Sunday, November 30, 2014

"I Hear You Like to Tongue Ass..."

Near Home—October, 2014

It’s another Friday night at the adult bookstore.

I am watching gay porn on the big screen television.  It’s not theatre seating over here, but about a dozen padded chairs that start the night in three rows, and end up hugging the walls so guys can either watch each other stroke or have easier access for sex.  The chairs have already been scattered before I arrive.  I am in the back corner, farthest from the door.  I am mostly in shadow but, when the screen is brightly lit, my erect cock is visible as I leisurely stroke it. 

Right now I am alone.  An occasional man has come in, hovered against the  back wall for a moment, then taken off when he sees that there is no sex happening. The gay porn is decent for a change—slightly sloppy bareback with pretty young men—so I am content. 

For the moment.

I stroke, watching an Eastern European blond take a huge uncut cock in what looks like his incredibly tight hole.  The top pulls out.  The blond flips over so the top can stroke a huge load into the bottom’s wide open mouth.  I could wish it were my tongue cleaning up that thick foreskin up on the screen.

The door opens.  A man stands framed in the light from the hall.  He shuts it behind him and comes to the chair nearest me.  I look over at him again.  I have seen him before—he has a penchant for fucking college kids here.   He is a handsome Latino, approaching middle age.  His gym built body is evident under his opened leather jacket and clinging knit shirt.  His ample butt fills his jeans.  I remember a bigger than average cock on him, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never sucked it.  And I’ve certainly never seen him go down on anyone.

I continue stroking and watching the movie, fully aware that his eyes are me.  I look over at him again.  He’s kneading the front of his jeans.  I look back to the boys on the screen—some decent rimming action is happening.  I hear his zipper go down.  I wait to look over at him until he pulls his cock out.  He’s rock hard.  His hand stays on the tip of his cock, working his foreskin up and down over the red head underneath.

“I hear you like to tongue ass.” 

I turn to him.  “Oh…?”

“That Mexican kid you’ve fucked told me.”

I have to only think for a moment.  I know who he means—that guy I’ve stopped fucking since he refuses to come to the bookstore cleaned out.

“He told me to look for your combat boots.”

This makes me smile.

He stands up and pulls down his pants to his knees.  “I cleaned up hoping I’d bump into you.  I don’t want to be fucked, just eat my ass like you would some bottom whore.”  He twists the chair around so he can kneel in it and point a very hot ass right at me.

I kneel on the hard floor so I’m directly face level with his slightly furred cheeks.  My hands stroke the hot globes.  I spread them.  I hear him take a hit of poppers.  I spit on his hole.  I hear an intake of his breath.  My tongue plunges into him.  The Latino under me groans and twists his ass into my face.  I grab onto his hard cock and use it to pull myself closer into his ass crack.  He hadn’t lied to me.  He’s fresh from the shower—but I’m making him sweat—so I can taste the real him, a great mix of sweet and slightly acrid. 

His hole is flowering open.  My tongue sinks deeper and deeper into him.  I am jerking my cock—it’s dripping onto the tile.  I stop, pull his cheeks as far apart as possible, and hit home with my tongue.
“Fuck, that feels good.  Eat my ass.”

Amazingly, no one interrupts us as I spend the next ten minutes or so licking his hole
Finally I have to stand up.  My cock brushes his ass.

“Go ahead,” he says.  “Just put the head in me.”


“Just the head.  Let me feel it.”

I grab my cock and watch as the helmet head enters his brown pucker. 

“Jesus,” he yelps.  “Take it out.”

I do.   I spit onto his hole.

“Try again.  Just the head.”

“That was just the head,” I mutter.

I stick it in him again.  He is beating his meat like crazy.

“Oh, dammit.”  He’s muttering now, under his breath.  “I have a dick in my ass.  That big dick…”

“You want me to really fuck you?”

“I’m not cleaned out—and I know you hate shit on your dick.”

I think for a moment I might just plunge into him anyway.  But he’s right—with no easy clean up, I’m not going there.  I pull out.

The Latino swivels around and sits on the chair.  His cock now looks huge with its angry, red head as he skins his foreskin back with every stroke.

“I’m gonna…” he doesn’t finish. 

I am back on my knees in no time and get the first jet of his cum shot into my mouth.  He lets go and I take his cock into me.  I suck out all of his load and swallow hungrily. I make sure to clean under his foreskin—just like I saw the cute boy do in the video.

In moments the Latino looks rather sheepish and zips up his fly, thanks me and leaves.

Hours later.

I’m on the straight side.  Gangbang porn has been playing.  I love watching seven guys take turns on the blonde on the screen.  All holes are used repeatedly. 

