Monday, September 18, 2017

"Give Me Your Daddy Cum”

Near Home—August, 2017

I love having such good sex that I don’t want it again anytime soon.  Such was the case after the 18 hours with Derrick and Jacob chronicled in the last two posts.  But towards the end of that week, when I had an unexpected Thursday night off, my cock made it quite clear that he needed attention.   I listened—and went to the local bookstore on a non-weekend night.  I was glad I did…

It’s not particularly crowded.  But the crowd is all new to me.  And that’s always good.  A couple of older men are jerking each other on the couch in the straight theatre.  I watch for a moment.  They glance at me and all but offer me a seat between them.  I hear a movement behind the connecting wall between this and the gay theatre, so I decline and go over there.  

The door bangs behind me.  It’s dark, but I can see.  Close to the screen sits a man who was once a clerk at this store.  He is stroking his huge cock to the porn.  An older man, in rather loud Bermuda shorts, sits across from him watching the guy masturbate.  I sit against the back wall and get my dick out.  I am instantly hard—the porn is good and I am getting off on watching the man watch the dick across from him.

But then he notices me.  Now he looks like a tennis spectator as his head goes back and forth between the two of us.  And surprisingly, I win.  He walks over and asks if I would like to be sucked.  I nod.  He steps out of his flip flops and carefully kneels on them.  He swallows me down.  Quite easily.  And with lots of spit and suction.  It’s a great warm up suck.

The other big dicked guy moves around to watch us instead of the movie.  My cock sucker looks at the other man, now watching him.  I can’t be sure, but I think just the possibility of taking turns on those two big dicks makes him cum in his pants.  His body jerks—without touching his crotch.  And he’s done doing me.  He stands, slips the flip flops back on and exits.

I smile at the former clerk and do myself up.  I want to see what the men on the couch are up to.  I go back next door.  One of the men is gone.  But a distinguished man, sitting in the corner, pats the seat next to him.  I sit.  He reaches over and unbuttons my pants.  My cock, still damp, flops out and his soft, gentle hands caress it.  I am not a big fan of hand jobs, but this is nice.  I reach under his dress shirt and take his seven inches into my hand.  I try to match his stroke.  His left hand pulls up his shirt, baring his hairy abdomen. 

I stroke.  I become aware that an older man is giving a very young man a blow job in the front row.  The young recipient keeps turning around in his chair, keeping tabs on what we are doing.  I figure nothing ventured and all that…I ask in a whisper if I can suck my seat companion.  He shakes his head and strokes me faster.

I match his tempo.  In moments, he unloads all over his stomach.  I sink to my knees.  He looks at me then nods his head and allows me to lick his abdomen, but not his cock, clean. 

When I’m done, I sit back up on the couch.  I watch the young man down front tap his cock sucker on the shoulder, asking him to stop.  The young man gets up.  He doesn’t bother to put his dick away as he walks toward us.  His thin cock sticks out, occasionally hidden by his over large, tie-dyed sleeveless t-shirt.  He sits between us.  We move, to give him room.  He could be anywhere between 25 to 35 years of age.  His hair is dark blond and cut quite short.  He’s more cute than handsome.  

And eager.  I stand up and present my dick to his waiting mouth.  He takes me to the root.  He may be young but he has incredible skills.  I grunt my approval.

He pulls off me.  “Does Daddy like my mouth?”

I nod and he takes me deep into his throat again.  The stroker has not lost his hardon.  He strokes the young man next to him.  This doesn’t keep the boy from making a meal of my cock. 

He stops again.  He looks at how red the helmet of my cock has turned.  “Daddy’s dick likes my mouth.”

“Yeah, boy.  Suck Daddy’s cock.  Show these men how much you like it.”

I say men, for the man who was sucking him before, has pulled up a chair to watch us.  The boy goes back to sucking at my urging.  He pulls off again and spits on the cock head.  He makes a show of licking it off to the other two men.

This time I pull out.  I hunker down and take his thin dick in my throat.  “Fuck, yeah, Daddy.  Suck me.  Fuck, you have it all in your mouth.”  He bucks into my mouth—and for a moment I think it’s all over.  But, no.  He sits back down and I pull off, intending to stick mine back into his mouth.  But he has other plans.  Before I stand up, he flips over, presenting me with a downy blond ass.  “Eat me out, Daddy.”

Oh, fuck, yeah.  He is sweaty from the sex, but more than ready for my tongue.  I eat him until my cock is dripping.

“Fuck me, Daddy.  Put that big dick in your boy.”

I rear back from my tongue deep in his hole.  “You want my raw dick inside you, boy?  You want me seeding your ass?”

“Yes,” he whispers.  “Knock my ass up.”

I didn’t come to fuck tonight, but there is no way I am not getting into that butt.  I eat him some more—leaving copious amounts of viscous saliva in him.  He’s moaning now.  The Stroker has started beating the boy’s meat as I rim.  I put a hand on his wrist to slow him down—I don’t want the boy to shoot before I fuck him.

“Fuck me,” he hisses at me over his shoulder.

I stand up and enter him.  Slowly.  He opens easily.  I work my entire length into him.

“You feel so good,” he croons.

“You, too,” I tell him.  “Hot and tight.”

“My ass loves Daddy cock.  I only get fucked by daddies.”

“Good boy.”  I am fucking him now.  Plowing his ass.  It looks terrific:  the beautiful blond butt taking my thick pole of a cock.

“I want your load, Daddy.  I want to take it home.”

“Yeah?”  I pick up the tempo of the fuck.

“I want to finger it out of my boi-pussy when I’m all alone.”

Fuck, did he rehearse this?  He’s saying all the right things to get me to unload.  I slam into him again and again.  I’m close.

“Fuck yeah.  Give it to me.  Give me your Daddy cum.”

“Take it!   Take it, boy...”  I start shooting into his ass.  He clenches, milking me perfectly.  I shake and empty into him.  He milks me.  Expertly.  I hold in place and let him.

Slowly he pulls off me.  He spins around and licks my cock clean.  The men watching are taken aback by this.  I love it.  When he’s done, I kiss him.  I sink down onto the couch next to him.  We trade names.  His shirt is pulled up for a moment as he pulls up his underwear.  There is an intricate tattoo all across his pubic area.  It sinks in—I’ve done this boy before.  The last time was in the corner of the gay cinema.

He does himself up.  He kisses me again and heads out the door.

Taking me home with him. 

Or maybe only taking me to the booths so he can use me as lube for another fuck.

I don’t care.

Either is fine with me.


  1. Bookstore gold! Makes it all worthwhile......

    1. You're right. It made up for the earlier times of the summer there being passable or not very good.

  2. I love anonymous breeding, even when it turns out not to be all that anonymous...A few years ago, I went to the East Coast for a family wedding and hit the bath house a couple nights before, where I (and a few others) bred a hot young guy -- who, wouldn't you know it, was the brother of my new sister-in-law, also in town for the wedding! And although he pretended not to know me, I love that he went back to his girlfriend with load in his hole. Now whenever i see my sister-in-law, I always make sure to ask how her kid brother is doing!

    1. That is a GREAT story!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hell yes Fucker! God I miss theater action, Cincinnati sucks!

    1. Sorry to hear that.

      I do love theater action. I have always been something of a show-off during sex...