Monday, October 27, 2014

Hairy Bathhouse Pig

Toronto—September, 2014

My annual trip to Canada began on the first weekend of the month.  My first stop was a Saturday night at (arguably) the best bathhouse in Toronto.  I checked into my single room---once I could find it in the maze of look-alike doors in the low lit corridors.  I laced my boots back up, squirmed into my yellowing white jock and added my left wrist cuff.  I went off to explore.

There are three public play spaces if you don’t count the sauna and steam room.  Towards the front, opposite the wet area, there is a slurp ramp in a room that is almost pitch black.  At the ramp itself, there is enough light to see who is standing on the upper level and offering their cocks through the glory holes.  On the main floor, it’s darker.  There is a fuck bench there, too, hidden in an alcove.

In the middle of the complex is a mini maze.  There are two fuck benches there, tucked away, and a public sling that sits in the middle of it all.

The final area is really nothing more than a blacked out corridor.  There are maybe three cubicles with doors that have glory holes between them and some cut out to the main corridor.  Having made the circuit, I wanted some action…

I start back on the slurp ramp.  I push my jock pouch through a hole.  One faceless man noses at my cock, but decides it isn’t worth sucking to hardness.   He moves away.  The room is deserted.  I hang out for a moment or so.  A few very young guys parade through—they are sightseeing, not looking to play.  No one else. 

I check out the sling where a young Latin had been getting fucked on my first tour.  Empty.

I go into the corridor of booths.  They all seem empty.  I sit on the bench at one end.  Guys in towels move past me.  I am so deep in the shadows I suspect they don’t even see there is anyone here.  A tall and lanky Latino comes through the curtain wearing cut-off jeans.  He hangs out opposite, playing with his cock through the denim.  My cock stretches the jock pouch into a nice mound.  Across the way the jeans are now open.  He’s stroking a cock longer and thinner than mine.  He plays with the hood, rarely skinning it all the way back.  He moves toward me.  He grabs my head and guides it onto his brown meat.  I suck—making sure my tongue and lips pull the foreskin back so I connect with the ultra-sensitive head.  He groans.   He holds my ears and pumps into me.  He suddenly pulls out.  Have I gotten him too close?  He turns and grinds his lightly haired ass into my face. 

Oh, God.

I tongue his hole—working deeply into his tight pucker.  He pushes back onto my tongue, fucking himself.  Just as smoothly, he turns and feeds me his cock again.

Back and forth I go—servicing both sides of him—however he chooses.

At one point, he pulls his spit sodden hole away from my tongue and lowers it to my cock.  He takes my thick head with a grunt, but never stops in lowering himself all the way down.  He rides me, in total control, for about 30 seconds.  He stands up, turns and unloads in my mouth with one long sigh. 
He grins at me and I never see him again.

I move back to the slurp ramp.  With no one on either side of the ramp I care about, I notice a slightly bearish man on the fuck bench.  I move behind him.  There are no half opened condoms balanced on his ass.  He wants it raw.  I kneel and lick at the crevice between his full cheeks.  He squirms—but it feels like it’s more to get away than in pleasure.  I stand up.  I lube my cock and enter him.  He loves the first half—when I stop to let him get used to it.  As I push in more, I can tell he’s surprised and seemingly not pleased.  I hold, fully in.  A man appears and blocks what little light there is coming into our alcove.  The new arrival kneads his jock pouch as I begin to fuck.

But the guy on bench is having none of it.  “You’re too big,” he whines.  The observer reaches down and his fingers encircle my cock.  He grunts and pulls me out of the bottom on the bench and swiftly turns, offering me his ass.  I slip right in.  His ass is perfect—tight and velvety.  He grunts his approval and says, “Come to my sling room.”  He pulls off me, grabs my cock and leads me towards his room.

