Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Flooding Derrick and Creaming Jacob

West Michigan—May, 2017

I was not the only one who was horny thinking about IML at the end of the week.  Derrick and Jacob were, too.  We decided to meet on the Sunday afternoon before we left for Chicago.

We sit in the upstairs study where pictures of hot men with beards, often in leather, play in a slide show on the big screen television.  A few are pictures of men they know; most are men who they just find hot.  There are single nudes, hot duos and groups of men which ignite the imagination of what we will be doing momentarily.  We are in not wearing leather this afternoon, knowing we will be in it all weekend.  We are stripped, talking of other things, but our cocks are reacting to exploring hands and those hot fucking pictures.

As usual, I am on the couch next to Derrick.  Jacob is on the floor between us.  He turns from the television and begins sucking my swelling cock.  Derrick pulls me into a kiss and his hand explores my ass crack.  My left hand wraps around his cock. 

Jacob is hungry for dick.  He goes back and forth between our erections, leaving them wet and slimy.  The next time he goes back to sucking Derrick, I slide off the couch and get behind him.  He moves around, knowing I want his ass.  He gets on all fours, never taking Derrick’s dick from his mouth.  I hunker down and start to tongue his hairy hole.  He squirms back on the invader and groans around the dick in his mouth.  I push as much spit as I can into his pucker.  I rear back and stick my dick into him for the first of countless times that day.  Slowly.  Opening his hole.  He pulls off Derrick, taking great gulps of air.  He resumes sucking the moment his ass relaxes and I start to fuck. 

I don’t fuck him long.  Frankly, I want to taste the hole I’ve just fucked.  I stick my tongue back into him as deeply as possible.  I can taste my pre-cum.  I slurp noisily and ingest it back into my body.

“Sit on Derrick’s cock.”

Jacob obediently moves to sit astride Derrick.  I love watching him bounce on his partner’s dick.  Even more, I love licking the shaft going into Jacob.  I move in and lick Derrick’s balls.  I move up.  Jacob adjusts his speed giving me time to savor his ass juice on his lover’s dick.  He slides balls deep and hold again—knowing I want to work my tongue into his hole along Derrick’s cock.  I don’t disappoint him.  I am as turned on at that moment as I can be.  I stop touching myself and pull off them to let them fuck.

“Taste my boy on my cock,” growls Derrick.  Jacob lifts himself off it and I devour his dick, slick with the juices of the two of them.

Moments later, Derrick gets up and balances on the thin, flat bench they keep in the room to fuck on.  I move to eating his hole—thrusting some of those juices still in my mouth up his own hole.  Jacob moves to feed Derrick his dick.  I settle down for a long ass eat.  Soon, Jacob bends over in front of me, to the side of his partner.  I now can go back and forth—from hole to hole.  I stick my tongue into each of them, reveling in the differences in taste and texture.

And now it’s my cock going back and forth.  First into Derrick.  His ass is open from the first moment I sink into it.  I fuck.  I pull out and enter Jacob.  His ass lips cling to my cock all the way down my shaft.  I fuck.  And it’s back to Derrick.  Then Jacob—until both of them need to stand up.

We go to the downstairs bedroom—the one I stay in when I sleep over.  Derrick wants me to continue going deeper into him with a face fuck.  He flops down on the bed, his head hanging over the edge.  I let him nuzzle my balls for a moment, but then I’m fucking his ovaled mouth—giving him about half my length.  He’s doing great.  He’s in total control of his gag reflex.  I go deeper on a couple strokes.  Still great.  He grunts his encouragement to me.  We begin pulling that deep saliva that I love to use as fuck lube on every stroke.

I try a little deeper.  Yikes.  It’s too much.  I make him retch into the towel on the floor.  There is no food in his system—it’s all the beer that should have gone down my throat in another 20 minutes or so.  There is no smell—so we continue on with training his throat. 

Jacob has been working Derrick’s nipples.  He works down and sucks on Derrick’s rock hard cock as I continue his oral assault.  Jacob sucks him for a bit, then gets between Derrick’s legs.  He lifts them and begins to fuck his partner in the hole I left so wet upstairs.  Jacob fucks him hard.  Derrick is loving having dick in both his holes.  His hard cock bounces against his abdomen.  Suddenly, Jacob grunts out his orgasm.  I knew he’d shoot.  I watch him fire what must be half a dozen spurts into his partner.  He collapses onto Derrick and I pull out.

“Let’s go to the sling,” I tell them, “I have some serious felching to do.”

We all troop across the hall.  Jacob takes a moment to recoup on the couch as I get Derrick into the sling.  I lick at his hole.  I instantly get a pearl of Jacob’s seed on my tongue.  I pull Derrick’s ass cheeks apart and dive in.  He is pushing out with each thrust of my tongue.  He is feeding me every drop of his partner. 

When my tongue can find no more seed, I stand up and stick my dick into Derrick.  I find some this way.  I fuck in it and slowly pull some out with my big helmet head.  I bend and lap it up. 




Jacob joins us and smothers his partner with his ripe pit.  Derrick is jerking like crazy.  I am hoping I am going to fuck his cum out of him.  Without making a real decision to do it, I start flooding his hole with piss.

“Oh, yeah!”  Derrick crows, the moment he figures out what he’s feeling deep in his gut.  My piss fills him, washing his insides, gathering every last drop of Jacob’s cum.

I tell Jacob to set up the rimseat.  I want Derrick to feed it all to me.

We get Derrick out of the sling and I get under the seat.  Derrick sits—and the floodgates open.  
There is no teasing dribble of piss for me to swallow.  I don’t get to pry his hole open with my tongue.  He lets loose a blast of my piss, flavored with Jacob’s cum, into my mouth.  It’s a deluge that makes me swallow as fast as I can—there is no time to savor the taste of my pale piss tinged with the remains of Jacob’s load.  I may not be able to taste much, but my cock is rock hard as the cascade continues.

Once it’s stopped, I spend a long time licking his hole.  Cleaning him up.  Now getting to savor the taste.  And feel Jacob riding my dick.


It’s Derrick’s turn to rest on the couch.  I have Jacob in the sling.  I have greased both my hands.  I get my left into him easily as he jerks his dick.

I pull out and enter him again.

And again—and, as usual, Jacob shoots all over himself.

I keep going.  He’s hesitant—than encouraging.  I work his hole three more times.

And I’m ready to shoot.

I pull my left hand out.  I stick in my dick and breed him with my seed…


  1. Just seeing the names Derrick and Jacob in the title I know it's going to be one incredibly hot session. I wasn't disappointed.
    You three are perfect fuck buddies.

    1. I feel the same way...I hope they do, too.