Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Three Asses of Memphis

Memphis, TN—February, 2013

I was back in Memphis.  It’s a business trip I make every February.  I had had very limited luck there last year playing twice with another visitor to town—who, just like me, couldn’t find anything but talk online.  I got a lot of talk this year, too, but I had slightly better luck.  But only slightly.  I was new meat in town for five days and could only find some fun every other night.

Ass #1

His butt looks gorgeous online.  “I want your cock in me,” he types.  I tell him he can come over anytime—this is the one night I don’t have to play late night after the conference. 
I wait.  He texts he’s with friends, leaving soon.

I wait.  He texts he just took a load up his ass and is having a drink, leaving soon.
I wait.  He texts he can’t find his keys.  I start looking for new ass.

I wait.  I text him to forget it—as he knocks on my door.
He’s drunk.  But he’s cute enough.  Mid-thirties, slender, no cock to speak of I notice as he strips out of his pants.  “Fuck me,” he slurs and gets on all fours on the bed.  I pull him around and sink my tongue into his ass.  If there’s load up there I can’t taste it.  He opens his poppers and never puts the cap back on.  I lube up as I eat him out and then enter him roughly. He squeals and buries his head in the pillow.   I fuck him hard, taking out some of my frustration. 

I pull out, seeing if my long cock has brought out any of that load.  But it’s not load I smell.  I push back in and will myself to get off.
I do, dropping a three day build-up of spunk in an ass which is quickly going bad.  I slap his upturned butt cheek and all but tell him to get out.

Ass #2
He’s right on time.  A big ex-football player type. Hot.  He’s ten year’s younger than me.  He turns his back to me as he gets undressed, showing off his full, muscular and hairy butt.  He turns and kneels in front of me.  He sucks me, expertly, but for less than two minutes.

“Fuck me.”
He gets on all fours, right at the edge of the bed without any prompting.  It’s my turn to kneel.  I stick my tongue deep in his ass.  I have to pull his ass cheeks apart to get in as deep as I want.  He grunts.  “Come on, man.  Just stick that mother fucker in me.”  I’ve barely been licking him for 90 seconds. 

I enter.
I fuck.

I fuck the cum out of him in maybe the first three minutes.
Once again I will myself to shoot.  And, amazingly, I do.  Flattening him into the pool of cum he’s just shot on the sheet.

Ass #3
He wouldn’t be my first choice in the looks department.  Nothing bad, but nothing special.  He’s my age, and a little heavy.  He’s hairy, which is great.  Then he goes down on me.  He’s an expert.  He worships my cock.  He spends time on my dripping head, on my balls.  No hurry, though it’s late at night.

Finally I get him on all fours.  He loves my tongue in there.  He pushes back, fucking himself onto my tongue.  I reluctantly get up and enter him.  He huffs poppers.  His ass is velvety and perfect.  We fuck until we both can’t catch our breath.
I lie down.  He swings his leg over me, lowers himself down on my slick cock and rides me like a pro.  The look on his face is one of concentration.  And ecstasy.  He is edging me with his clenching ass.  I am so close to blowing in his tight hole.  He senses it and relaxes his grip.  My orgasm ebbs.

He rolls off me.  I go right with him, still attached.  I fuck him on his side.
“I have to taste it again.”  I untangle our mass of flesh.

He is back up on all fours.  His hole is awash with his own natural lube and my precum.  I slurp it out noisily.  I all but shoot as I swallow.  I stand and just get my cock inside him as I blow my load.
I offer to get him off. 

He just looks at me.  “You’ve already given me three anal orgasms.  Best fucker ever.”
“Really?” I murmur, lying down next to him.  “I’m glad.  You certainly have the best ass in Memphis.”

And I’m not lying.


  1. I totally agree with ass #3, anal orgasms are so much better than cumming. I'm bless with being able to have multiples. I can also cum multiple times, but the anals are BETTER!!!


    1. I will have to trust you on that. In the handfull of times I've bottomed, I have never had one. I have heard others agree with you, though.

  2. Reminds me of Goldie Cocks and the Three Bears: First one was a little skanky, nasty and dirty, the second one was a little brief, and the third one... the third one... was just riiiiiiiight! Dude, your balls must be a fucking sperm factory. So... damn.... jealous. Minneapolis is on the map, you know. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. You did see that the asses were not all in one night? I'm not 20 anymore...or even 40...