Monday, December 2, 2013

Three Asses in the Dark

Lansing—October, 2013

 I fucked several men other than Brad at his farewell party which we held at the lounge/bookstore/backroom.  One of them found me online after that night.  He wanted to come to the playroom, but it was a very long distance for him to travel.  I suggested we meet back at the lounge and use the sling there.  Once he realized he might get even more cock, Edgar was fine with that idea.
I advertised on BBRT that we’d be there on Saturday night.  When I walked in around 10pm, there was not nearly as big of a crowd as the previous month—but enough guys were milling around, that it looked like it might be fun.  I was there a good hour before Edgar. I waited for him like a good pig—meaning that I waited not at all…

I walk through the video area, pass through the darkest play area and go to the cubicles where most of the guys seem to be congregating.  The black light makes for odd shadows and odder skin tones.  I peer into the first cubicle.  A footballer-type is getting blown by an older man.  The second cubicle is empty.  The third holds a man I know—a health care worker who rarely gets to play due to his awful hours at the hospital.  He’s my age, ex-navy and has a dick which is maybe slightly shorter than mine.  While I have may him in length, his girth (especially where it swells right in the middle) puts me to shame.  I have to take poppers to swallow him properly.  I smile at him, sink to my knees and take a hit.  He lets me take him all the way down.  In no time he is face fucking me.  I get his load in just a few minutes of concentrated sucking.

I stay hunkered down in the shadows.  A friend of his, who I know by sight, unzips.  He sticks his slightly above average cock into the remnants of cum still in my mouth.  The health care worker, still there, twists his friend’s nipples through his dress shirt.   I work his cock fast and hard.  Again, I’m rewarded rather quickly.
A young college age blond watches and opens his fly.  His cock is thick and bent—but bent downward for easy sucking.  He trades blow jobs with me, then asks politely if he can give me his load as he has to leave.  I let him know that is just fine with me.

(In my notes, I wrote I got a fourth load before Edgar arrived.  But there are no details of who he was or what he looked like.  I just know that when Edgar arrived—I was super horned and ready to fuck.)
Edgar and I hug.  He’s a full head shorter than I.  He’s eager to get fucking.  He strips down, tossing his clothes in a chair.  Thin and wiry, he hops up into the sling.  He rests his legs on the chains.  I kneel and begin to lick his rounded ass.  He opens up easily with the pressure of my tongue.  I tongue fuck him as he beats his cock.  I am stroking, too.  I spit one last time onto his hole, stand up and enter him.  He clamps down, stroking my cock with his talented hole.  His ass is hot, wet and hungry. 

The sound of my fucking brings a few guys over to watch.  Two of them seem to be a couple.  They hold onto each other, but soon their hands are all over the other.  I am plowing at top speed, my balls slapping onto Edgar’s ass cheeks.  He asks for a break.  I pull out and help him down.  The onlookers disperse.  The Bottom from the couple goes into the bathroom behind us.  I follow him.
“Don’t waste that,” I tell him as he starts to piss.  I kneel and he’s able to stop the flow and get his dick in my mouth.

“I don’t know if I can do this…”  But no worries, he suddenly explodes in my mouth—the liquid streaming down my throat.  His piss is sweet—lots of soda tonight.  “Oh, fuck, that’s hot.  Drink my piss, you hot fucker.”  I look up at this dark blond man.  He’s maybe 35, maybe 40.  He’s in great shape, his ass filling out his jeans.  Just before his stream dwindles down, the Boyfriend comes in.  He raises his eyebrows at seeing his partner pissing in my mouth.
I am stroking like mad.  Drinking piss always gives me a raging hard on.  The Boyfriend looks at my cock and at his partner, and then back to my face.  “You gotta fuck my boy.”

The piss stops.  I nod my head in total agreement. 
“We’ll be in the dark area.  On that wooden block.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I piss,” I tell them.
I piss and head there, looking for Edgar.  He must be busy.  I hear fucking as I enter the darkness.  I really can’t see them at first.  Eventually, as my eyes become accustomed to the lack of light, I see a hot Hispanic plowing the Bottom bent over the cube.  The Boyfriend finds me and whispers in my ear.  He proves to be very verbal.  “You need to fuck him for me.  You can take your turn after that guy is done.  Fuck him hard.  I want to see that cock go into him.  Just don’t cum in him.  You need to cum on his ass.”  He goes on and on.

The Hispanic, his shirt open showing off his ripped chest, pulls out.  I want to lick him clean—but I don’t think he’s ever had anyone do that.  He turns away from me.  I eat the fucked ass, before I rise and fuck.  I fuck him until it looks like the Hispanic can’t wait to get back in him.  I yield to him.  He flips the bottom onto his back.  The Boyfriend holds the Bottom’s legs. 
Edgar arrives and watches us fuck.  He takes out his cock and strokes.  I go over to him.  He smiles and tells me he wants to see me up this guy.  I go back to the block.  This time the Boyfriend is there to tell the Hispanic to let me suck his cock right out of his partner’s hole.  As soon as the Hispanic wraps his head around the idea, he lets me do it every time we change up.  Edgar eggs me on.   I fuck the Bottom on his back.

We change up again.  And again.
“Let’s get back to the sling,” I tell Edgar.  I hope the Hispanic will sample his ass, too.

We fuck.  The crowd has thinned dramatically.  There are still a couple of guys watching us, but no one is top enough to join us. 
When Edgar asks for another break, I go back to the dark area.  The Hispanic is still up the same ass.  His stamina is every bit as good as mine.  He grins when he sees me and makes an elaborate show of offering me his cock fresh from the Bottom’s hole.  I savor all those juices off his cock and then tongue fuck the Bottom.

“Use your cock, man” the Boyfriend tells me.  I stand up and fuck.  I notice off to my left the Hispanic is up some other ass.  The man is braced against the wall taking that big uncut cock.
The Hispanic taps my shoulder.  “Take him.”  He indicates his current bottom.

We switch asses.  I slide up the new man.  “I know that dick,” he murmurs.  He turns, looking at me over his shoulder.  It’s Dan, a bottom I hadn’t seen in almost year after PNP became part of his play.  He’s sober tonight.  And using his ass to milk anyone who will stick a dick up him.  A big boned Black man is stroking and wants Dan.  I let him take over.
Edgar is watching again.  His cock is out.  He comes over to me.  “I need to get out of here.  You want my ass one more time?”

I nod.  We go back to the sling.  He strips back down and climbs in.  He is so ready.  He jerks as I slide into him.  I pump in a steady rhythm.  He matches me.  His cock suddenly spits out cum.  His ass clenches with each spurt.  I spew my load into him.  I empty into him all the cum that four hours of edging has built up. 
We both leave tired—but very happy.


  1. Wish I knew of a bookstore like that near me.

    1. I am very lucky to have three spaces, each quite different, within an hour of home.