Thursday, March 22, 2018

"I Gotta Try Yours"

Louisville, KY—February, 2018

I couldn’t make it back to the bookstore in Memphis.  My conference schedule is always too long and busy to play very often.  I have given up trying to get men to come to the room after my long days and nights.  So I just let my balls fill up.  I drove home to Michigan with an eye for an overnight in Louisville.  There is a great bookstore just across the border into Indiana where I have had great fun in the past. 

I was horned from the days of no play and thinking about it all day in the car.  I found a motel and checked in.  I changed into some clothes I keep for the bookstore---clothes that can get cum splattered and I won’t care.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I have knelt in some one’s load on a bookstore floor….

I park behind the building.  I know it’s a Tuesday night, so it’s not going to be packed, but it is early evening—I’m hoping there might still be some of the after work crowd hanging around.  The parking lot is pretty empty.  There are two big rigs parked for the night, beyond the paved park of the lot.  I go in and wonder for a moment if I should break tradition and do the arcade as opposed to the two theatres.  But I like porn—and I hate feeding the players in an arcade.  I opt for the combined ticket for the straight and the gay theatre.

I start in the straight theatre.  There is one man sitting in the front row.  I can only see the back of his head.  I sit at the end of the back row which sticks out one seat from the row in front.  It gives me leg room and guys can easily get to my cock.  I get my dick out and jerk.  It’s ancient porn, but kind of hot—one woman/two guys (who prove to make her really messy.)  The next scene is pretty pedestrian.  The man in the front row is as bored as I am.  He gets up and walks up the side aisle towards me.  He is a Black man, likely in his late 60’s.  I like the smile on his face when he sees my cock.   He stands beside me—and moments later I feel his very soft hand grasp my dick.

“Nice,” he whispers.  He bends down so he can see it better.  His hand strokes my full length, but does a nice little twist as it comes up and envelops my cock head.

“That feels really good.”

“May I put that beautiful cock in my mouth?”  he whispers, with his slight Southern drawl, right into my ear.


He bends more.  His mouth connects.  He keeps the hand going with the bobbing of his head.  I just close my eyes and revel in his soft touch.

He is tireless.  But it may be too relaxing.  I am certainly nowhere near orgasm and I can tell, once I’ve opened my eyes again, that the bent over posture is beginning to hurt.

“Are you going to give me your cum?”

I explain it takes a lot of work—and I have just walked in.

He takes a break and promises to come back.  I assume he goes to cruise the arcade.


I check out the Gay theatre.  No one is here, it’s colder and condomed porn is on the screen.  I go back to the straight theatre.

A new movie.  Oh, my—a plot.

The door opens.  A White trucker walks in.  He sees me and sits on the ledge off to one side, behind me.  He keeps moving, inching his way until he is directly behind me.  His knee brushes the back of my chair.

I turn to look at him again.  He is kneading his worn denims.  I stand up.  He unzips.  He spreads his legs.  The invitation—and which way around—is clear.  I kneel and take his fairly small dick into my mouth.  I work my tongue around the head.  I make his foreskin retract.

I don’t spend long on him.  He needs to get off and hit the road again.

The dick may be small, but his load is large.  He grunts out his orgasm with each spurt.  He pats my head to tell me I’ve cleaned him up enough, zips up and leaves.

I sit back down.  My cocksucker returns.  He tries again.  Still no luck in getting me off.

“What makes you shoot?”

“Fucking an ass.”

I’m afraid I’ve offended him.   He tells me he rarely does that.  And that it’s never felt good—the little dicks he’s tried it with. 

But we both know he’s not ready for me tonight—in a couple of ways. 

He thanks me for being nice and goes home.


I am alone a long time.

I consider going.  I consider checking out the arcade after all, though on a trip to the restroom, there seemed to be no traffic there, either.  I consider jerking off.

And the door opens again. 

A different Black man walks in and sits on the back ledge.  Tall.  Jeans and open coat.  He ditches the coat to a chair.  Now I can see he’s built, too.  His jeans mound up as he sees me stroking so openly. 

He unzips.  “You suck?”


He fists his dick—not as big as my twin in Memphis, but a thick 7 incher.  I kneel between his splayed legs and go to work.  He sighs and tells me “Keep doing that.”  I’m doing my signature constant tongue motion around the head of the cock as I come out of deep throating him.  I work into his dripping piss slit, too.

“I gotta try yours.  Stand up.”

I’m surprised but pleased.  I feed him my cock.  He’s hunched over, so the angle isn’t as good as if he were on his knees—but good enough.  I let him set his rhythm.  He’s grunting at the pleasure my cock is giving him in his mouth.  Emboldened, I grab the back of his head and fuck his face.  This makes his cock precum like crazy.  I pull out of his mouth and take him to the root again and again.

We reverse once more.  “Fuck my mouth, Stud.”  I do.  Once again his precum covers the hot ebony head of his dick.

I think he’s getting close.  I pull out of his mouth and take him in my mouth again.  He bucks into my face.  Hard.  I erupt on the floor.  He feels me shudder and pulls out of my mouth.

I must look hurt that he’s not feeding me.  He pats my head and tells me he wants to play a little longer.  I stand up.  He leans over and licks me clean.  I so want to kiss him.  But nope.  He zips up and leaves me looking at my pool of cum on the floor.


  1. So nice when a good throat fucking ends with a kiss...but I’ll take the throat fuck without the kiss, too!