Monday, December 9, 2013

Juan's Motel Sex Party

Indianapolis—November, 2013

 Juan and I slept late after our night at the bathhouse.  After a big breakfast, we wandered around downtown to find a good internet coffee bar so Juan could study and I could be online talking to potential tops for the evening’s gangbang.  I have always found that the guys you talk to just a few hours before an event actually show up as opposed to the guys who said they wanted to come a week ago.
Well, that little truism did not hold true for Indy.  We only had two of the eleven guys show up.  The good news is that they were the right two guys…

Juan is just finishing in the bathroom as our first guest knocks on the motel door.  I do a quick look around the room.  One bed is stripped of its bedspread so we can play on the top sheet.  The lamp shades are covered with red bandanas so the light is filtered and not glaring.  Lube is on the desk by the door and the table between the two beds.  A couple of extra towels are next to the computer where Raw Perverts is playing.  I open the door.

A man about my age steps in.  Russ has been the man who’s talked to me the most about the gangbang.  So much so, I was afraid it was all going to be a mental jerkoff for him.  He strips down, tossing his clothes on the one chair.  He’s in decent shape for his late 50’s.  His hair is cropped short and decidedly salt and pepper.  He’s lightly hairy all over.  And his larger than average cock is already starting to swell.
“You know,” Russ says, “that this is Indy.  Most of those guys on your party list won’t show up.”

“That’s true everywhere,” I counter, adjusting my cock in my stained, white jock.
“Yeah, but you got all the guys who like to see themselves on the invite list.  Makes them think they are in demand.”

There is no further discussion.  Juan steps out of the bathroom, in a jock and athletic socks.  He says hello and instantly falls to his knees in front of Russ.  It takes little encouragement to get him hard.  Russ starts talking dirty, telling Juan to suck his cock.  Within moments, Russ gets Juan on the bed and begins rimming.  I kneel next to Russ.  He groans at the taste of Juan’s wet hole.  I know I have the perfect top partner, when without prompting, he kisses me deeply, making sure that I can taste Juan’s hole right along with him.  I groan in the back of my throat—and spit into the new man’s mouth.  Russ spits it into Juan and pushes my spittle deep into our boy’s hole.

Russ stands and sticks his dick into Juan.  I jump up on the bed, and hold Juan’s legs for ease of fucking.  My balls are right in Juan’s mouth.  Russ fucks him hard.
“Flip him over.” 

I get up and help Juan get on all fours.  Russ is right back up him. 
I watch his cock pound Juan. My dick is back in Juan’s mouth.  When Russ slows, I get down on the floor.  He understands without being told.  He sticks it directly into my mouth.  I clean it.  I make sure I share it with Russ.  He swallows hungrily. 
It’s my turn up Juan.  I fuck him on all fours.  His ass is juicy and hot from all the attention. 

I fuck him on his back.  Russ cleans my cock, and then he dives into the still spread ass, slurping loudly, to taste what we’ve done to Juan’s hole.
When he comes up for air, he kisses Juan.  It works into a shared three-way kiss. 
When Juan wants to catch his breath, Russ asks to be throat fucked.  He lies on the bed, his head hanging over the edge.  I impale his cock with my dripping dick.  I just hold it there. 

Then I begin a slow fuck.  I wait for him to choke on it.  He never does.  I ride his throat like I would an experienced ass.  I pull up long strands of spittle.  We kiss—snowballing all his throat scum.
We go back to fucking and do the rotation again, this time with Juan riding us.

A knock on the door makes Juan pause, mid downward thrust.  I untangle from the knot of bodies on the bed and go answer it.  It’s a young man.  He’s built like he played football in high school.  He enters, slightly shyly.  I tell him where to strip.  His clothes go into a very neat pile on his tennis shoes.  I wonder how he’ll react to all this.  Juan gets up off Russ’ dick and gets on his knees in front of the newcomer.  (The footballer said ‘no’ to photos.)  He gets hard quickly.  Juan stands, backs onto the man’s erection and fucks himself on the new cock.  Slowly, they inch to closer to the bed, still attached, so Juan can lean on the foot of it.  I think the boy may blow in the first five minutes.  But he doesn’t.  He pulls out.

“I don’t wanna cum yet.”  He sits on the other bed.  Russ and I go to work on Juan.  We are showing off for the boy.  I eat Juan’s hole.  Russ fucks him.  I lick Russ’ cock.  I fuck him.  The young man beats harder as he watches his own personal porno playing just for him.  Russ takes over on Juan’s hole.  I go over and suck the watcher.  Behind me Russ is delivering a butt slapping fuck, grunting and swearing. 
Suddenly he stops vocalizing.  He’s cumming.  He shoots in Juan.  I go over and wait for him to pull out. 

I’m sure the young man has never seen a guy clean another man’s cock right from the hole.  He sits forward and watches me lick the cum off of it.  He leans in even closer as my face buries itself in Juan’s ass.
“God, that’s good,” I grunt out.  I turn to the young man.  “Fuck in his cum.  I left some for you.”

The young man gets up.  He pushes in roughly.  He builds to a fast fuck.  He empties his big balls into Juan.  I kneel next to him.
“You really want it?” he asks.

I nod.  He pulls out and sticks his slippery cock in my mouth.  I groan.  Russ kneels and we snow ball my cleanings back and forth.  The boy just stands there—entranced that we would be doing this with his cum.  His eyes are wide; his mouth open.  We have given him jack off material for at least a month.  All this makes Russ hard again.  He stands up and pushes into Juan.
The young man makes no move to get dressed.  He just watches Russ fuck. 

And cum.  Russ blows a second load into Juan. 

I snap a picture before licking up the cum that’s leaking out of Juan’s hole—and fucking the rest deep into Juan’s gut.
The young man washes and gets dressed.  He leaves.  All smiles.

The three of us are lying in a happy pile on the bed.  Juan asks the time.  I tell him. 
“I guess we are off to the bathhouse,” Juan grins. 

We had given the invited men a 90 minute window in which to arrive.  It’s been two hours.  I look at my dripping dick, fresh out of Juan’s butt.  “Clean this up,” I tell Russ.  “Those guys in the steam room don’t get to taste Juan’s ass.  At least, not this way.”
Russ happily takes me to the root as Juan kisses me…

(Next post---Back to the Bathhouse)


  1. Great Post! I do need to get into Juan's ass sometime as well! Love the pics too...mmm.

    1. Yes you do need to get into Juan! Maybe I'll see if he can join us after the piss party this weekend.

  2. Very nice. Which bathhouse? Club? I need to be there sometime when you guys are.

  3. Really love reading your blog and all these activities. Just wanted to let you know I'm here.

    1. And we bloggers love to connect this way--it truly gives us a reason to keep writing....Thank you.