Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Getting Derrick and Jacob Off

West Michigan—August, 2017

It had been a full month since I’d seen Derrick and Jacob.  I was so ready for all the things we do together.  We arranged an afternoon meet—knowing I’d stay for dinner and over night.

I am on the kneeling on the floor of the study.  The television is bright behind me, but I can only concentrate on the PA in my mouth.  Jacob is particularly horned tonight.  My tongue keeps working at keeping the PA folded against his cock head as he assaults my mouth. When he finally stops fucking into my me, I let my tongue let loose of the jewelry and use it to work the entire head of his dick.  I pull off and concentrate on licking his precum which keeps oozing out of the slit and the piercing.  He lets me.  And then he fucks my face again.

Derrick pulls Jacob off me and tells him to suck his dick.  Jacob bends over and eagerly does what is wanted.  It gives me the perfect angle to eat Jacob’s ass.  The moment my tongue connects, Jacob moans around his partner’s dick.  I spit into it one last time and dive under Jacob’s spread legs and lick Derrick’s balls as Jacob continues to suck him.

We switch.  I move around so I swallow Derrick’s cock.  Jacob moves to Derrick’s balls.  We reverse again:  Jacob on cock, me on balls—but I don’t stay there.  I work my tongue under them onto his perineum.  Derrick scoots forward to give me easier access to his ass.  Jacob grabs his ankles and holds them up so I can really sink my tongue into Derrick.   I poke and prod.  I seem to be particularly noisy about it—the sounds of my slurpings are loud to my ears.

“We should fuck him.”

I agree.  I stand up as Jacob grabs the narrow bench.  Derrick kneels on it eagerly.  Jacob plunges into his ass as I move to Derrick’s face and make him suck my cock.  I let him do what he wants at first, but soon I realized that I am bucking into his face with the same rhythm as Jacob is thrusting into his ass.

“Switch,” I tell him.  We move around to the new holes.  I plug his ass for the first time.  I slide in easily—Jacob has really opened him up.  I lean over Derrick’s back and kiss Jacob’s bearded face.  Our tongues fuck into each other’s mouths, imitating our cocks.

We rotate once more.  Derrick loves to taste himself on my cock.  Once he gets it good and wet again, I pull out of his mouth and move behind Jacob.  He knows what I want—and he wants it as much as I do.  He slows the fuck and lets me into his ass.  I stand stock still as he begins to fuck Derrick again.  He impales himself on me on every back stroke.

It feels wonderful, but it’s cramped with me pressed right against the couch.  I suggest we go downstairs.  They agree.

“Let’s go down,” Jacob says—“I need to piss.”

I am on my knees the moment we enter the play room.  Jacob’s piss just erupts into my mouth the moment his PA clanks against my teeth.  Sometimes he has to take a moment to get flowing—well, not today.  He gives me a belly full which makes my dick even harder.

We go right to the sling.  Derrick gets in.  Jacob’s constant erection is going to be put to good use.  Jacob fucks as I stand behind the head of the sling and work Derrick’s nipples with my slippery fingers.  I am waiting for Jacob to cum anytime now.  When he doesn’t, I move to the side of the sling.  I bend and take those tortured nips between my teeth.  I nibble and use my tongue and occasionally really bear down on the pointy mounds of flesh.

“Fuck him.”  Jacob pulls out.  I hunker down and spend long minutes tasting the mix of the two juices of these men.  I have to will myself to stand up—I could stay right there, licking and stroking.  But I do, of course.  I enter Derrick’s incredibly wet ass.  He is so much wetter than when I was last in him upstairs.   Jacob clamps his pit over Derrick’s mouth.  Derrick groans into the hairiness as my cock bottoms out.  I hold for a moment.  And I begin a furious fuck.  I don’t even know where it comes from.  My cock just demands it and I give in. 

The chains groan on the beams of the rafters above.  I don’t ease up the pace.  Derrick is stroking faster and faster.  Jacob goes in to kiss him and…Derrick cums.  I bend and lick what I can get—while still buried in him.  We are all surprised.  I usually have to work much harder and longer to get Derrick there.

He gets out.  I am ordered back to the floor for another quick shot of piss.  I accept gratefully and then get Jacob into the sling.  I eat his hole—something I’ve barely done this session—for a long time, while Derrick catches his breath.  He sits in a chair right by the sling to watch the live porn show.  My beard is sopping with the ass juice of these two men. 

I finally tear myself away from tonguing Jacob’s ass.  I know he want something bigger in there.  I fuck him.  Jacob grabs his cock and starts to stroke.

“Don’t you dare.”  I bark out.

Obediently, Jacob grabs the chains above his head.  Derrick is on his feet.  He grabs some sash cord and ties Jacob’s wrists together behind his head and in back of the sling.

“Now take it,” he tells his partner.

“Yes, sir!”

I fuck him every bit as hard.  Jacob’s cock flops around, abandoned.  Eventually I stroke it as I fuck—just enough to keep milking it, but not getting him close to explosion.

I am getting tired.  My sleep habits this summer have been horrible and I am beginning to feel it.  I stop fucking and lick the wetness of his ass. 

I grease my hands up.  I insert my left with very little work.  My right plays with his rigid cock.

I reverse.  My right goes into his ass.  I don’t touch his cock this time for it’s the bigger hand.

Reverse again.  The left pushes in and I jerk his cock.  Jacob is panting and on the verge of babble.

The right goes back into him.  Fingers open—working to a fist the moment my palm starts sliding in.  This time I reach for his cock with my left and stroke.  He fires all over his hairy chest.  I bend and lick as my hand slips out…

Derrick asks how I want to get off.  I tell him I’m fine.  And I really am.  I don’t think I could shoot at this point.


Some television, all on the couch together.

Asleep in the bed downstairs.


It’s morning.  Derrick is in my room—fully dressed for the office.

“I have to go into work, but I’ve told the boy not to let you leave without getting you off.”

I grin.  Maybe it’s even a smirk.

“He’s upstairs in bed—when you’re ready, go find him there.”

I thank him and kiss him good bye. 

I stretch. 

I piss.

I think about how lucky I am.

And I start up the two flights of stairs…

(Next time:  Jacob Gets Me Off.)


  1. Awesome, as it always is with Derrick and Jacob. After this read I'm sitting here totally boned. All I need to say!!

    1. That moment when I said "I think about how lucky I am," well, it is very true!

  2. I love how, even after writing up some terrible experiences, you always have something to share that reminds me of why I like playing with men I don't know as well as men I've got a longer term connection to. The good the bad and the seriously sexy. Thanks as always! Can't wait for the second installment!

    1. Exploring with a new guy or guys and the great familiarity of men I know are both essential to me.