Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Meet the Cum Hound on the Road.

I don’t think I have ever gone this long without making an entry.  I have not had a bunch of internet trolls upsetting me.  I have not been so busy with work I can’t find time to write.  I have simply been fucking.  A lot.  I have never had so many men stream through my playroom as I have this last eight days.  Even the one day when I had a no show, someone else volunteered to come get worked over in his place.  It’s been great.  And after several hours of fucking and fisting and pissing I have not had much desire to write about fucking and fisting and pissing.  Well, I took last night off.  So here, 36 hours later, I am back to where I left off, writing about fucking….


St. Louis, MO—February, 2013
I did nothing between Memphis and my next trip, a long weekend in St. Louis.  I flew in on Thursday.  I was ready to have much more fun on this jaunt.  I knew guys from previous trips.  I’d had tons of offers before I got there (though we know how those usually turn out.)  My pal Will was going to throw a fuck party for me on Sunday.  And if nothing else the bathhouse was only three Metro Link stops away from my hotel.  I never made it to The Club Baths….

My hotel is the nicest of any I stay in on these trips for work.  The bed looks like something out of the Arabian Nights with all the bolsters, different sized pillows, duvets and extra sheets.  The bathroom shower is made for watersports—a glass enclosed cube with a mirror that reflects you under the spray.  There is also a tub—big enough for a six footer to lie down in and be covered with a hot spray of my own.
No one is online who I’ve spoken to in the days leading up to this trip.  Except for one man.  And I know him.  It’s the man from Michigan who I’ve called the Cum Hound in these pages.  I tap out a message.  “Are you really in STL?”
“Yes.  R U?
“Yes,” I answer.  “In a hotel downtown.”
“So am I.”  He names a pricey hotel.
“So am I,” I type.  “On the third floor.”
“No way.  I’m on the fifth.”  We agree to give him time to clean up and meet in my room in two hours.
By the time we meet, we both have done what we always seem to do when we play together— we’ve found additional play mates.  I have a very young couple coming over.  He found a guy he’s fucked around with earlier in the week.
He knocks—right on time.  He looks great:  almost as tall as me with just the right amount of grey in his hair.  He grins as strips out of his clothes.  “What are the chances?”
I don’t answer.  I just get him on the bed, on all fours.  I shove my tongue deep into his hole.
“Oh, fuck, yeah. Eat my hole.”
I do.  I lube my cock up as I eat and lick.  I rise and enter him—and there is a knock on the door.  I pull out and let the young couple in.  The one I talked to looks nervous.  He’s maybe 26, with dark hair and a slight build.  His friend, a top I’ve been assured, is about the same age and is stockier with curly hair.  Everywhere.  Both strip down and the four of us take turns sucking every cock in the room.  The young top pulls off my cock, looks at it, and says “Can you really take something that big?”
“Hell, yes!”  the young bottom tells him.
I bend the Cum Hound over and go back to licking his hole.  The boys jerk, sprawled on the foot of the giant bed, their eyes glued to us.  Before long I rise and slide my dick home in one long thrust.  The Cum Hound grunts.  The boys jerk harder.  I fuck him without mercy.  Showing off.  Making my hips slap against his butt cheeks.  I finally pull out and bring my cock almost around to the Cum Hound’s mouth.  Damn.  He’s rushed his clean out.  We retire to the bathroom.  I’m back first after a hot, soapy washcloth.
“Fuck me.”  It’s the young bottom.  “Just go slow.”  He gets on all fours, assuming the same position where I’ve just fucked the Cum Hound.  I sink to my knees and lick the soft, full mounds of his hairless ass.  I haven’t had someone so young in my mouth in a long time.  He is moaning and huffing poppers.  His friend is finally hard again as he watches me swab out his friend’s hole.  I stand up.  My cock head enters his loosened pucker.  He grunts.  I stop.  I pull out and eat some more.  I rise and insert again.  He takes the head and maybe an inch of my swollen, drooling cock.  This time I stop.  I spit on his hole and lick some more, working the saliva as deep as possible.  I go back in.  Two inches this time.  Lick.  Then three.  Spit and tongue.  Four.  It takes forever, but finally I am home.  My untrimmed bush is grinding against his hairless cheeks.  And he loves it.  We fuck a long time, his friend jerking and telling us how hot it looks.
When we take a breather, he finds he hasn’t cleaned out deep enough.  We troop off to the bathroom—which the Cum Hound has just left.
I fuck the Cum Hound.    The young top tries to fuck his friend, but he can’t stay hard.  I stop when it’s obvious the Cum Hound is having one of those days—he can’t stay clean.  We clean up again.
“Fuck me.”  It’s the young top.  He’s sprawled on his back.  The young bottom kneels behind his head and holds the top’s legs high in the air.  I eat his hole, relishing the tight curls of dark hair.  I slather on more lube than usual and work my cock in.
“Jesus, man.” 
I am not up him for long before he begs me to pull it out.  I stay up him for several more thrusts before I relent and pull out.  Three guesses…..and we head to the bathroom. 
I try to fuck the Cum Hound one more time.  We look at the sheet.  He calls a halt for the night as we wash up.  Now we are glad his fuck bud has never shown up.
I fuck the young bottom one more time.  I get into him much easier.  His friend once again tells us how hot we look.  I am on the verge of cumming when he tells me he can’t take anymore.  I think for a second he’s going to be bred anyway, but he pulls away from me, crawling across the bed. 
It looks like we are done.  The Cum Hound doesn’t dare chance another round.  I’ve ruined the young bottom’s hole.  The young top can’t really take me.
We call it a night.
As soon as they are all gone, I restart the porn that has been playing on my lap top.  Rod Painter conjures the cum out of my cock the moment someone pisses into his eager mouth...


  1. As once a Boy Scout, always be prepared! As mostly a bttm, I've learned to spend many hours getting ready. I want the top impressed with my clean hole. I want him completely comfortable to breed me and be able to eat his load directly from my used hole. Even changing my eatting habits the days before. Can't say I have a have 100% track record, but those bad times are rare, and usually just needs a touch up occasionally. I think fisting has taught me a lot about prep! ;-)

    1. I would agree about fistees. Cleanest holes I've ever eaten my load out of....