Friday, October 11, 2013

Fluid Pig and the Cum Harvest

My Playroom—August, 2013

As August wound down, my house went back to being all mine.  My playroom was back up within 24 hours of waving farewell to the last of the departing guests.  I pieced the padded floor to go under the equipment, with the plastic underneath it.  The fuck bench was erected, the sling assembled and the rimseat was in place, awaiting the first hot ass I could snare.
I was lucky enough to snare the Fluid Pig.  He is back in my area.  I wrote about him here.  We talked for a good five days before he arrived.  He was staying in Ann Arbor the night before.  We texted after his play session that night.  He: “7 loads today and managed not to cum, oink!  My balls are going to explode when you shove your big cock in my hole tomorrow.  I hope I can concentrate at work.”  I wrote back:  “I know you like multiple guys.  I can’t get many good tops out here, but I promise you more loads than your seven of today.”  He wanted to know more.  I refused to tell him…

 He looks great.  He is over six feet.  He has trimmed some of his fur, but it looks good enough for my tongue to get lost in.  And that ass…The Pig doesn’t wait for an invite or instruction.  He just gets on the fuckbench.  His ass is big and full.  His jock is black, with a couple of white stripes on the pouch.  I sink to my knees and stick my tongue up that hole that took so much cock the day before.  He groans.  He reaches back and spreads his ass for me.  I snap a pic. 
I lick.  My tongue goes deep.  But I don’t spend as long as usual.  I need to get my cock into him.  He huffs poppers the moment I stand up.  He tells me to fuck him hard.  I enter in one continuous thrust.  I fuck hard, the sound of my hips on his butt filling the room.
“Let me taste your hole, now.”
I drop to my knees again, hitting the padded floor.  (Nice!)  He is a great self luber.  I lick some out and swallow.

“Now,” I tell him, “I have some cum for you.”
I open the cooler.  I have a card filled with filled condoms.  They are knotted shut and taped to it with a few notes below each one.
“From the moment I knew you were coming, I went to the bookstore on two different occasions.” 

The Pig looks over his shoulder at the card.  “Damn…”
I pull the red condom off the card.  I rip open the knot and hold it against his ass. 
He shivers at the frozen nugget on his hole.  “You wanted extra men.  I sucked some guys off at the bookstore.  This guy was a plump red head.  He shot almost the moment he put it in my mouth.”  I turn the condom inside out and push the cum nugget up his ass, knuckle deep.  My dripping cock pushes it the rest of the way home.  It is melting fast, and is coating his ass canal.  It feels amazing, slightly cool at first, then heating up with the friction of the fuck.

“Let’s do the sling.”  We change over.  I need to piss.  I hose down his ass crack.  He grunts and huffs.  I lick him clean.  Then I pull out the card again.
“This black condom is the cum of a guy I can’t even picture anymore.  I just noted that his cock was thick.”  I repeat the process, shoving it deep into his gut.  I fuck this new load into him.  My cock is coated with cum when I pull out.  I wipe it off and finger it back into his hole.  I fuck it into place.  When I pull out, I start pissing on his jock pouch.  It pools onto his stomach.  I smear it over his chest.  I lick down his dripping ass crack.  I felch some of the two loads in him.  I kiss him, snowballing some cum.

“Fuck, I’ve never had a snowball from my ass.” 
I’m back into the cooler.  I pull out the card.  I open the orange condom.
“This is three loads from my second trip to the bookstore.  They are all older dads.  All men you wouldn’t look at twice if you met them.  Guys you would never let breed you—but that’s what they are going to do.”  I push the loads into him.  He is moaning, and calling me names.  And so turned on that his hard cock is poking out of his jock.  I fuck the three dads into his gut.

The next condom is really full.
“It’s only from two guys.  One was an annoying fucker who was thrilled I’d suck him off.  The big load in there is from this straight guy who came to the bookstore directly from his coaching job, still in his gear.  He smelled of sweat in the best way.  He made me stop anytime anyone was around.  I finally got him off—he shot this huge load.”  I work it in with finger and dick.
“There are your seven loads—just like you had last night.”

“So hot.  You can put anything up my hole.”
“Good.”  I rip the final condom off the card.  “This is one I just picked up off the floor there.  Nice and full for you.”

I fuck it home before he can say anything else.  His hole is just dripping jizz.  I fuck and fuck, churning the cum, making it froth.

“Get up.  Rimseat time.”
I get under it.  I steal a hit of poppers from him.  Then he sits, his ass filling the seat.  I lick at the salty froth I’ve made.  I swallow and probe deeper.  He opens.  The cum begins to drip into mouth.  It’s been there once before. And now it is again, straight from his ass.  I lick and slurp.  I stop jerking my own dick for fear of wasting my load.  I tap his thighs.  “Up.”

He gets back on the bench and I enter him.  He knows I’m close.  He reaches down under himself and strokes his cock, hoping to relieve those blue balls of his.  I fuck.  I shoot.  In three or four strokes, so does he. 

“I’m load nine,” I grunt.  I pull out, scoop up some of his load off the floor and push it in. “And yours is load ten…


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, sir. I had a great time gathering the loads, too--especially knowing how he would react to getting them...

  2. "Guys you would never let breed you—but that’s what they are going to do."
    ... Now that's a mind fuck... Damn. Hot!

    1. I wish I could describe the look on his face when I said that.... a mix of lust, revulsion and need. A mind fuck, truly....