And it’s a good thing I like the movie for no one else has been around to show any interest in me.  I stroke until I’m on the verge of orgasm.  I hate wasting my load on the cold linoleum.  I edge a little more.

The door buzzes.  It’s a cute enough college kid, a cub who I know is a true cock hound.
“You need help with that cock?”  He drops his pants.

“You want it?  I’m really close.”

“I have a load in my ass.  Shove it in there.”  He bends in front of me, holding on to another chair for support.  I enter him easily with his slightly cummy hole, pushing that load deeper into him. 

It’s all about me.  

I pump him only three or four strokes before I shoot my load deep into his gut.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

September Round Up--Using My Head and My Hands

One:  a new personal best.

Kurt is back in the playroom.  He is the pig I have fisted up to the elbow and have put both my hands into him at the same time.  He’s a big man with big appetites and bigger toys.  I open him up with my cock—but he’s feeling over stretched.  Did he play with some of his big toys before he arrived?  I skip fucking with my wilting dick and pick up the box of ball bearings he brought with all his dildos.  I insert a 2” diameter sphere into his insatiable hole.  And then another.  I stick my dick back in.  Now he feels like a college kid.

“I have to get to work at 3:00,” he mutters, inhaling from the small brown bottle.

I pull my dick out.  I worm my hand into his warm ass and pull the stainless steel balls out one at a time.  I do a few preliminary lateral stretches on his hole.  I Crisco up both hands. Then I begin a slow crawl into him.  It always amazes me—that it feels like it is a straight shot up his insides. I inch in slowly as he huffs cheap poppers. 

I am mid forearm in no time.

I slather on more grease up to my elbow.

Soon I’m there.

And then I’m beyond.  Just.  But I can’t see the joint.

I tell him I’ve gone deeper than ever.  I hold in place.  Kurt groans, checking the mirror above him, seeing how deeply I’m buried in him. 

As I slowly pull out, his cock half erects and his balls empty without either of us touching them…

Two:  Suck-a-thon

It has been forever since I “worked” a lunch hour at the dirty book store. 

And today I’ve hit pay dirt. 

I am sitting in the back row of the straight theatre, right on the aisle.  There are eight or nine guys watching.  And all but one of them are stroking to the woman on the screen who is getting savagely butt fucked. 

A man in a business suit is leaning against the wall next to me.  The moment I sit down, he walks over and sticks his dick in my mouth.  He must have been jacking for some time, for he cums almost immediately.  He grunts quietly, but it’s loud enough for every head in the theatre to turn to us and see what is happening.  The man pulls out of my mouth, covers himself so no one can see his rather average cock and then turns his back to the others to get himself put back together.

The man sitting in front of me stands.  He wants some, too.  His thicker cock is sticking out of his blue jeans.  I take a swig from my water bottle—I want my palette fresh.  I work my tongue around his thick, flared head.  He cums fast, too.

And so it goes.  Only the one Black man in the room shoves his dick back in his pants and leaves.  The rest are all waiting for me to service them.  I have never seen the “straight” guys so brazen.  They usually make a show of no interest until they can catch the cocksucker alone. 

But not today.

And I seem to be the only sucker there—and that is amazing.  The guys don’t even fondle each other as they wait their turn.  Some don’t even let me rinse the last man’s cum out of my mouth before they stick their cock in me.

I take seven loads.  Quickly.  Efficiently.   

In no time at all, the theatre is down to the last man.  He’s been standing, watching all the others go ahead of him.  He hasn’t watched the movie since he stood up.  He’s been watching me stroke as I suck.  I hazard a guess that he’s the one who’s going to offer to do me.

But no.

He sticks his dick in my mouth.  He reaches down and touches my drooling cock.  That triggers his cum shot.  He is out the door before he can get his fly completely zipped.

And I’m alone.

I swallow.  I take a long drink from my water bottle.  I beat my meat.  No one is around now.  I know I should cum and get out of there.  How can it get better?

The door opens.  I turn to see who is coming in.  It’s the Black man who left.  He sees the empty room.  He looks at me.  He turns to leave.

I sigh.  But I don’t hear the door open.  I turn around a look again.  He’s stepped into the back corner behind the door.  And he has his thick, slightly curved cock out.  He strokes it, looking directly at me.
He wants me on my knees in front of him.

I get up and move to him.

His free left hand reaches for my shoulder.  He presses down.  I kneel in front of him.

After all the very average to small dicks I’ve sucked today, this feels massive.  I have to really work not to scrape him with my teeth.  All the other men were so excited they gave up their loads easily.  Now I have to work.  I have to earn this one.

And I do.

I get extra points when I pull off his cock and bury my face in his bull testicles.  His hand finds the top of my head and lets me know I’m right where I should be.  I’m sure guys forget about his balls—drawn to the big dick.  I have to stop touching my own cock—they reek of sex and half a day of work.

