Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tales from the Baths (Two)

Cleveland, OH—January, 2013

(This picks up immediately after yesterday’s entry.)

 I shut the door of the dildo man, trying hard not to slam it.  I head to the sauna, perhaps not the best choice to let off steam.  When I became too hot, I do the circuit of rooms.  Every door seems to be shut.  No one is around the sling room.  I go and sit in the television room.
The bad twink porn has given way to a Treasure Island gangbang.  My cock stirs as I lean back and let my fingers knead the pouch of my jock.  There are three tiers of bench seating here, all carpeted, so play can happen right here.  A cub is watching me way more than he is watching the porn.  I pretend not to notice and slowly work my cock out.  It springs up, hard and strong.  A drop of lube on the head.  I mix it with my precum and stroke.  He pulls his dick out, too.  His ebony cock is only slightly smaller than mine. 

I finally look at him.  And invite him over.  He just wants to watch.  I stroke.  But soon I have a succession of suckers on my cock.  Old, young, big and small.  They dip and sample.  I twist nipples, pat heads, pull ears.  I make one young man go for my forgotten balls.
All this is creating quite a show.  Guys on the bathhouse circuit actually stop and watch.  They stroke themselves or each other.  The benches start to fill.  One guy, about my age, pushes all the way to the top.  I watch him lie face down.  His ass is all but pointed right at me.  And a great muscle butt it is.  It looks like he might even come here to work out before he looks for dick. 

I reach down and across the back of the young man sucking my dick and touch his ass, hoping he wants my wet cock shoved in there.  He squirms away.  I thank him, grab my towel and go up the two steps to the guy sprawled out on the top tier.  Without asking I kneel between his splayed legs and start eating his hole.  He groans. 
We become the center of attention.  At least 15 guys are stroking as they watch us. 

He tastes fresh from the shower here.  There are actually droplets of water still clinging to the hair of his ass and thighs.  I eat and lick, swallow and spit.  Eventually I pull him up to all fours.
“Fuck me raw with that big dick of yours,” he says, loud enough for the room to hear.

I lean over to spit once more on his hole.  My cock head slaps his hole.  The Ebony Jacker moves right behind me to watch the insertion.  I am up him with no resistance at all.  Jeez.  He is a velvet ride in.  One long push takes me all the way, until my pubes smash into his full ass.  I stay there for second.  He is groaning—until he is silenced by a cock in his mouth.  I grin at the guy in his mouth and begin to fuck in earnest.
I slam his ass as if I haven’t had any for weeks.  And I haven’t.  Well, not raw ass.  Even with his mouth full, he is working my cock like crazy with his ass muscles. He milks it continually as I work it in and out.  The sound of my hips against his upturned butt is filling the room.  It is turning our spectators on.  Many, who were just jerking, are now playing with another person.  

I pull out for a moment and bury my face in his hole.  He groans around the cock in his mouth.  I spit deep into his canal.  He is so wet, my beard comes away covered in his ass lube and my throat slime.  I pull up and shove my cock back into him.  He stops sucking to tell me that I can breed him.  This makes the Ebony Jerker shoot into his left hand.
“Give me your cum.  I’ll fuck it into him.”  You can tell he wants to do that.  But the ‘good’ boy takes over, and he wipes it on his towel and moves off.  I think for a second I might shoot.  The very thought of it, keeps me from doing it.  I slow down and pull out.  The guy who was in his mouth has moved off, so I move around.  “Taste your ass on my cock.”  He cleans me hungrily.

“I need to get off my knees,” he tells me when he is done.  “Sling?” 
I nod, grab my stuff and head for the playspace.  Some of the crowd even follows us.  It’s darker there.  I go past two sets of bunk beds and there he is, waiting for me at the base of the sling.  I get him up into it and his legs in the stirrups.  I kneel and eat his well fucked hole.  Several guys start playing with his cock and nipples, as well as their own.  One tries to get under the sling and to my cock.

Soon I’m up and I fuck into my bottom’s grasping hole.  He is so wet.  I fuck noisily into him.  The guy who’d crawled under the sling is standing beside me.  He reaches for my cock.  His small hand encircles the base of my dick.  I never lose rhythm.  I let him hold on to it as I plow into the hole in front of me.  I only push him away when he tries to insert a finger alongside my cock.
My partner is flogging his cock like crazy now.  I am pretty sure he’ll shoot.  He does.  I don’t pause—I just let him howl out his orgasm. 

At almost the same time, a hot guy to my right shoots onto the concrete.
That does it.  I’m over the edge.  I buck and grunt and empty my load deep into the wet hole.


(To be continued.)


  1. Hot story man. Glad things got better after dildo man! Hope we have some hot times like that this weekend!!

    1. It did get quite a bit better...and the the next part of the night was perhaps even better.

      I, too, hope we can find some hot sling action after the piss party on Saturday!

  2. Yeah Buddy! Wish my tight ass was hanging in that sling. Feeling you work my tight hole open in the bathouse sling. Very hot please continue. ...

    1. There is something tremendously hot offering your ass up in a public place, with other guys watching...

      There is one more installment to come of this visit.

  3. I just made a trip last weekend to Cleveland for a first time at this bathouse. No one got in the sling while I was cruising around but did have a good time with a black guy who rimmed me for an hour untill finally I fucked him and had some fun with others.

    1. In many baths, guys hang out in the sling. I have never seen that in Cleveland. I have gotten guys into it, but never seen anyone waiting there to get fucked. I think the bath is almost too big--guys are spread out everywhere....I am glad you had a good time. I certainly did. And thanks for commenting...