Sunday, November 4, 2012

Double Decker

Northern Indiana—October, 2012

Ryan and Bill are the two few limit pigs that have helped me top a piss pig in the past—though not at the same time.  Ryan really wanted to bottom this time.  So we all met at his house.  He has a lot of pics of that encounter on his blog, “Spreading My Legs.”  Enough, for three full posts.  I have some for this post too, that were on my camera.  I can’t write about all the moments of hot sex we had that afternoon, but here are a few---as well as my favorite that he made no mention of in his post—straight out of “A Matter of Size…”

We are in his lower level.  It’s not a basement at all—it’s fully finished, as a bedroom and study.  I have brought the sling and rimseat.  We set them up next to the bed.  Ryan is on his knees sucking me, then Bill.  Then it’s my turn for two cocks in my mouth at once.  Bill does the same.  We can’t wait—Bill is on a tight schedule.  We get Ryan into the sling.  I lick at his tight pucker for a moment, and let Bill open him up.  I think of them as tops, but they both love to have their holes worked.  Watching Bill’s extra thick cock plow into him, I wince.  And piss.  I cover Ryan’s balls and cock.  Then I aim at Bill’s cock.  He is now fucking my clear piss into Ryan’s ass.  Bill calls me a “hot fucker” and starts banging Ryan’s dripping ass all that much harder.

Soon it’s my turn to fuck Ryan.  I taste his hole again.  It’s now awash with piss and precum.  I dig some out with my tongue.  I rise up and share it all with Ryan, letting my spit roll off my tongue and into his eager mouth.  I stand up and force my cock into his hole.  Damn, he’s still tight.  Bill sits on the bed, stroking, never taking his eyes off my cock entering his friend.  I fuck.  His hole is hot.  And he’s milking my cock on every stroke.  Bill stands and puts his drooling cock into Ryan’s mouth. 
I fuck until I’m winded.

“I want that dick in me, too.”  It’s Bill.  I was pretty sure I’d have two asses this afternoon.
“Oh, yeah,” I tell him.  “Get on the bed—on all fours.  You, too,” I tell Ryan.  He obediently gets on all fours next to his buddy.  “No,” I tell him.  Get on top of Bill.”  Soon I have their asses spread in front of me forming a hot hairy tower of male flesh.  I kneel.  I tongue Bill’s as yet unopened hole.  I work lots of saliva up it.  Then I stretch upward, and there is Ryan’s wet hole waiting for my tongue.

I rim Ryan.  Then back to Bill, taking some of the precum we’ve both fucked into Ryan, to lube up Bill’s ass as well.  I stroke and lube my cock as I eat.  I can’t get enough as I go back and forth between the guys.  They seem to love the novelty of it, too.  Soon, I rise and enter Bill.  He grunts.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been up his hole.  It takes a moment or three for him to relax.  Soon, I am plowing steadily, to the hilt.  I love watching my dick disappear in him.
Abruptly, I pull it out and stick it directly into Ryan’s twitching ass.  He is totally caught by surprise.  Just as he’s moaning in time with my strokes, I switch it again and sink deeply into Bill. 

Then Ryan.  Then Bill—fucking longer this time. 
Then just a couple of strokes into Ryan’s waiting hole. 

They can both feel the motion of me fucking, but they never know whose hole it’s going in. 
They love it.

When we finally stop—Ryan cleans my cock—he wants to taste every drop of man juice.
Next up is Bill in the sling.  I fuck him hard.  He takes me much more easily this way.  This inspires Ryan to fuck him, too. 

Bill has to leave….happy, but without dropping a load.
Ryan and I go back and forth between rimseat and sling.  He eats my ass for a long time, first in the sling and then with him under the rim seat (a first for him).  And I do the same for him.

When it’s finally time to breed him, we’re back on the bed.  I fuck, take a hit of Jungle Juice and let fly into his guts.  I cum for what seems like forever.  This is the first time he’s taken my load. 
We snap a pic of it to mark the occasion…

There are lots of great pictures of this event on his blog—check it out…


  1. That was one hot afternoon!! LOVED ths sling and rimseat as well. Enjoyed having you use my holes as you can have them anytime!

    1. It was great. I am sure we will do it again---or with many variations...

  2. FP,

    Just caught up on your blog and looking forward to reading Ryan's.


    1. Thanks for being one of my most faithful readers---I've missed your comments...

    2. Your Welcome FP...hoping I can get back to a regular schedule of sex, writing the blog, and reading yours along with others.

    3. I hope so, too---it would mean your life had settled down a little....