Monday, October 28, 2013

Four in the Farm Boy

Kalamazoo—September, 2013

I was double booked.  I had accepted an invite to a sex party in the afternoon that I was sure would be cancelled.  For the evening, I had posted an ad on BBRT for others to come to the Lansing bookstore/sex club to help send off a fuckbud of mine who was moving out of state.  He wanted to leave with a full ass.  I wanted to be a good friend and help him with that.  Well, amazingly enough both were a go.  I took off for Kalamazoo first.

I found the house easily—a small bungalow likely built in the 1940’s.  I was the last to arrive. It was hosted by Willie, the man who had posed as my boy for the photo series I called “On the Tracks.” 
(You can find all those pictures by hitting the button labeled just that in the “labels” cloud over to the right.)  Willie let me in.  He was naked except for a cloth jock and athletic socks. Willie is in his mid-forties and hairy.  He loves to invite guys over to have bareback sex.  He’ll suck some cock, but usually does not get fucked or top.
On the couch were three guys.  The first was a chunky Black man I’d had in my playroom to seed other boys.  Like all the men but me, he’s in his mid-forties.  He has a terrific smile and a sizable cock.  Sitting next to him was an otter in a leather harness.  His cock was buried in the bottom’s mouth.  The third man was a guy I’d played with a couple of times, always as a bottom though I knew he was the top in his relationship.  He had a leather harness on, too.  His red jock was pulled to the side, and he was stroking his cock as he chewed on the Otter’s closest nipple.  The bottom of the day was on all fours on the ottoman in front of them.  He pulled off the Otter and started sucking Red Jock as I started shedding clothes in the corner.

“How do you like our bottom?” whispered Willie.  “He’s married, but takes loads.  He wants you all to fuck him.”
I looked at the lanky farm boy on the ottoman.  He was long, lean with a perky butt framed by a white jock.  From what I could tell, since his face was still buried in Red Jock’s crotch, he had craggy good looks and nicely ripped arms.  It would be a pleasure to fuck and seed him…

Once stripped to my jock and boots, I fall to my knees behind the bottom.  My tongue goes right up his hairy ass.  His mouth is back on the Black guy.  Red Jock is sucking the Otter while Willie has squirmed around on the floor and is eating Red Jock’s butt.  I sink my tongue as deep as I can into Farm Boy.  He moans around the Black dick in his mouth.  I lick and spit as much spittle as I can get in his ass.

I get up and slap my cock on his butt.  Farm boy reaches back to feel the size of my cock.
Willie is up and jacking now.  “He’s the big one I told you about.” 

The Otter struggles up to look at my dick.  “Damn,” he hisses.
It makes him turn Farm Boy around and enter his butt.  Otter’s average sized cock slides right in with the trail of spit I’ve left in Farm Boy’s ass.  Red Jock has me sit next to him.  He grovels on the floor between my legs and gags on my cock.  He loves to gag.  The sound only makes my cock get bigger.  I watch the fuck happening in front of me.  Farm Boy is in some other space as he huffs poppers and takes Otter’s cock.   Willie is sucking the Black cock.

Red Jock pulls off my cock and climbs up next to me.  I finger his hole.  “Later,” he whispers in my ear. “After I’ve fucked him.”  He gestures to the ottoman.  I simply slide down, pull Red Jock’s legs in the air and begin eating his ass.  I push my tongue into his butt in tempo with the fucking happening behind me.
“Next.”  Otter has pulled out.  I let down Red Jock’s legs.  He scrambles around and enters the fucked hole.  Otter moves around to suck the Black cock.  Willie gobbles down mine.  Which is great—I get to watch Red Jock fuck the Farm Boy.   He’s kept him on all fours.  He pummels his ass at several speeds, occasionally pulling out and spitting on his cock before he drives it back in.

I’m up next.  “Take it, boy,” I grunt.  “Take your third dick.”  This makes him moan into his poppers.  I fuck hard.  But I’m afraid I go too deep.  I’ sure I’m through his second ring.  I pull out.  The Black guy is up him before I can say anything about the shit on my cock.  I go to wash in the kitchen.
When I get back, the Black guy is just pulling out.  He freaks at the amount of shit on his cock.  Willie gets the Farm Boy up to the shower.  The Black guy washes, but is totally out of the moment now.  He dresses and leaves without getting off.

While the bathroom is occupied, Otter says he has to piss.  He asks Willie if there is another bathroom.  Willie points to me.  I hunker down and take the Otter’s piss down my throat.  He’s been drinking something incredibly sweet.  He simply opens the tap and gushes at full speed into my mouth.  “Fuck,” he chuckles, “this is so hot.  Drink my piss, man.”  I swallow.  And swallow faster and faster.  Willie is right there, jerking his cock.  I think he’d like some of it, but with his living room carpet at stake, I can’t pull off and offer him some. Finally the Otter runs dry.  I do a last swallow.  As I do, his semi-soft cock erects.  I suck him down.  “Fuck,” he says again.
We all exchange blow jobs as we wait for Farm Boy.  He comes back, claiming he should be fine now.  The Otter goes back up him once Farm boy is back on all fours on the ottoman.  He fucks hard and fast.  “I’m gonna shoot.”

“On my face,” pleads the Farm Boy.  Otter pulls out but shoots all over his back.  Red Jock mops it up, putting it on his cock and fucks it into Farm Boy.  I clean Otter’s cock.  Willie has moved around so he is in Farm Boy’s mouth.  Suddenly, he pulls out and shoots his load all over Farm Boy’s face.
“I’m shooting,” announces the Red Jock.  He makes no move to pull out.  He seeds the Farm Boy and pumps it deep.

I’m right there to lick him clean…but I can’t.  Farm Boy’s ass has gone bad again.  I can’t fuck a shitty hole, and Farm Boy seems done, perhaps that a load actually ended up in his ass. 
I’m just fine with saving the load for tonight.

Next time—the farewell party that night.


  1. When planning to attend a group fuck (as a bottom) I've been specifically instructed to clean out by the host before attending and I take no offense to it whatsoever.

    1. I agree....I've taken to double checking with guys I invite out to the playroom.
      In this instance, I am guessing, being a married guy who doesn't play as often, he had never cleaned out as deep as I needed him to....