I try to go back to sucking.  He won’t let me.  His hand clamps me in place, mouth open on his hairy sack.  He grinds me into them. 

And he starts to shoot.  Only then does he release me so I can catch the second spurt on my tongue…

Three:  Marco’s Secret Spot

I spent the last weekend of the month with Marco, my room-mate from IML, down in Columbus.  We had three sessions during a relaxed, comfy weekend.  His ass is the exact opposite of Kurt’s.  He can take things every bit as big, but he still has a hole that is incredibly tight—until I work it open.

Tongue, cock and fist were never far away from his ass.

My hand was able to give him a full body orgasm. 


The sex was so intense I don’t want to write much more about it.

I will just say we were never done until I’d coated his stretched hole with the most copious loads I have shot in years.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Open Wide

My Hometown—September, 2014

“Lean back.”

I do, pushing into the padded head rest.  The vinyl covering is cool to the back of my shaved head.  Nice.  Relaxing.  I look at the handsome face looking down at me.  He’s wearing pale green scrubs.  I love the amount of hair on his forearms and the dark forest peeking out of his shirt.  I close my eyes.

His slightly fleshy fingers gently prod my neck, graze against the sides and touch my temples.  The bulge in my 501’s swells slightly.

“Now open for me.”  My mouth opens.  “Wider.”  I oval it as big as I can.

His fingers are in my mouth.  Probing. 

God, I hate the taste of latex.

I open my eyes and stare at my handsome dentist as he tells me to stick out my tongue and say “Ah.”
Now he’s scraping.  The combination of my ubiquitous cup of tea made with hard water and an over active saliva gland at the base of my front teeth always make me feel like I’m an unfinished David to his Michelangelo.  Well, maybe now more like Moses to his Michelangelo.

But he’s not doing much chipping today.

The dentist stops mid-cleaning and looks at me:  “I don’t know what you are doing, but your teeth are very clean.  Keep on doing whatever it is.”

It was the piss party I attended two days ago, of course.

I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell him, though he might laugh.  I have never had a check-up so close to the event—and I know the amount of piss I usually consume takes tartar off my teeth like nothing else…

It’s no accident the Roman Legion cleaned their teeth with their own piss.

I open again and he goes to work.  My eyes close.

Suddenly he’s hosing into my mouth. 

If only…it’s just the water jet.

“Now spit.”

I do—but I’d be proud to swallow him…

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seven Man Fuck and Felch

Chicago—September, 2014

(Immediately after the last post)

I towel myself off at the end of the piss party and zip myself into my Air Force flight suit to act as a cover all.  I try to dry off the tubing of the sling stand and pack it away.  I’m ready to load the car and get to Rod and Brice’s house.

“Do you want to use this?”  It’s the hot, cubbish bartender talking.  I turn, hoping he’s pulled a hard cock out of the skimpy shorts he tends bar in.  He’s pointing to the back door of the bar.  How appropriate.   It saves me a lot of steps with heavy bags and clanking chains.

Within 15 minutes I’m parking on the street in a quiet neighborhood.  It’s the only house in the city that I’ve been to where I can always find a parking space.  I go in and greet the guys and head right for the shower in the basement.  I never think I smell of piss after the party—that is until I step out into the fresh air.  I spend longer under the hot spray then I need to, but it feels terrific and relaxes my rather tense neck muscles.

As I towel off, Rod comes in and tells me about the guys expected to attend.  He uses his smart phone to call up profile pics for me to see of those I don’t know. 

The group:

Carlos:  This Latino muscle boy is mentioned often in these pages.  In his late 30’s, he is in great shape.  He has a distinctive set of tribal tattoos that wrap around his powerful shoulder, back and chest.  He was almost all top when I met him a few years ago.  That is no longer true—though he usually needs other men before he takes my cock in that round, full ass.

Keith:  He’s new to me, but not to my hosts.  His first picture is of a tall, thin man of my age or so.  He wears a ball cap to conceal a receding hairline. The rest of his pictures show off his big dick entering ass after ass after ass.

Mark:  A fuck bud from Michigan who was my roommate at CLAW two years ago.  He’s slightly older than I, heavily tattooed and a true versatile—though he is leaning more toward bottoming lately.  I always think of his white goatee as almost always matted with cum or piss.

Brice:  Rod and Brice have been together for years.  I have known them since just before I started blogging.  Brice is fast approaching 50.  The body that made him a finalist at IML is still evident.  In groups, he mostly bottoms, but I know that he tops.  I’ve felched his handiwork out of Rod.
Rod:  He has cleaned up since the piss party, too.  His hair is prematurely white and full.  He is younger than I, but only by a few years.  He usually starts out a group as a top, but by the end, his ass is well used.

