Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tales from the Baths (Three)

Cleveland, OH—January, 2013

(This picks up immediately after yesterday’s entry.)

I am sitting in the sauna.  The dry heat is making me sweat in the most pleasant way possible.  I sit on my towel, my longs legs splaying out at a wide angle.  My jock barely contains my still drooling cock.  I have told myself I’ll go to my motel the moment I’ve dropped a load.  But having had one good ass, it only makes me want more.  I close my eyes.  I think I drift off for a second.
“Hey sexy, you looking to get fucked?”

I open my eyes.  A tall skinny guy, with a full beard that could make him either Jesus or Grizzly Adams is looking down at me.  I shake my head—murmuring I’d just creamed a hot ass.
“That jock fooled me,” he says, sitting next to me.  “Guys in jocks usually want me to breed them.”  His towel opens.  He has a long, thin cock—it’s hard and drooling.  He reaches up and pulls me down by the back of my head to suck it.  I don’t protest.  I suck him to the root, using lots of tongue.  His attitude has made my cock stand right back up.  He notices it as I come up for air.  “You would be a top with that monster.  I’d love to share some guy with you.”

I agree.  We talk a little more about what we like.  When I mention felching, his eyes shine.  “I love guys to eat my load out of ass.   Let’s do it.  There was a guy I was fucking earlier who would love you.”
We get out of the sauna and he leads the way around the twisting maze of rooms.  He stops.  A short, dark haired, olive skinned man is lying on his stomach.  The narrow bed of the single room fills most of the space.  He looks up and obviously recognizes my companion.  He gestures him in.  “You want some more?”

“We both do,” he tells the bottom.  He pulls me into the room and shuts the door.
The bottom starts to sit up, but we pull him around so I can eat his ass and Jesus can stuff his cock into his mouth.  His ass is great.  It’s obviously been fucked, but I can find no trace of load.  Yet.  I lick and spit.  Jesus is telling me just what to do.  Soon he wants us to switch. 

We do.
“Shit.”  The bottom is looking at my cock.  “You need to go second.”  I’m fine with that.  I let him suck me as Jesus gets the hole even wetter.  Soon his cock is sliding in.  I pull out of the bottom’s mouth and get on the floor to watch the fuck.  My head cranes around so I can just fit beneath Jesus to lick his balls and shaft as he fucks.  His cock is tasting great as he pumps in and out of the bottom.

“Your turn.”  Jesus pulls out abruptly, slaps my face with his wet cock and tries to make room for me to stand up and fuck.  I manage to rise and insert.  Slowly.
The bottom groans loudly. “Slower.  Please.”

I slow to a crawl to get into his well fucked hole.  He is wet and sloppy now from the fuck and feels terrific on my over-worked cock.  Eventually I am all the way in.
“Just fuck him.  Hard.”  It’s Jesus, taking charge once more. 

I start slowly and build.  Jesus stands plastered to the wall, jerking his cock.  I am now pretty much at full fuck speed.  With a cry, Jesus starts to cum.  I pull out so he can load the ass—but he can’t quite get it in.  Huge drops of white jizz cover the ass crack.  When he’s stopped, I push him out the way and with my cock, I fuck his load deep into the bottom—telling him exactly what I’m doing.  He keeps saying “Yes, yes….” as I swab puddle after puddle of cum into him.  It takes me no time to realize I’m adding a load myself.  I clutch at his ass and spasm.
My cock doesn’t want to leave this hot ass.  This time Jesus pushes me out of the way.  He sinks to his knees to taste our mixed loads.  His face is plastered into the hairy butt in front of him.  His beard coated in cum.  I kneel next to him.  He turns to me and we kiss.  A huge load is snowballed into my mouth.  We push it back and forth, each swallowing some.  My eyes tear up.  He dives back into the full ass for more.  He pulls me into a hug.

 And snowballs an even bigger load into my hungry mouth.

I slept well that night.  I drove home to Michigan the next morning, with a smile on my face.


  1. WOW. YOU are THE MAN! You had me hard from the get go. Love how piggy you get with those loads. Great story. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. It was a great way to end the evening. Thanks.

  2. Love your bathhouse stories. Please share more of your adventures. Would love to see you pounding some ass in the sling!

    1. I will certainly be sharing more. I was at the piss party in Chicago this weekend---lots of good stories there. I also have all my Feb hook-ups to write about. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Thanks for your ongoing blog! Found you via Rob @ breeders journal. From reading you both.. Checking in daily.. I notice Rob has gone silent. Has he retired from writing? Hope he is well.

    1. Thank you for being a reader who speaks up.

      I have dropped a couple of notes to Rob and have not gotten a response yet. I can't imagine he's retired. He is likely taking a well deserved break.