Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Hotel, Another Sex Party

Fort Wayne, IN—February, 2013

I don’t think I played at all when I got back home.  By the end of the week I was horned and more than ready.  I saw a party on BBRT which was across the border in Indiana that looked promising.  The host’s profile seemed rather pervy and the guest list looked like it might be fun.   I inquired and was given the information.  I found the place easily.  It was a residence hotel.  And I was right about the pervy vibe---the first guest there and the host greeted me at the door—indicating they were both thirsty for my piss.

 I am standing, naked but for socks and a clean jock, by the sofa.  I am watching some hardcore German porn on the television as the first guest, a wildly bearded man, goes down on my cock, while behind me the host has knelt and is sticking his tongue in my ass crack.  I bend slightly, allowing his tongue to flick across my hole.  He takes the hint and digs in.  The cock sucker is being a little rough on my cock.  I pull him off it.  He stands up and goes around behind me, as the host comes around to suck my dick.  The host, pulling on his huge, pronounced nipples, kneels and swallows me down.  He’s great.  The bearded wonder digs into my ass.  His beard feels great, but soon he is using his teeth.  I stop him again—telling him I have some piss for him.
“I don’t care how strong it is,” he tells me.  There is a knock on the door as we go off to the bathroom.  He kneels on the tiled floor.  My semi-erect cock rests on his teeth and I unload.  He gurgles it down happily, complimenting me on the taste and volume when I’m done.

Out in the main room, a handsome 40-something man is naked and being fellated by the host.  Soon the four of us are all over the couch and the floor in front of it, sucking and licking. I continually work the host’s thick, spongy nipples as he goes down on the all the cocks presented to him. 
A knock.

Two guys come in.  A bearish man of my age strips and goes straight for the bed, where eventually the bearded wonder joins him.  The other is a handsome man in his 30’s, once gym built, but softening now.  He ditches his clothes, too, and joins in the oral free for all on the sofa.
Soon the host joins the two on the bed.  The handsome new arrival continues to suck my cock.  When he comes up for air, my cock is thick with deep throat spit.

“That should do it,” he says.  He gets up and sits on my cock.  My cock head resists going in.  The pressure is on the edge of beginning to hurt.  Suddenly I’m in.  His hairy butt smashes into my pubes.  I let him be in charge.  He bounces happily on me, while the 40-something watches us and strokes.  We fuck and fuck.
After a break (where I feed the host piss), all six of us are on the bed.  It’s back to all oral.  I lick everyone’s ass.  My cock is sucked by all, often as another man is on my balls and another on my nipples.

I finger the bearded wonder’s hole, but he tells me no.
The bear doesn’t get fucked.

The 40-something whispers he wants to be fucked but not in front of the group.
The host just smiles at me.  When I touch his hole again, he says “Later.”

So I go back to the handsome 30-ish man.  He’s lying on his back on the bed.  The bear and the 40-something pull his legs into the air.  I kneel on the floor and tongue his well fucked hole.  It’s wet with natural lube.  I get up and enter him.  The bearded wonder crawls between the bed and my legs so he can lick my cock on the out stroke.  The host stands next to me, stroking his uncut cock.  I fuck him hard.  The men really have to hold on to the bottom tightly. 
I pull out.  The host steps up and enters the man, still held securely by the others.  He fucks in short, sharp thrusts.  He pulls out, saying he might shoot if he does any more.  I push back in.  I think he has shot some in his hole.  It’s now silky with cum or precum.  I think the bearded wonder can taste it on my cock—for suddenly he shoots all over the carpet. 

He leaves.
The host gets the bear off orally.

The 40-something guy takes off as well, with a promise to find me online.  (He never does.)
I add my egg-headed dildo and double fuck the bottom.  He won’t let the host back up him.  Eventually, he says his hole has had enough.  He leaves.

I look at the host.  I think it’s time for his fuck.  But no, he’s not cleaned out.
“Come here,” he tells me.  I walk to him.  He pushes me down to kneel in front of him.  I think I’m getting his load—or the rest of it.  But, no, it’s a piss load.  I swallow it down without endangering the carpet.  “Kiss me,” he commands.

I get up.  Our tongues meet.  He revels in his taste in my mouth.  I twist his over worked nipples.  His uncut cock shoots all over my pubes as we make out.  I scoop some up to use as lube, and return the favor.

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