Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Checking In

This may be the longest I’ve gone without posting.  I did not have a reliable internet connection for my last days in New York.  Then there was a two day drive home.  When I walked into my house, I had no internet either.  It seems my splitter is bad.  I am huddled in my work place now, posting this so you know I have not been taken to the big bathhouse in the sky…

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Avalanche of Piss

My Playroom—December, 2012

My next encounter was a piss newbie, too.  He lives fairly close.  By the end of the session, I was hoping he would become a regular.  He is as tall and lanky as I am.  I would guess that Leo is about 5 years younger than I.  He has closely cropped, sandy colored hair, a trimmed goatee, an engaging smile…and a relatively new interest in piss.  I think he told me he’d fed it to one guy before.  He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be fed himself, but really wanted to be covered with it.  He pulled up in front of my house a little early, but I was ready for him—lots of water was in the playroom and fresh towels out…

 “Hi, I’m Leo,” he greets me at the door.  “I really have to piss.”
“Upstairs.  Now.”  I point the way.  He bounds up the stairs.  “Last door.”

“Oh, wow.”  He’s looking at the set-up:  bed, sling, rimseat, the restraints hanging from the sling chains, the gas mask on the corner of the mirror frame.
“Clothes off.  Put them in a bureau drawer so they won’t get wet.”

I strip as well until I’m down to my jock.  I kneel to lace my boots back up.
“You want this?”  Leo is waving his rather shrunken looking cock, but I know he means his piss.

I nod.  He comes over to me.  I get it into my mouth just in time.  He instantly starts spurting a long stream of hot liquid.  It’s sweet and clear.  He’s listened to my advice about what to drink.  His stream is endless.  He must have been hydrating like crazy on his trip here.  My cock, semi hard before, is now like a rock.  He doesn’t try to stop and start for me to catch up on my swallowing. I work over time to not spill any of it.  And I don’t. 
I stand up.  He’s eager to kiss me—to taste his piss on my tongue.  He makes a small sound in the back of his throat as I push my tongue in deeply.  He sucks it hard.  I push his shoulders down, gently, to get him to kneel.  He takes my cock easily.  Well, the first half.  Then he has to work harder.  He gags.  But he seems to really like that.  He retreats a little up my thick shaft, than slides home. He holds—then in one swift move he pulls off me.  Strings of that thick, back-of-the-throat-saliva (mixed with my precum) hang suspended between my dick head and his mouth.  I kneel and we kiss again, savoring the strands.

“Get in the sling.”
He does.

I start working his ass with my tongue.  I lick.  Spit.  Push it in deep.   Work it out and back into my mouth.  Rise and spit it into Leo’s open mouth.  He swallows greedily. 
I need to piss.  I beat my hard cock on his balls.  I let myself erupt all over his nut sack, then down the valley created by his ass cheeks.  Leo is moaning, beating his cock.  I go back to licking his ass.  I hope he wants a taste of his pissed crack.  I stand up and lean across him.  He opens his mouth like a hungry baby bird.  I let the mix of ass lube, piss and my saliva dribble into his mouth.  For one second, I think he’s going to shoot.

I go back to licking.
Then fucking.  It’s a tight hole.  He doesn’t take cock often.

He likes my cock in his ass.  But it’s about the juices today.  He wants more.
I move around to his side.  “Grab the chains above your head.”  He does.  His right pit is exposed.  I’ve made him sweat.  My cock head scrubs it for him.  And then pokes into his mouth.  He’s groaning.  I do his pit again.  And again.  Then I piss, coating his underarm and his right nipple.  My mouth cleans up the mess, spending extra time wringing out the wet hair with my tongue.  I work his nipple until it stands up.  Then my mouth finds his.  He eagerly sucks my tongue into him.  He loves the slightly acrid, slightly sweet taste of my piss. 

“Damn, that’s hot.”
I go around and work his left pit and nipple with more piss and spit.  This time, Leo turns his head, mouth wide open as I’m pissing his pit.  I deliberately splash some into his mouth.  He swallows, all smiles.

When I’m done, I slip up his ass again.  I fuck.  He grimaces slightly.  I pull out and send a geyser of piss across his chest.  He gasps.  I make sure I splash some into his mouth this time, too.  He swallows.  I plunge back into his hole.  His tightness feels great on my cock.
Eventually, to give myself a break, I grab the egg-headed dildo I use to double fuck.  I don’t think I will get both up his tight hole, but I want to stretch him out slightly.  I kneel, coat the toy with lube and slowly twist it into place.  Leo grunts loudly as he trys to accommodate the big head, then exhales deeply as it pops into place.  I move slowly, twisting it forward.  His ass takes every inch.  I hunker down so I’m eyelevel with the base of the dildo.  I work my right index finger alongside the slimmer shaft.  He grunts and takes poppers.  I add a second finger. 

