cock on his upturned ass.  I love the sound of the wet splat as it meets his fleshy butt.  I push into him.  Slow and steady.  Poppers are huffed.   I fuck him long and hard.

I let the Rimmer go another round.

Randy flips to his back on the bed.  Our host takes a break from being a voyeur and fucks him, too.

Then me.

Then the Rimmer.

I grease up my hands.

I get the left into him easily.  Then the right.

“Try for both of them.”

I do.  

Both hands, clasped together go in past the knuckle.  Pictures are snapped.

The Rimmer does some hole stretching, too. 

Then he unloads into Randy.

I eat a little.  I use the rest to fuck with and give him the load I’ve been building.


These pictures were sent to my phone as I drove home.


Yesterday, out of the blue, after I published the post about the orgy the night before, Randy sent me a text, seeing if I could make it to the August party.  (I can’t—I will be in Canada).

I admitted to the blog and asked if I could post the pictures of him.  He said yes.  They say more than any words by me can do about his hole.

Then he told me about his dirty twitter account.  Whoa!  

Follow this link: HERE

Totally hot.  And I love his handle of SkinnyPigHole.

And scroll down to June 12 for more of this session!  

Do you blame me for loving to use this boy??

He is also the boy of "Centerpiece of the Orgy"  linked  here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Felching the Orgy

Grand Rapids—June, 2017

I was able to get away from my constant work for what was announced as the final bareback orgy for the summer.  It was hosted by the group to the north of me in the second largest city in Michigan.  The groups have all been great fun.  The May gathering, when the Professor accompanied me, was a true highlight.  

I once again took the sling and the rimseat.  This time there were nine or eleven of us.  I never felt like I could get a good count as people came and went the entire 4 hours of the event.  There were never more than seven of us in the room at any one time.  The young man who last time had taken so many loads, who I’d christened the ‘centerpiece’ on the bed, was there again.  I never gave him a name in that write up—so I will call this slender young man Randy (double meaning absolutely implied…)

I love that moment when the starting group is all upstairs.  That fluid moment when someone kneels in front of you, swallows you down, and moments later he is sucking the man next to you as you change to feeling up the girth of the erection of a new arrival.  I love how fluid it is—how the partners and groups are always switching or adding.  It is mostly oral:  getting men hard enough for all the hole soon to be on offer.  (Once again almost every man in the room is actively versatile.) 

I let friends suck me. 

I rim Randy as he sucks a stranger.

I let another top replace me tonguing Randy and I switch to rimming the furry butt of a bear who is getting head from a very young man kneeling in front of him.

Soon enough we’re all fucking.  Three men kneeling on the bed.  Three men deep in their asses.  One man lying on the bed letting himself be sucked/licked/ kissed by all the men getting their asses plowed.  I am in the bear’s furry butt.  He’s tight and working my cock like a pro.  I fuck him steadily and in no hurry—running my hands all over his hairy back.

As if on cue, the tops all rotate one ass to the left.  This means I go from the furry bear into the totally smooth butt of the youngest man there.  I decide the bear wasn’t that tight after all—no, this boy is tight.  His 20-something ass has rarely had cock my size up it.  He keeps telling me so—and I totally believe him.  But he takes me like a champ and tells the room that he’s jerked off to this kind of play for years—and he’s finally living it.  Randy, who is getting plowed and sucking the man in the middle of the bed, turns and kisses the young man I’m fucking—in a gesture welcoming him to this piggy heaven.  It’s a sweet, hot moment that says everything about this group of men.

We shift again.  I move over to Randy’s ass.  I kneel and lick him out.  Amazingly, he’s not taken a load yet tonight.  It seemed to take him all of five minutes in April.  But his self lubing butt gives me a lot of juice to swallow down.  I insert for the first of countless times my dick will be in his ass tonight.  It’s a great fuck.  He’s the perfect milker. 

And then we switch again—but this time it’s some of the men who were topping who now want a dick up their butt….


An hour or so later, I get Randy into the sling.  He’s taken at least two loads now—and proudly tells me so as I kneel between his stirruped legs.  I can taste them.  I love the dollop of creaminess he pushes out into my mouth.  I lick and spit, forcing myself to leave enough to be lube.

If he was a great fuck before—now it is heavenly.  The slickness of the cum coating his ass walls is one of the main reasons I bareback.  I love how much deeper my cock can enter him when he is relaxed in the sling.  I fuck him noisily—making the chains rattle.

Guys leave the bed to come watch us fuck. 

I give way and let the line of men fuck him.  I clean every dick that pulls out of Randy’s ass as they move on.  I lean over and feed Randy the jizz and ass juice these men pull out of him.  This makes him very hard—the only time I see him with an (impressive) erection all night.

The third man in line is the Bear.  “Jesus!” he exclaims as he slides his fat cock into Randy’s slick hole. He fucks him for just a few minutes. “Shit!!  I’m cumming!”  We watch his face contort with each full body spasm.  I wait on my knees.  The Bear knows just what I want.  He sticks his dripping dick into my mouth.  I clean every drop as he tries not to flinch from being overly sensitive.

I stand up and let a long drool of ass juice and cum spill out of my mouth and into Randy’s wide open one.  I give it all to him—then bend for a passionate kiss of swapping the juices back and forth.  At the same time I slide my dick into him.  I don’t fuck—I just let my throbbing dick marinate in his puffy hole as we continue snowballing until every drop has been swallowed.

Then I fuck the sloppiest hole I’ve had in months.  I am so close to cumming, it’s only Randy asking for some water that keeps me from loading him early.  We break. Randy gets out of the sling and tells me he wants a couple more loads in him—and then I can fist them as deep as I can into him.

He gets them in short order.  He finds me under the rimseat and tells me he wants me at the sling. He gets back in.  I sink first one, then my other bare hand into him—pushing the new loads deeper than my dick could fuck them.


I have had a friendly contest all evening with another man who loves to rim.  We have eaten the hole of just about every man in the room.  First him and then me.  Sometimes just rimming the man deep.  Sometimes getting to felch his load.  If my ‘rival’ is not under the rimseat, I am. 

But I’m not there when the heavily tatted man fucks the cum out of the twenty something newbie in the sling.  I’d just been up the boy and given way to the tatted guy.  I watch the boy shoot a load of cum that totally covers his abs and chest—as only the young can shoot.  I know what I want to do.  I lick every drop of cum off the boy’s worn out body.  I hold it in my mouth.

I find the Rimmer sticking his tongue up some man bent over the bed.  I pull the Rimmer to the sling.  He gets in willingly.  I begin reverse felching his ass—sticking the 20-something’s cum up his hole.  He groans as he feels his butt grow more and more lubed.

When my mouth is empty, I churn the load with my aching cock.  The Rimmer eggs me on, calling me a filthy perv.  I stop.  I eat some of the load out of him.  I snowball it to the Rimmer. 

I fuck.

I felch and spit.

I fuck some more.

I felch still more cum out of him.

“Let me feed you on the rimseat.”

I get under it.  There isn’t too much left—but enough for a tasty mouthful.  I swallow this time.

The Rimmer sees how turned on I am.  He gets up off the seat and sinks his ass down on my cock.  Some other man sits on the seat—I have no idea who.  I can only concentrate on the exquisite fuck I’m having trapped under the seat.  The Rimmer is now riding my dick.  We both know I’m going to blow into his ass.

He grinds down—just right.

I explode.

The Rimmer gets off my dick carefully.  The man on the seat slides off and starts cleaning my dick up.  I lie there helpless as the Rimmer sits back on the rimchair and feeds me the load I just shot…