We hit the corridor and I can finally see what he looks like.  He is just under 6 foot tall, with big broad (and hairy) back.  He is wearing a jock and boots.  As he unlocks his door, I can see the rest.  He has as hairy a chest as I’ve ever had the pleasure to run my fingers through.  His shaved head glistens in the light.  The beard on his face is large and full and totally suits him.  I guess he’s in his early 50’s.  

It’s a big double bed room in the bathhouse.  The sling, currently folded against the wall, is on a set of cables that stretch over the bed.  In one brief pull it’s in place and the pig is up and in it.  I fall to my knees and eat the hairiest hole I think I’ve ever encountered.  I eat and spit.  His hole is used, but cum free.  I stand up and sink my cock back in him.  He’s a great fuck.  He plays with his nipples and tells me to fuck him hard.  Not get off—no, he’s all about the fuck, not the load.

After ten minutes of fucking, I pull out and climb up on the bed.   I can kneel right on it and feed him my cock.  He licks me clean with the true passion of the ATM obsessed.

“Open the door.”

I look at him.

“If you want to, Sir,” he backtracks.

I grin and turn the knob.

We get a lot of traffic as I go back to fucking him.  Some loiter and leave.  Some come in and fuck.  The best are:

A dirty blond in his 40’s, decent shape with a large slightly curved cock.

An Italian macho fucker with a thick-as-your-wrist beer can for a dick.

A young man, sculpted to perfection who needs to fuck with a condom.  He can’t stay hard—until I put a finger up his ass.

Once an onlooker bends over and tries to get the guys to fuck him, we shut the door.  I am fucking, the dirty blond is sucking the young man.  The Italian blows all over that hairy chest.  He leaves.  The young man soon after, without getting off.

“Let’s DP him,” says the blond.

I signal my bearded friend to get up.

“Naw, right here.” 

DP in sling?  Well, I’m game…

The Dirty Blond stands on the bed so he’s just above the sling.  He squats and slips his cock into the well fucked hole.  I am able to stand in normal sling position and slowly work my cock in, too.  It’s the most effortless DP I’ve ever experienced.  We fill him to the bursting point.

There is a lot of back and forth—first he’ll fuck, with me in the pig’s mouth, and then we reverse it.
At one point I am sitting on the floor, leaning against the end of the bed, watching the Dirty Blond fuck him.  He understands.   Without being told, he does two strokes into the pig’s ass and two into my mouth.  And repeat.

I slip down and lick the underside of his cock as he fucks into that hairy hole.  He calls me a fucking perv and tells me to lick him clean.

When he’s winded, we reverse.


Dirty Blond leaves.  I so want to taste his cum in the hole we’ve been fucking all night, but he’s promised to meet a regular.  With the door shut, I concentrate on cumming.  I give him his first load in his ass.  I leave the door open, with him still in the sling and his ass dripping…


In the dark corridor, unable to get hard so soon, I kneel.  A cute young man is fucking a mouth or an ass through the gloryhole.  When he sees me, he turns around.  His cock slaps my cheek and then he begins jerking his dick. 

“Open up.”

I do.  He spews a load onto my tongue.  He’s too sensitive for me to lick him clean.

I move up to the bench.

A young Latino comes in.  He sinks to his knees and takes my swollen, but soft cock in his mouth.

“Spit on me.” 

I do.  Right on his face.  He redoubles his efforts.  He wakes my dick up.  I spit on him at irregular intervals.  I rim him a little—I even get the head of my cock in him, but he wants to be degraded on his knees with his mouth on my balls or cock.  I spit on him and cock slap him until he shoots all over the floor.


I wake up with start.  My cock is full and ready again.  I leave my room.  I squint at the clock— I’ve napped for an hour or so.  I find the Hairy Man’s sling room.  The door is still open.  And he’s still in the sling.

“Loads?”  I ask.

“Oh, yeah.  I’ve been hoping you’d come back to clean me up.”

I kneel in front of the hairy ass.  It’s matted and wet with cum.  My tongue flicks out, connecting with his puffy, used hole…