He grunts “Fuck.” 
I remove the fingers and pull the dildo out slightly, pressing it down.  I lean forward and work my tongue between the toy and the top of  his hole.

“Oh, fuck.”  He is watching me in the mirror.  “I…” 
He suddenly lets go with another huge piss load.  It splashes on his stomach, before he turns it down on me.  My tongue is coated--my entire face awash.  I try to work some of it up his ass with my tongue, but it’s too much.  I’m choking and coughing from his avalanche of piss.  As it slows, he starts jerking.  In no time at all he shoots a load all over his piss sloppy stomach. 

In moments, I stand up, my legs feeling like rubber, and do the same.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Passing the Pig Test

The Playroom—December, 2012

December was a mixed bag.  I had a few good scenes, but far more missed connections or plans that went wrong.  I had a couple of no shows, a gangbang set up by a reliable boy that had to be cancelled when his flight was grounded, a Christmas group session where the host totally miss-timed his drive in from Chicago, and on and on.
But I did have two brand new men (not only new to me, but new to piss sex), an old reliable fuck bud and the New Year’s Eve orgy.  So I can’t complain.

The first up was one of the new ones, a divorced dad coming to my area to visit his daughter.  “I have always wondered about piss play or any real pig play,” he wrote on one of the hook up sites.  “Will you help a newbie?”  He assured me he was an experienced bottom, so we set a date that would send him to his daughter’s with an ass full of cum.

He is kneeling in front of my hardening cock.  He’s a big guy.  The ex-footballer type.  He’s my age, with a generous covering of fur over his thick frame.  He’s good looking now.  He must have been stunning in his gridiron days.  And he now has my cock lodged in his throat.  Fuck, I love experienced men.  He is good.  So good I need to pull out.  I am super hard and it’s been a week of no play.

I ask him to stand.  He has a beer can dick—cut, hard and drooling.  I sink to my knees and slurp up the precum.  Pig play test one:  I rise to kiss him.  He eagerly opens his mouth and begins Hoovering my tongue.  Pass.
I get him on the bed.   “Get on all fours so I can eat that ass.”  He kneels near the edge.  I kneel.  I don’t dare touch myself.  His massive, hairy globes of flesh are right there before me.  I can feel the heat on my cheeks radiating from him.  I pull them apart.  My tongue hits home.  He jumps. 

“You are so deep.  So deep…” he murmurs.
I lick and suck and chew.  It’s a hairy hole.  I get one strand caught between my teeth.  I add a bit of lube to my cock.  I rise and enter him.  Just my cock head.  He grunts.  I get in easily, but instantly he begins milking my big helmet head.  After what seems like forever to both of us, I inch in.  At the halfway point I hold.  Then pull it out, move around to his mouth.  He eagerly licks me clean.  And eagerly kisses me after.  A pass on tests two and three.

“I want to fuck you in the sling.”
“I’ve never been in one.  How do I get in?”

I tell him to sit and lean.  He manages just fine.  I stand next to his ass, my cock ready for the assault.  He grins.  So do I, as I piss his ass crack.
“Jesus that’s hot.”

I don’t answer.  I fall to my knees and begin to lick him clean.
“Oh, my God.”  He loves test four.  “Eat my pissy ass.” 

I do.  I glance up.  His eyes are riveted to the mirror above him where he can see himself sprawled in the sling and me between his legs.  I go back to licking up my piss and working some of it up his hole.  Eventually, I rise and insert.  Slowly.  Letting him watch each inch disappear into him in the mirror.
“I have had only one guy as big as you—some Black guy at the bathhouse.  He….”

He leaves it unfinished as I begin fucking him.  Hard.  My lean hips are slapping against his beefy ass, making sexy slapping sounds that reverberate around the room.  His mouth goes slack.  His eyes roll into the back of his head.  I am grunting loudly myself.  I slow, again thinking I might shoot.  I pull out and bring it to his mouth.  There is barely a moment of pause before he cranes his head over and takes as much of my cock into his mouth as he can.  I get him up, when I’m good and clean.

