Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Futon Fuck

Kalamazoo—August, 2013

My busy summer was winding down.  I was actually able to spend some time on bbrt.  It rarely works out—that someone wants to fuck when you are in that It-has-to-be-now-or-not-for-another-week” mode.  But it did.  A hot younger man, who had talked to me at the top of the summer, was looking.  And as a bonus, he had a bottom friend over.  “Do you do threeways?”  he asked.
I typed back that he could twist my arm. “I’ll be happy to fuck more than one hole,” I pecked out.

He sent me the address, with the added postscript:  “You know him.”

I got in the car and headed out.

His apartment was the top floor of a converted Victorian home.  The remains of beautiful woodwork were everywhere—now all painted a dull off-white for the college rental crowd. 
And he had no bed.  A futon mattress, with no frame, was spread out on the ragged carpeting of the living room.

But I didn’t care.  Damian was hot.  Caucasian, mid to late 30’s, and with great arms and chest.  His head was shaved, and he had several tattoos—beautiful ones that showed the tattooist was a true artist.  He was in nothing but a pair of designer underwear.  Porn blared from the television and a laptop.  He and his friend were both working their phones and, it seemed, occasionally sucking on each other’s cock.
“And you know Andre…”

There sat a man I hadn’t seen in years.  Andre and I played off and on for a couple of years—until a last odd session.  We would likely have played again after that, but he got a boyfriend soon after.  He was one of the first men I found in my area who was a piss pig.  He loved to be covered and suck my cock.  I liked to drink his piss and suck him.  We had great fun.  Until that odd session, that is.  We’d met at a cheap motel.  I’d taken the sling at his request.  He wanted to try my cock up his ass.  In the cramped motel, the sling had to go by the window.  And it was a fucking FREEZING February.   Cold air blew across him from the ill-fitting window.  Then, my cock was really too big for his untrained hole.  So we went back to the oral thing.  But I pushed too deep into his throat and sent him racing to the bathroom, retching all the way.  We hadn’t played since…
And now here he was—sitting in the middle of the makeshift bed— his beautiful brown skin contrasting with the white sheet thrown over it.  Andre smiled.  He is about the same age as my host.  He’s decently put together, and almost as tall as I am.  He has very brief briefs on, as well…

I say hello.  And strip.  I have nothing on but my athletic socks and a cockring in no time.  I sit on the bed.  Damian gets up from the one chair in the room and goes right for my cock.  Andre watches from the farthest corner of the mattress, then moves to the chair with his phone.  I let Damian get me hard.  He spends a lot of time suckling my balls which I love.  I stretch down and slip my hand under the flimsy material covering his ass.  I idly pay with his hole as he deep throats me.  I motion for Andre to join us.
“I just want to watch right now.” 

I shrug and sink back onto an uncomfortable pillow and let Damian get me wetter and wetter. 
“Sit on my face.”  I push down so there is room for him to straddle my head.  He stands up and pulls off his underwear.  His butt had looked hot in the pictures on his profile.  It’s even better in person.  He straddles me and lowers that full and lightly hairy ass to my face.  He settles in and sighs as my tongue invades him.  He bends forward to suck me, pulling his ass off my face.  “Just sit.  Don’t worry about me.”  He straightens back up and pulls his cheeks apart so I can rim him deeper.

I feel a tongue on the head of my cock.  Andre has gotten up and is sucking me down.  Oh, yeah.  This is what heaven should be—my cock in a hot mouth and a full, round butt on my face.  Damian grinds himself down on my tongue.  He’s more than ready for my cock. 
He gets up and gets on all fours.  I kneel behind him.  Damn.  He’s tight.  I work the head in.  He grunts and tells me to go slowly.  I slow.  Andre sits next to us stroking.  I let spit trickle from my mouth onto my shaft.  I ease into him.  It takes forever, but I get balls deep up his hole.  I hold in place.  I feel his hole relax.  Just.  I begin a slow fuck.  Before I can work up any speed, he asks me for a break.

We break. 
I suck on Andre.  He sucks me. 

I work myself back up Damian.  “It’s a great cock, I just can’t take it for long.”  I hate how cramped we are on the mattress.  I feel like I’m pushing in from a less than ideal angle.
We break again.  Damian convinces Andre to try taking it.  Andre takes it—barely.  We stop.  It’s not a good fuck.

We try oral in a circle. 
Andre leaves us to it, to get back online.

I suck Damian’s cock but soon slip farther back to eat his now fucked and open hole.
“Get up.”  I stand.  Damian looks up at me from the mattress.  “Come on.”

He gets up.
“Now bend over.”  I tap the arm of the chair where Andre is tapping out messages.  He bends over.  It’s such a gorgeous ass.  I spend a long time eating it out.  Again.  I spit on my cock.  I stand behind him.  In this new position, I slide right up him.

“Oh my God,” grunts out Damian.  “I am so full.”
I have great leverage to give him the fuck he wanted.  I piston into him.  After all the foreplay, I’m ready to breed.  Andre has stopped typing.  His eyes are riveted to us.  Damian is working his small cock.  I am slamming my big one up his butt.  The only sound now is the slap of skin on skin.

“You want it?”

“Give me your cum.”

“Breed him,” chimes in Andre.
“Here,” I grunt.  “Take it.  NOW.”

I shake and contort.  My head snaps back.  I feel like I shoot and shoot.  I pull out ever so slowly.  My cum spills down his hole.  Damian reaches back, catches some on his fingers.  It goes to his mouth. 
I pull him up into a wet kiss…

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