Byron:  He is a tall, muscle giant carved out of ebony.  And his cock is the reason there is a cliché about Black dick.  I have not met him either.

And me.

Seven of us.  A good group.  And they will likely all be here—as they all are fuck buds of the hosts. 
Rod closes the BBRT phone app.  “Do you want my piss?”

I shrug with a why not.  I kneel, fresh from the shower, the towel wrapped around my waist.  The moment Rod starts unloading down my throat, the towel tents obscenely.  I am ready to go for the evening.

We play in the basement.  There is a sling, a rimseat and a bed.  We won’t be pressing the pool table into service…

Keith arrives first.  He strips to a jock and boots.  And his baseball cap.  Rod and I are the only ones in the basement.  We kneel on either side of the new arrival.  Rod sucks his cock, I eat his ass.  Then we turn him so I get a taste of his dick and Rod tongues his butt.  Brice arrives, fresh from the shower.  Kevin pulls away from us and bends Brice over the bed and drills his cock into him. 
Carlos arrives next.  He strips down to some sort of designer jock.  He leads me to the rim seat so I can open him up.  I get under and start to tongue his magnificent ass.  Before I know it, someone is sitting on my cock.  I can’t tell who it is, but it feels great.  I just concentrate on getting Carlos’ hole as wet as possible for someone’s cock. 

Eventually the man on my cock gets off me.  Carlos gets up, too and goes to get fucked by Keith.  Mark has arrived and Rod brings him over to the rimseat.  I eat Mark out and Rod impales himself on my cock as I lie there.  I can soon feel someone standing astride my chest.  He must be feeding Mark a cock to suck.  I learn later, Mark is all but unhinging his jaw to take Byron down his throat as I stick my tongue as deeply as I can into Mark’s ass…


We are all at the bed.  Kneeling on three sides of it are Brice, Carlos and Mark.  Byron is in Mark, Rod in Carlos and Keith is pummeling Brice.  Keith pulls out and I take his place.  This causes a chain reaction of guys slipping into the next ass.  Carlos grunts loudly as Byron sticks it into him, Keith moves to Mark and Rod stands back and strokes.  Rod watches intently as we all fuck the man in front of us—all in different rhythms and styles.  Then he bends over on the vacant side of the bed.  We shift over one, to now include him in rotation.  The man not filled with cock has his hole played with by the thick fingers of Byron.

“Switch it up.”

They all do what I say and move around to the next hole.

And the next.

Then almost as if I gave another command, the tops pull out and begins tonguing whichever hole they were last fucking. 

We are all now in rut.

From that moment on, it’s a dogpile on the bed.  It’s impossible to tell who’s in what hole.  I know one moment I am licking hole, then I’m kissing and sucking on someone’s tongue, then I’m sucking a dripping cock.

At some point amid all the twisting of bodies, I end up with Keith’s mouth on my ear.  “I’d love to try taking your fat cock,” says the top.  “Even your load.” 

I grunt assent but he moves away and I slip into whatever hole is under me…


We are in three separate spaces now.  Rod is bent over, holding onto the sling and getting noisily plowed by Keith.  Brice is on the bed with Byron and Carlos.  Mark sits on the rimseat and lets me fuck his face. 

A howl comes from the sling.  Keith is loading Rod’s ass.  Keith grins sheepishly at me, gets dressed and leaves without trying my cock.  Mark and Rod know what I like.  Mark lets me get under the seat.  Rod sits, the cum leaking from his hole onto my face.  Mark rides my cock.  I clean the hole of the first cum load of the night.


Much later.

Brice is in the sling.  Carlos is fucking him.

Rod is getting fucked by Mark.  Or maybe it’s the other way around—for the next sentence makes me forget everything else.

“Do you only eat out fucked hole?”  Byron asks, taking me to the rim seat.

I can’t find words, I just show him how eager I am by getting under the seat as fast as possible.
I watch the massive Black cheeks of Byron slowly descending to the seat.  My cock spits out a massive amount of pre-cum.  He sits and all light is blocked.  My tongue is right there, opening up his hole.

“Yeah, baby.  Eat this Black ass.  This ass that don’t get fucked.  Shit you are deep, you pig...”  On and on Byron prattles as I wet down his hole and drill deep.  He tastes of the sweat and exertion of fucking for two hours.

Byron only gets off my face when Carlos let’s out a grunt and cums in Brice.  Byron wants to fuck in the load.  I get up to clean Carlos’cock.

Byron cums next.

I make a meal of the two churned loads.

I leave just enough jizz for Mark to fuck in.