He looks at it.  “That’s new, too.”
“Lean into the sling for a second.”  He looks questioningly at me.  “Just do it.”  He does.  I unload another bladder full all over his ass crack. 

He is moaning “So hot, so hot” in a constant little litany.
Now I get under the seat.  He lowers his dripping ass to my face and open mouth.  The ass, freshly fucked and now pissed on is almost more than I can take.  This was supposed to slow me down, but again, I twist my balls to keep from shooting.  I concentrate on the flavor, the freshly fucked texture of his hole.  I eat him out forever as he plays with my nipples from above.

When I’ve had my fill, we take a mini break as I hydrate.  We look at the Dick Wadd video where Dean Cooper is being hosed down by every man in the film.  The only comment from my new pig is “Damn…”
He’s back in the sling.  I know we have to wrap it up so he can make dinner at his daughter’s.  I am fucking him hard.  His hole has flowered open.  I pull out.  I hold my cock right next to his hole.  I begin to piss.  It covers his ass crack.  Then I fuck in, still pissing.  He begins to be filled. I pull out. Then push in.  Pissing constantly.  A true piss fuck.  He is jerking himself like crazy.

“Jesus.  Fill me up.  Jizz in my hole.”
His request makes him shoot.  His white cum looks great on his dark fur.  I bury my piss spurting cock deep in him.  I scoop up his load and feed it to him.  He sucks my fingers.  With my left hand still in his mouth, I begin to spasm in his guts.  I’m shooting a weeks worth of cum into his hole.  I collapse on top of him.

We both shower. 
We’re at the door.  “So did you like it as much as you thought you would?”

He just looks at me for the longest time.  “Why did I wait so long?  It was the most freeing sex I’ve ever had.” 

Test passed, no, aced.
He goes off to his daughter’s with my piss and cum deep in his guts.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Black Friday

Near Home—November, 2012

I stopped in Louisville on the way home from Nashville.  The bookstore was fun, but there was absolutely nothing distinctive about the play there.  It was all mutual head this time—I got no ass at all. 
I arrived home from my stay in the South in time to do family things for Thanksgiving.  Some of my cousins were asking at the dinner table if I had made plans to shop the next day.  I said no.  I hate shopping.  I hate malls.  I am not a big fan of big box stores.  I had decided to spend Black Friday in the theatre of the adult bookstore closest to me.  It would either be busy or a bust…

I walk in just after 1:00pm.  The parking lot is crowded.  Do guys really drop the wife or partner at the mall and then head to the bookstore to get off?   The door buzzes me into the theatre.  I can’t see much—but can count three guys sitting, staring at the large flat screen.  The aisle seat in the back row is filled.  It’s an older man I recognize from previous trips there.  He hates me.  If I am in an oral mood, he gets no cock at all.

I lean against the wall, kneading the bulge in my 501’s.  The guy in the cock sucker chair glares at me.  I look away and up at the screen.  It’s straight anal porn.  A guy in his late 30’s, sitting in the front row, looks hot.  He has a muscular frame under his flannel shirt.  His hand is obviously stroking his cock, though I can’t see it.  Another man sits plastered against the wall.  He’s stroking, too.   I can’t make out much more about him.
There is a movement behind me.  I turn.  An older guy is standing in the back the corner, behind the door.  He’s a regular—a widower who loves to feed me.  He’s hard and stroking, he smiles at me, hoping I will step back and drop to my knees.  His need is palpable.  I move back, kneel and am greeted with a sizable cock that explodes almost instantly in my mouth.  I look up.  He grins at me sheepishly.  “Been here awhile,” he whispers as I stand up.

The man in the cock sucking chair gets up and leaves noisily, giving me one more glare on his way out.  I take his chair. 
Almost instantly the man against the wall gets up.  He shows a nice cock.  Without putting it away, he gets out of his row and brings it to my mouth.  He’s been stroking too.  I can taste his precum instantly.  I work on his cock—lots of suction, even more tongue.  I’m aware that the hot man in the front row is looking at us—and then gets up and leaves.  Just as my man is about to shoot, the door buzzes open and two more men come in.  One is a middle aged Asian business type, the other is a Black man who looks like he just left his semi-truck out back.

The disturbance appears not to faze my guy. He cums a sizeable load.  I can barely swallow before the Black guy is unzipped and demanding.  He sticks a short, fat cock in my mouth, then holds the back on my head in place and fucks my face.  He takes no time to give me my third load.
Then a break.  The Asian leans against the back wall and strokes.  I watch the movie—taking a swig of water, to cleanse the palate.

