Monday, October 13, 2014

Party of Eight--Part One

West Michigan—September, 2014

The first part of September became all about a number of excellent sex parties and bathhouse visits.  I finally had the time to travel—so I got of town every chance I could.  The first place I went was back to Jack and Joey’s.  They were the couple who had invited me (along with my fuck bud Ryan) to ravage their holes back in March.  You may remember the illustrated entries “Four Pigs” or “Four Pigs—Toys, Fists andCum.”  Well, they were throwing a sex party and hoped I’d bring the back the sling.  I said I’d be there—and packed the rimseat as well.

I set up the sling in their living room.  The rimseat I took to the steeply gabled room upstairs where a huge air mattress dominated the space. 

And then I waited.

And waited

Eventually the cast assembled:

Jack—the older of the two hosts.  He might be in his middle 30’s but more likely has just hit 40.  He has a sizable dick, but lately prefers to get fucked.  It you restrain him first, he’s happier.

Joey—the other host.  He’s 8 to 10 years younger.  His job buffs him up.  He has one of the best self-trained holes I know. 

Leather Top—A former title holder who now lives in this area.  He’s the only other man I know at this gathering—he’d come to my playroom to fist Fritz, the guy who’d paid for my time.  He’s a fit  50 plus and dressed in his hides.

The Talker—he’s a top and in his early 30’s.  And let’s everyone know it.  Because he won’t stop talking.  Ever.  Usually I can shut guys up by putting my dick in their mouth---but he is not blessed with any oral skills.  Sometimes his fuck commentary is hot—often it’s like bad porn.

Safe Sex Guy—He says he’s a top and has to fuck safe.  The best body there—a perfect chest, furry in just the right places.  Late 30’s, dark blond.

Mr. “I Usually Top”—He’s 10 years younger than me with dark cropped hair covered by a ball cap.  He’s about my height, but he’s a much more solid man with a barrel chest.  He made the announcement the moment I confirmed my profile name:  “I usually top, but I decided to bottom when Jack said you were coming.”

The Young Bottom.  A late arrival, he’s a young man from their area who Joey and Jack have been training to take dick and toys.  He’s barely 24, with a greasy A-shirt and jeans vibe—as if he’d gotten horny while changing the oil in his junker.  Jack assures me I will love his ass.  “He saw your picture and said you were too big, but I bet he’ll take you,” Jack smirks.

The group never quite seems to get settled.  They smoke outside.  They drink.  Joey goes off to pick up the young bottom from across town.  Finally I have the Talker and I Usually Top in the same room.  I kick off my jeans.  They follow suit.  I retie my boots, leaving my jock on.  I kneel and suck on the Talker.  I get my first taste of his running monologue as he tells me how to suck his dick and how he’s going to fuck me.  He reaches around behind me to try and feel my hole.  I bat his hand away and move over to Mr. IUT, who is stroking a fatter than average cock.  We exchange blow jobs as others troop in from the smoking area.  Soon Leather Top is working Safe Sex Guy’s nipples, while Jack plays with the Talker.  Things settle down and the sexual temperature goes up.

I get IUT in the sling.  I eat his ass.  He strokes his own cock.  “Fuck me raw,” he tells me.  “I want to really feel you in my ass.”  I just keep eating.  I want to make sure he’s good and wet.  I stand up.  My cock head pokes at his pucker.  Once.  Twice.  He opens the third time. 


I just hold it in place.  I refuse to pull out.  He begins a rocking motion in the sling that impales me inch by inch as I stand still.  Safe Sex Guy is watching and stroking as he lets guys chew on his nips and lick his balls.  I am almost all the way in.  I push—the tiniest thrust—and I am balls deep.  It’s all it takes for IUT to plead with me to fuck him hard.  I do.  His cock is drooling buckets as I pummel his ass.  I scoop up some and smear it on my dick.  When I tell him what I’ve done, he pre-cums even more. 

I slow and pull out.  I offer his ass to Jack.  IUT wants every cock in the room now.  And tells them so.

Jack goes first.  The sexual tension builds.  We all watch the second raw cock slide into this occasional bottom.

The Talker goes next.  His chatter becomes hotter when he’s actually fucking raw in a hot ass.
Safe Sex Guy condoms up.  But his cock wilts the moment his latexed head touches the hole where three of us have been.  He goes back to nip play with the leather top. 

I slide back in.  I fuck hard against his full thighs.  The sound of fucking fills the living room.
Joey and the young bottom arrive.  

The young one takes one look at my cock.  He turns away with a “No way” and starts to suck every dick in the room.

I get IUT out of the sling.  He hands me his flogger.  I have him hold onto the frame.  I flog him briefly, but there are too many people around to do it properly and safely.  I suggest he lie face down in the sling with his feet on the floor.  I can fuck him and can use the flogger lightly on him at the same time.    I stop when he tells me he may cum.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the talker go from rimming the Young Bottom, to slipping his cock into him.  I really want to be in there…

I fuck I get restraints on IUT’s wrists.  I unhook the sling and truss him to the top of the frame.  He stands with his legs spread.  I work my cock up in him.  He grunts but takes me easily.  I use the flogger on him again.

When his arms look tired, I take him down and get Jack in the sling.

IUT is standing right there.  I think he wants to fuck Jack.  But he just shoots on Jack’s ass.  Safe Sex Guy jerks out a load at almost the same time which lands on IUT’s thigh.  I mop up both batches of oozing jizz and slather them on my dick--and fuck them into Jack.  His hole is becomes totally smooth and slick. 

I look to The Talker to see if he wants to fuck Jack.  That is the moment he announces he’s cumming and shoots his load inside the Young Bottom.

There is a moment as IUT and Safe Sex Guy dress and leave. 

The Talker comes over to taste the external loads I’ve fucked into Jack.  Leather Top has Joey on the sofa, stuffed with a massive toy.  I ask the Young Bottom if I can taste the load in his ass.  He seems fine with that.  He kneels in a chair.  I bury my face between his full cheeks.  It’s a big load, seeping out.  I clean him up.

“Put your cock in him.”  It’s Joey, from across the room.

The Young Bottom looks over his shoulder at me.  I pull back and look at him, questioningly.  He slowly nods, unsure and wary.  I stand up.  My cock head slips in.  I have left enough cum in him so he feels amazing. The jizz in his ass is so slippery I have half my dick in him before I know it…

“Please---fuck, no!”

Continued in the next post.


  1. Damn! Sorry I missed this party but it was a work night for me. Hopefully Jack and Joey will have another party soon and I can make it as they are wonderful pigs to play with. The pictures are hot in this story as well and looking forward to part two to find out how well the young bottom took your big cock!

    1. I think it will be pretty easy to convince Jack and Joey to throw another party. The guys there all had a good time---I bet they would come back for more.

    2. Yes, another successful party reinforces that we'll be having another one soon. Thanks again for bringing that awesome cock! - Jack

    3. I am glad you have become a reader--I love playing with the two of you!

  2. Well, you certainly left us hanging!! I love your stories about young bottoms taking your dick, so Part II (or will there be more than two parts?) will be eagerly anticipated. You and Rob both write so erotically about putting big dicks up young ass. My favorite kind of story!!

    Paul, NYC

    1. Even I wanted I was typing, that is...

      I try to keep entries to under 1500 words or about three pages. So it became the natural break...

      I'm glad you want more...