I take Rod back to the rimseat.  I have not swallowed the co-mingled loads.  I push some into Rod.  He knows just what I’m doing.  He jerks faster and faster.  He suddenly stands, turns and sprays his load all over my face and the rimseat.

I hear Mark get off in Brice.

Rod helps me up.  His load is still all over my face.  He pushes me to Brice and I bury my face in Brice’s freshly loaded ass.

In moments, I stand up and add my own to the swirl of cum deep inside Brice…

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"You Want Me to Piss Him?"

Chicago—September, 2014

I did nothing else during my trip to Canada.  I was sated.  I came home just in time to get back in the car and go to the Chicago Piss Party.  I had talked to the organizers and once again I took the sling.  I set it up in the same back corner of the bar in which the party is held.  And it proved to be the only party of the year that had barely any bottoms in attendance…

“Hey!  You brought it.”  It’s one of my favorite bottoms walking towards me from the bar.   He’s a good head shorter than I am and almost 15 years younger.  He is wearing a neoprene singlet (black and yellow, of course) that has no ass.  His dark reddish hair is cut shorter than I remember.  He gives me a kiss and squeezes the bulge of my yellow jock.  “You want to fuck me?”

I nod.  He takes a long swig of his beer and puts the cup on the oil drum that serves as a table next to the sling.  He is up and in it, before I can offer to help.  His legs snake up and out—and he’s expertly into the stirrups.  I kneel on the floor which this early in the evening is dry.  He reaches down and pulls his cheeks even farther apart than the natural spread the sling provides.  My tongue connects with his pink, moist hole. 

“You have the best tongue,” he moans.  “Eat me out.”

His words make me probe him deeper, harder and faster.  I bury myself between his full ass cheeks.  It’s at that moment that I feel someone pissing on my back.  I pull back slightly and the pale yellow stream arcs up and hits the top of the boy’s ass crack.  The fluid sluices down between his cheeks and onto my tongue.  I swallow noisily and occasionally poke some into the now wet hole.  As the stream subsides, I stand up and smile at the pisser—a man I recognize from parties past.  I insert my cock.  The bottom’s hand flexes out—telling me to slow my assault.  I do.  As soon as I see it in his eyes, I slide the rest of the way home. 

I pause.

He looks up at me and grins.  “Fuck me hard.”

I do.  A short Hispanic man comes over, stroking.  “You want me to piss him?”

“Sure.  Right on my dick.”

The guy keeps stroking his half hard cock.  With a deft movement, he peels back his long foreskin, and a stream of piss shoots out.  His aim is perfect—right on my cock.  I’m fucking it into his ass and splashing it up against his cheeks.  The super hotness of the liquid feels wonderful to both of us.
And the stream goes on and on.  I can’t believe how full his bladder must have been.

Eventually, it winds down and he shuffles away.  I pull out, bending to lick some of the hot piss off his ass cheeks.  I wring out the hairs of the red haired boy’s ass with my tongue and swallow it all down.  My dick is raging hard.  This only makes me want to fuck him all over again…


Rod arrives.  He is half of my favorite couple in Chicago—the couple who throw the best New Year’s Eve parties.  We hug by the end of the bar.  We have lots to catch up on since I saw him in May.  As I’m telling him about CumUnion, I feel his hand on my shoulder pressing me down.

“Here you go…”

Rod puts the big head of his cock into my mouth.  Just in time.  He unleashes a cascade of piss down my throat.  I swallow and gulp, and for a moment, wonder if I can take it all.  I am stroking my cock—fast and hard.   Finally, his flow ebbs and I can breathe again.  I stand up.  I reach for Rod’s pale white ass. 

“You better wait for that until you get to our house tonight.”

“Sure,” I agree.  “Thanks for letting me stay.” 

“You know Brice is home messaging guys for a small group after this?” 

I nod.

“Well, go use that thing on some lucky asshole.”  And Rod playfully pushes me towards the back corner.


I can’t get anyone else in the sling.  When I’m across the room, I notice one other couple using it, appreciatively.  I go over and piss on the fucker’s cock, just like the Hispanic had on mine.


“I don’t care if guys watch me—but I don’t want to see everyone watching me get fucked in the sling.” I am talking to the beefy corporate type who I love to fuck at this party.  He surprised me a couple of years ago by telling me he is an avid reader of the blog.

“Okay.  Next time I’ll have a bandanna to tie around your eyes.  Would that do it?”

He agrees it would.  I run my hand over his hairy chest—a luxurious mat of fur—the kind I remember on my favorite gym teacher from my middle school years and so many men from an earlier era.

“But you still want my cock?”

“Are you crazy?”