The door buzzes.  Three guys come in.  A middle aged married man in a heavy jacket sits in the row in front of me, also on the aisle.  I can hear him unzip.  A handsome older man allows himself to be stroked by the Asian in the back corner.  The third man asks to get by me.  He sits, leaving a seat between us.  He’s maybe late 30’s early 40’s, and rather cubbish.  He wastes no time in unzipping and hauling out a nice uncut piece of meat.  I stroke, looking at the screen, then looking at the guy one seat away.  Almost immediately, his hand is on my cock.  I let him stroke me, making no move to touch him.  Soon he’s in the seat next to me.  He leans over and takes me to the root.  I wince at the angle.  He moves to the floor.  I make him suck my balls.  He goes crazy over this, masturbating like crazy as he licks them.  I can sense he’s about to cum.  He stands up.  “Take me,” he hisses.  I lean forward just in time to get most of his load.  Some coats my beard, I find out later.
The Asian and the older gentleman have moved down to watch us.  The older gentleman now wants more than the hand job he was getting.  The Asian points to me.  The older gentleman moves forward, starts to put his long thin cock in my mouth but stops.  He looks at me long and hard—then shoves his cock in my mouth.  He fucks my face, stopping only as the cub pushes his way around me to exit.  He blasts his load at the back of my throat, but I still get a taste of his bitter load.  He pulls out a linen handkerchief to mop up.

We sit.  The man in the heavy jacket in front of me has a phone call.  He answers it.  Oblivious to the woman’s loud vocals on the screen I hear him converse with his wife.  “Either one,” he tells her.  “Either the 42 inch or the 48 inch.”  He listens for a long, long time.  “He’s your son.  You decide.”  He snaps his phone shut.  He sighs.  It rings almost instantly again.  He glances at the number, then jabs at the button to send it to voice mail.  He gets up.  “Here,” he grunts—assuming I want his cock.  He presents the tiniest cock I have ever had in my mouth.  It’s all head---no shaft to speak of.  But it works.  He grunts and spews.  And thanks me.
A lull.  The Asian and I are alone in the theatre.  When I decline a hand job (Is there anything more boring?) he offers me his dick to suck.  I have load seven soon swimming in my gut.

Now I’m truly alone.   For a long time.  I know I should go.  My erection, having been hard and spewing juice, is now bored with just me and the movie.  I decide to button up.  Then the door buzzes.  I look.  It’s the hot man from the front row who left when I first arrived. He stands against the back wall.  He opens his jeans.  A hard, cock with a fiery red head is pulled out.  He strokes, ignoring my looking at him. 
He makes no move to me. 

I decide to move to him.
I get up, somehow getting my now freshly hard cock into my jeans.

I stand in front of him.
He just looks at me.

His hands swing up to my shoulders, pushing me to the floor.  He grabs my ears.  I can feel the hair on the backs of his fingers against my shaved head.  I open my mouth. He shoves in a good sized cock.  Veiny.  He decides he needs to fuck my face, too.  I hold still—there is not much else I can do with those massive hands along the sides of my head. 
It’s not instant---but it’s not long until he shoots.  My eyes have watered.  I look up at him.  His face is contorted in sheer pleasure.  He lets me nurse on it.  I swallow each drop as I squeeze and tongue his softening cock.  I clean him so well he has no need of the fast food napkin he holds ready.

Eight loads.  Under two hours. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Take It Out"

Nashville—November, 2012

“This furry cub needs to be bred.”  His picture showed a perfect bubble butt of fur.  His face pic was engaging.  He said 39.  I guessed mid-forties, but that was fine.  He was all the way across town and it was approaching rush hour.  “Right now?”  I typed.  Yeah, right now.  A no frills fuck.  No sling.  No piss.  No toys.  Just a good breeding.  I got in the car.  The 20 minute drive became 30.  Texts flooded my phone.  When traffic ground to a standstill, I texted back, saying I was a mile away---but not moving. Then the traffic began a crawl that got me to his exit, to his road and to his house. It was small and had an ancient car on blocks in the side yard.  He answered the door in just a pair of jeans.  I upped my guess of his age to 48 to 50.  The pics were 25 pounds ago, but he wore them well.  I stepped in.  Inside it was immaculate. I was led to his rather western themed bedroom---Navajo blankets, watercolor landscapes of the desert and Monument Valley and cowboy boots sticking out from under the bed.  We stripped…

