Thursday, September 28, 2017

Canada: Cum-Union (All Colors of the Rainbow)

Toronto—August, 2017

(This post picks up immediately after the last.)

I walk back towards the dim corridor with the glory holes.  I watch a tall, dark skinned Egyptian slip past the curtain.  I follow him in. 

Hands grab me and pull me into a strong embrace.  “You suck my dick?” the Egyptian whispers in my ear.  “You suck me good?”

I nod.  His large hands find my shoulders and push me to the floor.  His towel is tented.  Significantly.  It falls to the floor with little help from me.  I am slapped in the face with his large erection.  I open wide and take him into my mouth.  He’s long—and just thick enough I don’t feel I can use my tongue the way I prefer.  It doesn’t matter.  He begins a slow rhythmic fuck of my mouth.  My ears are grabbed.  He holds me in place.  I expect a tempo change—that he will pick up the pace of his hooded cock pumping into my mouth.  But he doesn’t—he’s found his groove and is moaning.  And precumming.  There is juice leaking like crazy out of the folds of skin that cover his cock head.
He lets go.  I pull off his cock, grabbing it at the base, so he knows I’m not really going anywhere.  I get some more air in my lungs, pull back his foreskin and start tonguing the leaking head.  He sighs.  I use every trick I know to give him pleasure.

Then it’s back to his pumping into me.  This time at a slightly faster pace.  I think I’m about to get a load.  Other guys stop and watch us in the dim light.  Hands reach out and stroke his chest and my head.  One tries to pull his dick out of my mouth.  The Egyptian stops pumping.  He pulls me to my feet.  “Do you have a room?”

I nod.  It’s right around the corner.  We walk there, neither of us bothering to cover our immense erections.  He tells me he is from Egypt—here on business—and how much he loves sex with Canadian men.  I let him into my room.  He throws his towel to the floor.  I sit on the bed, instead of going to my knees—ready to resume. 

“Lie down on your back.”

I do it, head near the edge of the bed so he can face fuck me.  He does just that—but only for a moment.  He pulls out with a grunt.  He turns and surprises me by sitting on my face.  He grinds this beautiful, black haired butt onto my mouth.  My tongue finds his hole.  It flowers open.  I am suddenly tongue fucking him.  He groans and starts talking in his native language while he jerks his dick.  His other hand pulls a cheek to the side, allowing me to go deeper yet.

Suddenly he stands, turns and begins shooting his load into my open mouth.  His aim is almost perfect.  One shot lands on my nose, but the rest of this large load is perfectly deposited on my tongue.

“Swallow me down” he hisses.  I close my mouth and swallow it all.  I wipe the errant cum off the bridge of my nose and clean my finger.  I reach for his dick to lick that clean, too, but he stops me—still shaking from his orgasm.

He grabs his towel, thanks me and leaves.  Only then do I find there is some cum in my beard, too.


I walk around a bit.  I find myself back at the slurp ramp.  I go up on the platform.  I am sucked by an older man who gives me exquisite head.  He moves onto the cock sticking out of the hole next to me.  Another man goes for me.  He can’t seem to open his mouth wide enough.  I stop him.  A third takes his place.  I look at the man next to me—a fairly short, young African.  His big, bent dick is being sucked by the great sucker.  We grin at each other. 

The suckers move on.  No one takes their place.  The man next to me reaches over and tries to work a finger into my ass.  I pull away—which shows him my cock.  He kneels on the slurp ramp and takes me into his mouth.  But we are kind of in the way.  He leads me down the stairs and into the largest of the booths at the end of it.  He goes back to sucking me—and prodding my hole—sure I want his big dick up my ass.  Then it’s my turn.  I have to really watch that my incisors don’t scrape his dick when I hit the curve.  He groans encouragement.  “Take it.”  I do.  To the root.

I pull off to catch my breath.  I turn him and attack his bubble butt with my mouth.  This surprises him, but he leans over and grinds his hole down on my tongue.  “Eat my ass, fucker,” he mumbles.  I realize his head is out of this door-less booth and he has a young man in his mouth.  I re-double my eating of his ass.  I slurp and spit.  His hole is dripping.

He stands up.  “Fuck me with that big dick.”  He hands me a Magnum.  For a fraction of a second I am about to refuse.  Instead I drop back to my knees, continue to eat his butt and suit up.  I use extra lube on my latexed dick.  I stand up.  I enter slowly.  He groans loudly.  My dick slides home.  I wait a moment.  Just long enough for the young man to get another passerby’s cock in his mouth.  I fuck him hard and fast—pushing him down on the boy’s dick in his mouth.  He grunts his willingness and his hand is flying over his own big, bent dick.  The color contrast is great—my white dick plowing his Black ass with a Brown Latino cock in his mouth.

It can’t last.  He’s in spit roast heaven.  He shoots big—all over the tile floor.  I pull out.  He stands and embraces me.  We kiss, hug and I slide down to the floor to clean his cock.

“Thank you, daddy.  That was perfect.”  And he goes home very happy indeed.  I follow him out, my cock swinging—there’s no way it can go back in the jock. 

A young, blond French-Canadian bumps into me as I round the corner of the entrance to the play area.  He takes a look at my tumescent dick. “You aren’t going anywhere…” he tells me.  He grabs my wrist and leads me to the fuck bench near the slurp ramp…

Next post:  FP shares the French-Canadian...

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