I sit on the ledge, partially hidden by the darkness at edge of the room.  He kneels and sucks me down, his tongue swirling.  And he pays attention to my balls—balls which are so often forgotten by guys who love big dick.  He spits on my cock one last time.  He stands and turns and sits on me in one smooth glide into place.  My hands reach around and work his furry pecs, concentrating on his hard nipples.  His ass is milking me like crazy.  I have to think of something non-sexual or I’ll shoot.
“You want me to piss him, too?”  It’s the Hispanic man again.  He doesn’t wait for a reply this time.  He takes aim at the man’s crotch bouncing on my cock.  He pisses.  It starts with a big blat of pale yellow liquid and just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  He hoses us down.  The man on me is moaning.  I touch his hard cock, but he brushes my hand away.  The piss stream is covering our crotches and running down our legs.

I turn away from the Hispanic.  Two guys on the other side of us start to add their piss to our crotches.  We are in the middle of a piss fountain.  A guy who’s been jerking behind the Hispanic, steps in.  He shoots his cum on that great matted fur chest in five quick bursts. 

The three pissers simply raise their various piss streams and wash it all away…

(Next post—the after party at Rod and Brice’s)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

CumUnion Toronto -- Part Two

Toronto—September, 2014

(Immediately after the last post)

The door to a private sling room is open.  I see a young man on the floor.  His chest catches the light perfectly—showing off his hours at the gym.  His face is in shadow.  His hands are behind his back.  We push into the room. 


I pull up his chin.

He’s gorgeous.  Those classic Hollywood chiseled features. Dark hair, pale skin.

I can’t believe my luck.   My cock pushes into his mouth.  He ovals hungrily.

He’s the man with who I’ll spend the rest of the night…

I start fucking the hot boy’s mouth in earnest.  He takes me to the root each time.  I pull him off my cock.  There is a huge strand of deep spittle.  I catch it with my free hand and smear it on his pretty face before I shove him down on Mr. Tattoo’s cock.  The Pretty Boy loves being manhandled.  I can see his ample cock poke out of his black Nasty Pig jock and ooze pre-cum onto his taut belly.  I reach down and with a quick swipe along his abs, I coat my fingers.  I make him suckle those before he can return to my cock.  Mr. Tattoo reaches down and fingers his ass.  He moves around and lifts his butt in the air for easier access.  He stops sucking and turns to Mr. Tattoo.

“The only thing, I need you to wear condoms.”

“This is CumUnion.  It’s a bareback event.”

“It’s a sex party,” I remind him.  “We need to play as…”  I don’t get it all out, before Mr. Tattoo is out the door.  I shrug at the boy.  “What’s your name?”


“I’m not about to pass up that hot looking ass of yours, just because I have to latex it.”  I reach down and pull a Magnum out of my sock.  “Lean into the sling.”    Kevin follows orders well.  He arches his back, showing off the hard muscle butt he’s worked so hard to get.  I kneel behind him and bury my face in it.  There’s just enough hair to make my pulse race.  I poke at his tight hole, opening him up with lots of spit and hard drilling.  With my left hand I’m lubing and jacking my cock.  I rip open the Magnum, never once pausing on my oral assault of his hole.  I roll the condom down, slather more lube on it and spit one last time into his dripping ass crack.  I stand up and slap my cock on his round cheeks.  I want him to know I’m covered.  I push into him.  Slowly.

Kevin grunts and grabs onto the sling for support.  I move slowly, inexorably, until I bottom out.  Even with the damn condom on, I can feel the heat of his ass.  He grunts again and I start fucking.
There is a crowd at the door—mostly tourists who want to jerk under their towels.  I look back at the beautiful young man under me. He cranes his head around and begs me to fuck him harder.  I slap his ass a resounding whack, and he calls me “Sir” instinctively.  This makes some of the twinks in the doorway gasp.  I turn back to them, about to order them out or shut the door, when pushing through them, I see Dirty Blond Top still with the Cub in tow.

“So you found him,” says DBT in my ear.  “He’s a great fuck.” 

I nod.  And show him the remains of the Magnum wrapper.

“I know.  We’ve played before at these events.”  DBT pushes the Cub onto his back on the bed.  He’s just in the line of sight of Kevin in the sling.  Kevin can’t take his eyes off the raw cock that slides into Cub.  We fuck our respective bottoms for a long time.

Then we switch.  I love peeling off the rubber, tossing it at Kevin’s feet and sliding into the Cub bare.  DBT slides his latexed dick into Kevin.  Once again, only the sound of our hips smacking taut flesh is heard.

“Get them side by side on the bed.”  I pull out of the Cub and flip him to all fours.  Kevin joins him.  It’s a tight fit, but perfect.  The boys are hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder.  DBT pulls off the condom; I unroll a new one as we switch boys.  We both bend to taste the holes in front of us.  In perfect harmony, we rise and insert our cocks.  The boys hold hands, their fingers entwined.  “Kiss each other,” I bark out.  They do.  They can’t get enough of the taste of each other’s mouth—both knowing the other is feeling a cock in his ass just like he is.