 We kiss for a long time.  He’s good.  Hungry.  Receptive.  First standing, then we roll around on the bed.  It’s been a long time since I have had that big a man on top of me.  My hand touches his furry ass—and I become rock hard.  I work out from under him. 
“Get on your hands and knees.”  He does.  I stay on the bed and taste his furry crack.  Fuck, yes.  A recent shower, so just a trace of soap, but a good manly smell, too.  I pull the ample cheeks apart and my tongue hits his hole.  He groans, deep in his throat.  I spend a long time eating him out—enough time to make my neck ache from the twisted angle.  I slip to the floor, so I can kneel and eat him easily.  He loves this.  He is thrusting back against my skewering tongue.  He grunts and all but purrs.

Eventually I stand and brush my cock head against the hole.  He winces, though I don’t even try to enter.  I just milk my dick head to get some precum to mix with my spit.  I drop back down and eat.  He is in no hurry it seems.  And neither am I.  His full ass is hot and sweet and making my dick drip.
After who knows how long, I rise up and press my cock, dripping with lube, into his hole.  He winces and clenches. I have just the head in him.  I hold it.  I flex it slightly.  He groans.  Not in a good way.  “Take it out.”  I do.  I return to eating his hole and he sighs. 

But soon enough, I stand up again.  I get the head of my cock in and maybe an inch of shaft.  “You are huge.  I can’t….”
I just look at him. 

“Well, not in doggy.”  He rolls over.  I clamber up on the bed, fold my long legs under me and get his legs up on my shoulders.  I wish for my sling---but smile.  This is actually worse—I start entering him and he rolls away.  “I can’t take you.”
“Really?  You saw my pictures.”

I go into the bathroom and piss—now wishing I was pissing on that expensive blanket we’d been trying to fuck on.  I come back out when I’m done.  I stroke myself to full hardness.  He just looks at me from his fetal position on the bed.
“Please go home.”

I toss my lube into my gym bag and kick into my jeans.  It takes agonizingly uncomfortable minutes to lace up my boots.  He stands, in an ancient terry cloth robe, just looking at the bulge in my jeans.  I’m angry.  And silent.
He lets me out the door without a word.

At least the traffic has cleared…

 And that was my last Nashville encounter.  Not the way to go out.  I headed home to Michigan the next day.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No Place to Fuck

Nashville--November, 2012

The text came in while I was still at work:  “i got us the place for tonight at a fuck buds i know sent address to bbrt.”  Marc, the shaved head versatile guy from the serviceman orgy, and I wanted another round.  We’d thought one on one, but he couldn’t host.  I could host, but my room was always cold--pretty much ten degrees warmer than whatever the chilly outside temperature was…so it was not a good option for a place to get wet and sticky.  Then Marc solved it.  And if there was another cock for his ass, or hole to fuck, I was fine with that.

After work I got on BBRT.  His message was there.  I just looked at the address flickering on my laptop.  I’d just been there—it was Mr. 10.5’s residence motel.  Small world, smaller town…

 “We didn’t wait.  I have a load up there for you.”  Marc, naked but for white socks, gives me a hug.  Our host, just as naked, sits on his love seat, his thick, wet dick still spewing out onto his ebony thigh. 
I get naked fast.  Marc gets up on all fours on the bed.  I kneel and sink my tongue deep into his hole.  I grunt in appreciation at the taste of his spunk flavored ass.

“Lick me out,” Marc instructs me.   As if I needed it.  I suck and lick and spit juice into his stretched hole.  Marc uncaps a new bottle of poppers. He inhales.  “Fuck me.”
I stand up.  My cock is in place—perfectly lined up.  The head rests against his used pucker.  A slight push—and I’m in him.  To the hilt.  I have rarely felt such a spunked out hole except at my gangbangs.  “You only have one load?” I ask him.  Marc nods.  The host gets up.  He’s jerking, watching me fuck in his jizz.  Eventually he puts that mammoth thing in Marc’s mouth.  That makes him fully hard again.  I bring my spunk covered cock to Marc’s mouth as the host moves around to Marc’s hole.  He slams it home.  Marc does another hit of poppers before he cleans my cock.  He grunts as he licks it.  I lift it up and make him clean the fold of skin where my balls join at the base of my shaft and where the used semen collects.  He snuffles it down, eyes closed, lost in his own private, piggy world.

We switch holes. 
And again.

