Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trapped Under the Rimseat--New Year's Eve

Chicago—December 2015

Time to catch up on one of my favorite gatherings of the year…

It’s late.   Marco, the muscle hole, has just arrived at my house.  He’s driven up after work and walked in my door at just after 1:00 am.  We barely chat.  We head straight to bed.  Not to fuck.  But to sleep.  It feels really good to wrap my arms around him.

“I have the whole holiday weekend planned for us,” he murmurs in my ear.

I grunt--not sure I want to hear it right now.  I want to concentrate on warming up the man who’s just come in from the cold.  He flips around and grinds his hairy ass against my crotch.  I grunt again—sounding happier, even to my ears.

And drift off to sleep.


By late afternoon, we are at Rod and Brice’s house in Chicago.  I am setting up the padded fuck bench.  They have their sling out and the rimseat they purchased with me in mind.  There is also a big screen television where porn will be playing and a double bed.  Rod, a silver fox with a big dick, is helping me screw the legs into place.  He tells me that it’s a big guest list.  Equal parts, he says, of men they know and men they want to know.  We can hear Brice, his partner, in the shower upstairs.  Or maybe it’s Marco.  I finish up, snap these pictures and grab a quick nap. 

My alarm goes off in my phone.  Marco comes into our room to make sure I’m awake.  I start to dress in my leathers.  Marco tells me he has a load up his butt from Brice.  “Just to make your dick feel that much better,” he tells me.  I kiss him and tie up my boot laces.

We don’t wait for the guests.  We just go downstairs and start to have sloppy sex.  Marco is in the sling.  I am on my knees poking my tongue into his hairy, matted hole.  Brice is standing behind Marco’s head and working his nipples.  Marco’s hole flowers open.  My tongue pokes in.  He clamps down on me.  My cock beads a huge dollop of pre-cum.  I cover my cock head with it, stand up and push my slimy dick into his pre-lubed manhole.  Marco groans.

“Fuck him with my load,” Brice commands.  I do.  My hips slap against Marco’s upturned ass.

And the parade of men start to arrive.

I keep fucking as a Black top arrives.  He’s a regular—I recognize him from every past party.  He thinks I pay him the highest compliment one top can pay another by eating his jizz out of whatever bottom he has loaded that night.  He hugs me from behind.  I feel that massive cock hardening between my cheeks for just a moment before he grabs Brice and puts him on the fuck bench.

I keep fucking as my bathhouse buddy Juan comes in.  Juan loves to take loads at any bath and bring them to me to eat out.  He gets right down on his knees, crawls under the sling and begins licking the underside of my cock each time it pulls out of Marco.

“Am I tasting cum?” Juan asks.

“Yes.  Brice gave him a load.”

Juan groans in the back of his throat.  He redoubles his effort to get every drop I pull out of Marco’s hole down his throat.

I keep fucking as the multi-orgasmic Black top arrives.  He only fucks his chosen man for a few moments.  But he’s good for three to five loads in a couple of hours of play.  Juan crawls out from under and takes the new arrival to the bed.

I keep fucking as a hot tatted man arrives—in a yellow jock and harness.  He stops at the sling.  He watches my dick intently.  “Let me see that full cock,” he says. 

I pull out obligingly.

“Shit, man!”  And he bends over and cleans me off.

Marco jumps out of the sling and indicates I should put the new arrival in it.  Marco grabs a water bottle, takes a slug and is led to the bed by another new arrival—also African American—and one who I know is versatile.  His cock is sliding into Marco, who is side by side with Juan on the bed, before I get the yellow jocked hottie into the sling.

I eat his hole.  So intently I miss the next few arrivals.  By the time I stand up, there are 13 of us there.  Cocks are being sucked or are plowing hole.  There are 4 top only men—but all who love their ass eaten.  Everyone else is versatile.  I love that I get to see Marco fuck—something I don’t often get to see. 

I go back to paying attention to the man beneath me.  He is breathing hard—and huffing poppers like crazy.  I fuck him until I finally need a break.


I am trapped under the rimseat.  Juan is on the seat, opening his hairy hole to my probing tongue.  He has the first load from the multi-cummer—and can’t wait to feed me.  I am pinned to the mat by the yellow jocked man riding my cock.

Juan pushes ever so slightly.  The load oozes into my mouth.  I clean up every drop that my tongue can find.  Juan is now sucking a cock.  I can’t see who it is, but I can hear the slurp of the dick being taken deep into Juan’s throat.  He won’t be going anywhere soon.  I lick his hole until it is sopping wet.

I am blinded by light.  Juan is up and the yellow jocked guy, fresh from riding my dick, is sitting down on my face.  No load yet, but plenty of precum as my cock was working overtime with what Juan was feeding me.  Someone sits on my cock.  I think it’s Juan, but I’m not sure. 

Just as fast, the tight hole is replaced with another.  A third man is riding my cock—and I have no idea who it is.  But I find out quickly.  Yellow jock tells the rider to change places with him.  It’s Brice.  The men switch.  “He has a load for you,” Yellow Jock tells me, “though he’s left some of it on your cock for me.”  I watch yellow jock impale himself  on my cummy dick before my world is blacked out again with Brice’s dripping ass on my face.

I must be there for an hour of the play time.  Every man in the room either rides my dick, sucks my cock or lets me rim him.  Some do all three.  It’s an incredible buffet of open butt for my tongue.  I lose track of how many loads are fed to me.  At least five.  Not everyone announces they have one.  Some feed me with an element of  total surprise.  Not for the first time I wish I could be more multi-orgasmic…


I am let up for midnight.  We drink a champagne toast and a number of men take off, totally spent.  I still have to get off.  Juan is busy with Rod.  I know I have the rest of the weekend with Marco and I believe you should always load your host if you can.  Last year it was Rod.  I get Brice back in the sling.

I sink my tongue into him.  His canal is so damn slippery.  It’s heaven.  I eat.  I spit some back in and stand up.

“Load me.  Start the new year right.”

“Yeah, I want to add mine to all the others.”

“Do it, man.”  Brice does this moan that is all about need.  “Give it to me.  Every drop.”

He’s egging me on and knows it.

“Fuck!”  I pull out and sink to my knees for one last taste.  It’s right there—rising up the length of my cock.  “FUCK!”  I stand up.  Insert.  And explode into the mix of DNA already in Brice.  Marco grabs me from behind and holds on to me.  Keeping me in place.  Finally I see why.  Juan is geting under the sling. 

“Now let him pull out,” he tells Marco.  My dick inches out.  My enlarged helmet head scrapes the walls of Brice’s ass of all the cum left in him.  With one large plop, I am out of his ass and Juan is there to catch the jizz on his tongue.  He swallows and swings around to plaster his mouth to Brice’s hole.  Marco won’t let me go.  Not until Juan has cleaned my cock.

Finally, I get a second glass of champagne.  I raise it slightly in a silent toast. 

Fuck, yeah…Welcome 2016!


  1. Another hot scene..... you are always able to bone me Stud!

    1. It's the best way to ring in the new year possible...

      I hope you put that bone to good use!