We switch off.  Going back and forth between covered fucking and bare is heightening the experience—not diminishing it.

We put Kevin into the sling properly and make the Cub get under the sling to lick our balls as we fuck.  Then we repeat the process with Kevin under us as we take turns on the Cub.

The Cub is wearing out.  We let him go after one more time of the two of them side by side on the bed.  The Cub takes off and, moments later, so does Dirty Blond Top.  I thank him.

I pull Kevin up.  He stands in front of me.  I work on his pronounced nipples, first with my fingers, then with my teeth and tongue.  I come up for air and kiss him for the first time.  He melts under me.  I kick the stack of used condoms out of the way.   We sit on the bed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

We are so lost in each other, we don’t notice that at least three guys have pushed into the room to watch us.  I reach for one, he pulls away, not letting me touch him.

“Out.  All of you.”  They go.  I notice this room has a special door.  There is the regular one to lock up your room—and there is also an iron gate to keep people out, but let them watch.  I swing the metal gate shut and lock it.

I move to Kevin on the bed and lie down.  “Now sit on my face.”


I don’t know how long he is astride my face, grinding his ass crack across my beard.  I know I have to stop touching my cock or I will blow.

I get up and turn the light down even lower.  I love that we are on display.  There are shadowy forms always outside our door.  Hands reaching through.  Or occasionally hard cocks.  I make Kevin fellate one of them.

“Come here.” 

He does.  We kiss again, holding each other.

On the other side of the room, a chain stretches from behind the door to the wall opposite.  It’s about six feet in the air.  I tell him to hold on to it, as I don’t have restraints to keep him in place.  It’s just high enough to give him some support as he arches his back with his legs spread.  I kneel behind him and begin eating his ass again.

Then I fuck him some more.

I reach for my ever present bottle of water.  I take a pull and swallow his taste down.  Another pull, but this I leave in my mouth.  I kneel and push the cool water into his hot hole.  Kevin groans.  He likes it.  A lot.

I grab for my towel as I eat his ass, now rinsed with the water.  I swallow it down.  As I lick him I get the towel under his legs.  Then I stand up and piss his ass crack.  He babbles.  He can’t believe how hot it is to have the unexpected piss cascading down between his tight butt cheeks.  I kneel and lovingly clean him up.

“You’re marked now.  You’re mine for the night…”


We play more, but we don’t get off together.  He has to go home and I want an ass to explode in.

I find it in the person of one of the first guys I had that night—the slim guy in the red and yellow Nasty Pig jock from the front room.  I find him lolling in the sling with a load oozing out of his hole. 

I felch the unknown man’s cum, insert my cock in the slick remains and blast my load into him—the load I want to give to Kevin.

Monday, November 3, 2014

CumUnion Toronto -- Part One

Toronto—September, 2014

I had never been in Canada during a CumUnion, but I was this year.  They are held at the same bathhouse I had been to on the Saturday, but I was more than ready to head back into the city from my camp site on the Monday night.  I got there right at the 8pm start time for I really wanted a room and not a locker so I could sleep for at least an hour or two before check out time.  The place was already buzzing, but I could still get a room.  I checked my valuables, found my small cell for the night and got undressed down to my usual look of jock and boots with my towel slung over my shoulder.  

All three public play areas are open and have guys cruising.  The slurp ramp is busy with at least three guys offering their cocks to the guys below.  The sling in the middle area has a young man in it with a ring of guys waiting to fuck him.  I don’t linger when I see he insists on condoms.  I continue on to the back gloryhole area located in the dark corridor.  The crush of guys in the dark passageway gives me a moment of claustrophobia. I push my way towards one of the built in benches, sliding away from the groping hands.  I sit.  I bend and look through the hole.  The booth has an occupant.  I honestly see nothing but an expanse of naked flesh as he services a cock coming through the hole directly across from me.  My cock swells under the fabric of my jock pouch.  I stand up, pull it out and push it through the hole on my side.  In no time I feel his mouth on me, sucking me to hardness.  He gets me erect in no time.  His mouth pulls off me.  I keep my cock in place, knowing he wants to keep the other guy happy, too.

Then he’s back—his tongue swirls around my thick cock head.  But only for a second.  I can hear his knees shuffle back to the other cock.  Then it’s me again.  When he stops, I can hear him turn once again.  But then I feel his hand.  His fingers are guiding me back into his mouth—No—I’m in his ass.  I can hear him grunt through the plywood wall as I hit home.  I know from previous visits that the booth is small enough so he can fellate the dick pushing through the other wall.