Then there is a knock on the door.
“I invited others,” our host tells us.  Marc and I look at each other.  I know he’s hoping for more tops.   One is construction type, but not the same guy I’d met there.  He tries to fuck Marc as soon as he is naked, but can only get hard when the host is up his ass.

The other man is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen.  He’s tall, some Latin heritage showing in the caramel skin.  His dick is PA’ed with a huge, thick piece of metal.  And his gym built body is covered in tattoos.  Beautiful tattoos.  The kind where he’d planned them all in advance.   Tribal swirls cover his shoulders and point to the design just above his ass.  The tramp stamp continues down onto his thighs and interlocks with a design starting on his claves.  Mostly monochromatic, with just moments of color.  Breathtaking.  And this hot man gets on all fours and tells me to fuck him.  I kneel and taste his hole.  Slightly soapy, but nice.  I have to wrench my balls hard to keep from cumming, just thinking about sticking my dick in him.  I rise and inch into his hole.
“Fuck me hard, fucker,” He barks out.

I do. The new guy is failing at getting into Marc.  Instead he leans over the foot of the bed and waits for the host to pound him.  He doesn’t wait for long.  Marc moves around to reach for the tits of the tattooed man.  They kiss as he twists and I fuck.
Marc takes a brief turn up him.

Then the host. 
Then me again. 

In less than ten minutes, the tattooed wonder looks at his expensive watch and tells me he has to get home to the boyfriend.  He dresses and leaves. 
I fuck the construction worker as the host goes back up Marc.  Marc is huffing poppers like crazy as that huge black meat slaps into him. 

I signal the host to switch.  We do.  As I’m entering Marc, he takes one hit too many.  He crumples and almost rolls off the bed.  He’s out.  The host and I get him fully lying down on the bed.  He’s mumbling, not making sense.  The construction guy dresses and leaves.  I get water down Marc’s throat.  He’s talking a little more now—remembering nothing about his passing out.  He wants to get up.  We make him sit on the love seat.
The host offers me his hole.  I’m not sure I can concentrate on sex.  But my cock thinks differently—it’s still demanding release.

I pound our host. 
I shoot.  With next to no feeling at all.  But it makes our host shoot, too.

Marc is now able to dress.  We walk to our cars together.  He makes me tell him in detail what happened.  I try.  He shrugs.
“You ok to drive?” 

He nods—and he does seem to be totally back to his usual self.
I start for home. 

At the first traffic light, my cock spews a little leftover cum into my jock.  I sit and wait,  feeling a little guilty that I’m wishing my load had not gone up our host, or even Marc, but the one that got away... 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fucking the Professor.

Nashville—November, 2012

The Professor and I have kept in sporadic touch since we met in 2011.  Back then, he’d written the Breeder, asking if I might like to have sex with him while I was in the area.  Rob urged me to contact the man—and it is something for which I’ll always thank him. Our meeting in November of 2011, chronicled here, was the first time I’d had sex with a guy who knew I was going to write it all up later. But it proved to be good sex with a good person.  I was eager to see him again…

 I’ve had my scotch.  And a good catch up.  We have moved to his bedroom.  The expensive, massive bed has once again been shifted to the side.  I set the sling up in no time.  It’s to the left of the bed.  The rimseat is at the foot of it.  I know we’ll be using them both. 
We undress.  Rod Rodin is getting his hole well used on the television.  My pants slip off, my boots are laced back up.  I sit on the end of the bed and let the Professor kneel between my legs. He’s a good looking man, stocky with a solid build.  He’s slightly younger than I, with a nice sized cock, which I rarely see.  Right now, he’s nuzzling at a well rinsed (if not washed) jock, getting my cock to rise under it.  My balls go into his mouth.  I knead the head of my cock through the now damp fabric, feeling me spit out a drop or two of precum.

I can’t wait to taste his hole.  I have him kneel on his bed.  It’s tall—I can just reach his hole when I kneel on the hardwood floor.  He moans as my tongue goes deep.  He reaches back and pulls his full cheeks apart.  I go deeper yet.  Fuck, I love the taste of him. I stand up.   I need to fuck…but not there.
“Let’s do the sling.”  He gets into it like an old pro, now.  Once his legs are in the stirrups, I kneel to give him a couple more licks.  “You ready for my cock?”

