Thursday, October 16, 2014

Party of Eight--Part Two

West  Michigan—September, 2014

(This picks up immediately following the last post.)

I ask the Young Bottom if I can taste the load in his ass.  He seems fine with that.  He kneels in a chair.  I bury my face between his full cheeks.  It’s a big load, seeping out.  I clean him up.

“Put your cock in him.”  It’s Joey, from across the room.

The Young Bottom looks over his shoulder at me.  I pull back and look at him, questioningly.  He slowly nods, unsure and wary.  I stand up.  My cock head slips in.  I have left enough cum in him so he feels amazing. The jizz in his ass is so slippery I have half my dick in him before I know it…

“Please---fuck, no!”

The Young Bottom pulls forward, his back arching up as much as he can in the over-stuffed chair.  My cock flops out.

“I can’t take that.”

I just kneel back down and eat some of the load my flared cock head has pulled out of his ass.  I thrust my tongue in as deeply as I can.  He squirms and moans into the fabric on the back of the chair.
Joey comes over.  “Try the sling.” He strokes the boy’s head tenderly. “You’ll be more comfortable.”

We do just that.  But the Young Bottom can’t seem to relax and is too nervous.  I get him out of the sling and go on to fuck Jack, sharing him with The Talker, once he can get hard again.

When we take a breather, I notice Joey and the Young Bottom are not in the room.  I assume they are out smoking—but then I hear groans from upstairs.  My cock leads me up the stairs—and swells when I see what I going on.

Joey is lying under the rimseat.  The Young Bottom is sitting on it, squirming in pleasure and being very vocal about the tonguing he is receiving.  He has also become quite verbal—telling Joey to get that tongue deep into his hole—to eat out the last of the load.

I watch and stroke.

I kneel between Joey’s legs.  His jock is bulging—he is rock hard eating the boy out.  I grab his knees and get them to my shoulders.  I inch forward and my rampant cock pushes into his asshole.  I hear him grunt.  Joey must have driven his tongue deeper into the Young Bottom for he grunts at the same moment.  I am in all him all the way.  My pubes smash into his butt.  

I fuck Joey hard.  It must not slow his tongue down for the Young Bottom is telling him how good it feels.  Then he focuses his eyes on me and tells me to plow his friend.  “Seed him, man.  Give him a load, too.”  It’s a hot moment, but there is no way I’m cumming yet. 

I fuck until my knees get a slight case of rub burn.  We switch around.  I lie down under the seat.  The Young Bottom sits back down.  His hole is so wet with saliva, ass lube and the remnants of the cum.  I dig in.  I get lost in the smooth skin of his young flesh.  I have to stop stroking—this is getting me close—and I’ll be damned if I’m going to jerk out a load.  When my hand leaves my cock, it stands straight for a moment, cooling in the air.

And then Joey sits on it.  He glides into place in one easy stroke.  I reach behind him and twist my balls.  I need to make sure I don’t blow at just the idea of the two hottest asses in the house on my cock and face.  I let Joey do the work at first, but soon I’m thrusting up into him.  I love hearing the smack of my hips against his sweaty flesh.

“Switch with me,” says Joey.  I’m pretty sure he’s not talking to me.  “You’ll be able to take him when you’re in control.”  From having both my tongue and cock buried deep in ass, I suddenly have neither as they stand up at the same time.  The guys switch.  Joey sits right down.  I love that he’s giving me his ass direct from my cock.  I plunge my tongue into him. 

The Young Bottom takes a moment to think about it, but in moments I feel him kneel on either side of my hips and thighs.  And it works.  With him in control, he has no problem taking me to the hilt.  He can only say “Jesus” as he hits the full length, but he starts bouncing on it instantly.  The boy has talent.  He’s squeezing me on each upstroke.  These two asses are pushing me over the edge.  I am sure I will shoot in a matter of moments.

But the Talker walks into the room.  I can’t see him, but I can hear him.  My potential orgasm disappears.  The Talker does contribute more than bad dialogue—he stands astride my chest and shoves his cock into Joey’s mouth.

We are happy pigs.  The Young Bottom is in the groove with my cock.  He can’t get enough—and tells me so.  Almost on every stroke.  I feel the Talker turn and feed the boy for a while.   We stop only when the Young Bottom’s legs need a break.

But I can’t stop.  I get up and push the boy onto the air mattress.  He lands on all fours, guessing just what I want.  I push into his ass…and blow the load that has been building all this time. 

“Oh, fuck, Daddy.  Fill me up.”  I am moaning directly into his ear.  And still shooting. “That is so hot.”  I hold on to him and tell him to milk every drop.  He does.  I only pull out of him so Joey can have a taste of my cum in this young, wet ass.

The rest of the evening was all about fisting Joey.  Having lost the coin toss to go first, I watched Leather Top open him up with his expert technique.  

I was able to get hard again that night.  All it took was for me to sink my hand into Joey’s ass alongside Leather Top’s big mitt.  I slid along his wrist until we were palm to palm and we could clasp our fingers deep in the man hole.

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