Then he turns.  He makes sounds of satisfaction as he tastes his own ass on my dick.  I can’t see, but I’m sure he has backed his ass onto the other cock.  I know I’m right as I hear a heavy body fucking into the wall.  The sound fills the dark room.

Again he turns. My turn to fuck.  I answer the other guy, making sure he can hear my hips slap the partition. 

He turns once more.  He is slurping on my cock.  The louder pounding begins again as my unseen partner fucks the hole.  But not for long.  With a terrific cry he shoots.  The sucker pulls off my cock to give full attention to the cock unloading in his hole.  I don’t move.  I just want him to turn around and sink his spunked out hole back on my dick.

I wait.

And there it is…his ass.  He’s in control—pushing onto me ever so easily.  I glide home in this now super slick, wet hole.  I start to fuck.  But he doesn’t let me.  He pulls off.  He is only using my thick cock to pull the cum out of his hole.  He cleans all the semen off me with some low moans. 
I back away.  I think about trying to see who it was…but decide I’d rather never know.


I go and check out the slurp ramp.  In one of the booths off to the side of the ramp is a man sucking a cock through a glory hole.  The cock is coming in from the ramp.  The sucker can stand on the floor, his ass jutting out of the door frame and still give good head.  I kneel behind the ass (blocking traffic) and sink my tongue into his ass crack.  His grunt of appreciation is muffled by the cock in his mouth.  He pulls away from the cock in the wall for just a moment.

“You can fuck me, too, as long as you fuck bare.”

I grunt a yes, deep into his ass.

I look up from my kneeling position.  The ass belongs to a tall, slim, mid 40’s guy.  He’s wearing a red and yellow Nasty Pig jock.  I eat him out until he’s moaning around the cock in his mouth.  I spit into his hole.  My cock brushes against the cleft in his ass.  I pull the full cheeks apart and enter.  He grunts.  I notice he no longer has a cock in his mouth.  I wonder if he got a load—I find out when he spits into his hand and lubes the half of my cock not already imbedded in his butt.  It’s cum.  I slide in perfectly.

He’s a great fuck.  It’s all about his clenching his ass muscles around my cock.  Long, lingering pull outs as he milks me—and a loosening up as I thrust in.  I could get off easily in him if it wasn’t so early in the evening.

We only stop when he calls for a rest.


I recognize him from his BBRT profile.  He has more (and beautiful) tattoos on his buff upper body than almost any man I know.  We are at the sling in the middle section of the bathhouse.  I’m fucking some hairy assed twink in the sling.  Raw.  I pull out.  Mr. Tattoo is right there to clean my cock and then push into the sling boy himself.

Soon, it’s my turn to clean his ample cock.

When we tire of this boy we go off looking for more ass to plunder together.  We chat a little as we walk the halls.

We fuck a Black kid on one of the fuck benches near the slurp ramp.  This time he goes first.  I spit on his cock as it drives into the young man who is being very vocal.

“You yell like that now,” Mr. Tattoo chides him, “wait until my friend fucks you.”  The Black kid looks over towards me.  My cock waves in front of him.  He shuts up as I thump his cheek with it.
This time I don’t clean his dick—he takes it around to the boy’s mouth as I start up that hot Black ass.


The cock in his mouth is forgotten as he tries to take me. I move slowly…but it’s too much.  We give up.

We find the perfect boy to share on a fuck bench in the middle area.  A reddish furred Cub is astride it.  I let my new friend open him up while I feed the Cub my cock.  When it’s my turn he takes me like a champ.  He’s tight, but in the best possible way.  I fuck him hard.  Others push in to watch and give us no room to maneuver.  I drag the Cub up and out of the alcove where the fuck bench sits.  I push him to all fours on the couch outside the DJ booth.  The DJ grins and gives me a thumbs up as we go back to ravishing this hot boy.

We pause to let a leather daddy fuck the Cub’s hole.

We also give it to a young man—who gives the Cub a load.

I also see the Dirty Blond Top from Saturday.  He is more than happy to fuck the Cub.

We break only to catch our breathes.  The Cub excuses himself and disappears with the Dirty Blond Top.  Mr. Tattoo and I wander a little more. 

The door to a private sling room is open.  I see a young man on the floor.  His chest catches the light perfectly—showing off his hours at the gym.  His face is in shadow.  His hands are behind his back.  We step into the room. 


I tilt up his chin.

He’s gorgeous.  Those classic Hollywood chiseled features. Dark.cropped hair and stubble.  Pale skin.

I can’t believe my luck.   My cock pushes into his mouth.  He ovals hungrily.

He’s the man with who I’ll spend the rest of the night…

(To be continued)