He nods.  He takes a huge hit of poppers.  My drooling head slaps against his tight balls, then I smear my precum onto his pucker.  I hold there for a moment—and then inch forward.  His ass welcomes me.  I am fully in.  Again I hold.  His breath is coming much faster.  I start to fuck.  Slowly.  Building. Slamming into him.  My hips are making a loud smacking sound every time I hit home.
I kneel and tasty his hole again.  It makes me stick my cock right back in him.  I fuck and fuck.

I taste---and want more.  “Let’s do the rim seat.”
I get under it, having taken a massive hit of poppers myself.  The Professor lowers himself slowly.  His full ass creates a tight seal around my mouth and nose.  I have to work for air.  And it’s heaven.  My tongue slips in.  I lick and swallow.  I spit and push it deep into him.  I can hear him moan above me, but I am lost in my own personal world.  I jerk my oversized cock as I clean his hole of any precum and any of his own natural lubes.  Soon, I have to stop—or I’ll shoot.  I pat the underside of his thighs twice.  Slowly, a little shaky, he gets up.  I get him back to the sling.

My cock is buried in him the moment he’s in place.  I fuck hard.  When I become slightly winded, I decide to go for a toy.  The egg headed dildo with the narrow shaft comes out of my bag and into the Professor’s ass.  It takes a moment to get the head in, but once there, it glides on home.  I add my cock alongside it.  This makes him gasp.  With the brown bottle out again, he takes the double fuck like a pro.  I love the ribbed shaft of the toy hitting the underside of my cockhead—all wrapped in the tightness of his ass.

I reach for something new—my speculum.  I ease it in.  And crank it a few twists open.  The Professor’s eyes widen.  I crank again.  The sides have opened up enough that my finger can stroke the flesh on the top and bottom of his ass canal.  I do just that, playing with his prostate.  A few more twists, and I’ve cranked it wide enough to add my cock.  It pushes in, stainless steel to the left and right and hot flesh above and below.  It’s an exquisite moment.
“Breed me.  Please”

I get the toy out.  I want to pummel his ass to get off.  As soon as the speculum is out, my cock goes in.  I fuck and fuck.  I pull out and taste his hole.  I jerk as I eat.  I slip in again.  I’m so close to blowing, but it’s so good I want to keep fucking. 

I do.  I fuck with deep, long strokes.
Then taste his dripping hole once more.  This time as I push my cock back home I explode.  I am loud as my cock jerks and spews it’s load into his well fucked hole.  I bend forward.  His arms wrap around me.  He holds on.

I should have stayed like that longer than I did.  But I packed up, kissed him and took off for my Nashville digs.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mr. 10.5

Nashville—November, 2012

I had any number of college men talk to me when I was online in Nashville.  And they talked.  And talked.  And never quite got around to meet for sex.  I thought I had one, though, for sure.  His main profile pic was a creamy, rounded ass.  It was arched and inviting.  It was not one of those shots where it’s too graphic or clinical.  It invited you in.  His ass was pure white, never having seen the sun.  Almost hairless.  Oh, yeah, he had a great face pic too.  Horn-rimmed glasses that made him look incredibly studious.  And young.  Though he was late 20’s and in grad school.  A Daniel Radcliffe-eske boy wanting my big raw cock.
We talked.  I did the kind of sex he said he needed.  We proceeded to talk on the phone to make sure we were in sync.  We were.  And then some.  We made a date.  And he cancelled two hours before he was due in my sling.  But he did it right.  He called and apologized—school work had gotten in the way.  I sighed, sat home that night and on the next night, went and fucked the military guy.

Then out of the blue he called me.  He was going to play with another guy in my neighborhood.  But he was petrified.  “He’s bigger than you.  Can you join us and help me take him?”   The host was fine with it he assured me.  He gave me an address and I got in the car.

 It is one of those motels for long term stays.  I find the room, having parked on the wrong side of the complex.  I knock.  The host opens the door a crack, standing behind it.  He grunts when he sees me and opens it just enough for me to slip in.  The room is tiny.  The bed takes up almost all of it.  The boy is on it, naked on all fours.  His eyes meet mine.  He smiles weakly in my direction as I toss my bag down in the miniscule kitchenette.

The host slams the door shut.  He’s shorter than I expected, maybe 5’ 7”.  His ebony skin stands out against the whiteness of the door he’s just shut. He’s naked.  And he’s huge.  We’ve actually talked online.  His profile says his cock longer and slightly thicker than I am.  He’s not lying.  And it’s hooked downwards.
I start to strip and the host crams his cock back into the boy, who grunts loudly.

“Quiet,” the host hisses.  “The neighbors.”  I go around, now naked, and get my hardening cock into the boy’s mouth.  The boy grins up at me.  “H—hi.” He grunts as another thrust hits home.  Well, so much for me going first to open his hole.  He takes my cock in his mouth—but he has no control with the pummeling he’s getting—and I’m getting teeth instead of tongue.  I watch the fuck.  The color contrast of dark cock going into the milky colored ass is straight out of porn.  I pull out.
The host takes this as a cue for the two of us to change places.  I wonder if the boy will do ass to mouth, but he seems to have no issues with it at all.  I kneel to inspect what the host has done to his bubble butt.  The hole gapes open.  My tongue enters him, soothingly, carefully licking the rim of his battered hole.  He groans—now a groan of contentment—a least as much as can be heard with the head of that mammoth cock in his mouth. I plunge in deeper.  I can taste pre-cum.  The boy pushes back on my face.  I am surrounded by the mounds of ass flesh.  I am as hard as I’ve ever been.  I stand and put my cock into him.  I glide steadily in—not taking it slow, not taking it fast—simply a continuous motion of cock.  My overgrown pubes grind into him.  The boy bucks back, pulling off the big dick head to tell me how much he likes my cock.  The host comes around to watch the fuck.  He strokes furiously.  No wonder I tasted pre-cum.  The head of that mammoth cock never stops leaking.

I concentrate on fucking.  I make a point of doing anything else but ramming it hard and fast.  I pull out and tease the hole with my dick head.  I push halfway in and withdraw it.  I go all the way home and just sit there, contracting my ass muscles to make my cock head swell.

“Fuck him harder,” my host tells me.
I begin slowly building until finally I am slamming the butt in front of me as hard as the fuck I witnessed.  It makes the boy yelp in pleasure.

“Shh…the neighbors.”
I pull out to let the host back in.  The boy rolls onto his back.  I move around and hold the boy’s ankles.  My nut sack grazes his mouth. Our host manhandles all of his inches into him.  Again there is no finesse to the fuck—just hard and fast.  The boy is too involved with what’s happening to his ass to lick.  I pull back and watch his eyes.  They fleetingly meet mine, then roll into the back of his head.  He grimaces in pain, but is determined not to make a sound.  When he bites his lip, I bend over and kiss him.  He eagerly takes my tongue into his mouth.  But I withdraw it fast, afraid that he will bite me as the hard fucking increases.

Then it’s my turn again.  I move around.  I rest against his hole—and slide up him in spite of myself.  I am doing slow thrusts of my engorged cock each time to the hilt, and pulling it all the way out.  This makes our host beat himself furiously.  Soon he pushes me to one side, crams his cock into place and grabs for my dick.  “Up my hole,” he orders.
I touch his hole with my finger.  His ass is lubed and ready.  I work myself up him.  I am fucking for two now.  Our host stops thrusting and lets my thrust drive his cock into the boy.  It feels just right.  The host is breathing like he may come any moment.

There is a knock at the door.
We disengage so the host can answer.  It’s a construction worker.  He looks like he’s straight from the job.  “Hey,” I hear him say, “I saw you put the bandana in the window.”  The host grunts.  The worker nods to the two of us, staring for a moment at my cock resting on the boy’s ass and says, “I’ll just be a minute.”  He heads for the even tinier bathroom off the tiny kitchenette.

This break is the tipping point for the boy.  As soon as the door closes, he makes an excuse about homework and bolts.  I fuck the host while we wait for the construction worker to clean out.  “He’s married, but loves dick in his ass,” our host announces to me, as the worker emerges from the bathroom. 
I go first.  I get up him pretty easily.  But he’s tight.  He moans softly, obviously knowing the noise rule. 

Then it the host’s turn up his hairy ass.
Then another train of me in the host, while he’s up the bent over ass on the bed.

I fuck the host hard, once again fucking for two.
The worker wriggles out from under us.  He watches me fuck the host, beating his less than average meat.  Soon he bends next to the host.  I get the message.  I go from one ass to the next.  The second time I enter the construction worker, he shoots.

The host flips on his back.  “Now fuck,” he tells me.
I do. 

He shoots almost instantly.  The white cum glistens on his ebony skin.
I fuck harder….and he’s a good sport, letting me keep pumping his ass after his own orgasm.  Soon I’m coating his ass canal.  “Yeah,” he mumbles.  Then adds “Now go home.”

We do.