Monday, November 3, 2014

CumUnion Toronto -- Part One

Toronto—September, 2014

I had never been in Canada during a CumUnion, but I was this year.  They are held at the same bathhouse I had been to on the Saturday, but I was more than ready to head back into the city from my camp site on the Monday night.  I got there right at the 8pm start time for I really wanted a room and not a locker so I could sleep for at least an hour or two before check out time.  The place was already buzzing, but I could still get a room.  I checked my valuables, found my small cell for the night and got undressed down to my usual look of jock and boots with my towel slung over my shoulder.  

All three public play areas are open and have guys cruising.  The slurp ramp is busy with at least three guys offering their cocks to the guys below.  The sling in the middle area has a young man in it with a ring of guys waiting to fuck him.  I don’t linger when I see he insists on condoms.  I continue on to the back gloryhole area located in the dark corridor.  The crush of guys in the dark passageway gives me a moment of claustrophobia. I push my way towards one of the built in benches, sliding away from the groping hands.  I sit.  I bend and look through the hole.  The booth has an occupant.  I honestly see nothing but an expanse of naked flesh as he services a cock coming through the hole directly across from me.  My cock swells under the fabric of my jock pouch.  I stand up, pull it out and push it through the hole on my side.  In no time I feel his mouth on me, sucking me to hardness.  He gets me erect in no time.  His mouth pulls off me.  I keep my cock in place, knowing he wants to keep the other guy happy, too.

Then he’s back—his tongue swirls around my thick cock head.  But only for a second.  I can hear his knees shuffle back to the other cock.  Then it’s me again.  When he stops, I can hear him turn once again.  But then I feel his hand.  His fingers are guiding me back into his mouth—No—I’m in his ass.  I can hear him grunt through the plywood wall as I hit home.  I know from previous visits that the booth is small enough so he can fellate the dick pushing through the other wall.

Then he turns.  He makes sounds of satisfaction as he tastes his own ass on my dick.  I can’t see, but I’m sure he has backed his ass onto the other cock.  I know I’m right as I hear a heavy body fucking into the wall.  The sound fills the dark room.

Again he turns. My turn to fuck.  I answer the other guy, making sure he can hear my hips slap the partition. 

He turns once more.  He is slurping on my cock.  The louder pounding begins again as my unseen partner fucks the hole.  But not for long.  With a terrific cry he shoots.  The sucker pulls off my cock to give full attention to the cock unloading in his hole.  I don’t move.  I just want him to turn around and sink his spunked out hole back on my dick.

I wait.

And there it is…his ass.  He’s in control—pushing onto me ever so easily.  I glide home in this now super slick, wet hole.  I start to fuck.  But he doesn’t let me.  He pulls off.  He is only using my thick cock to pull the cum out of his hole.  He cleans all the semen off me with some low moans. 
I back away.  I think about trying to see who it was…but decide I’d rather never know.


I go and check out the slurp ramp.  In one of the booths off to the side of the ramp is a man sucking a cock through a glory hole.  The cock is coming in from the ramp.  The sucker can stand on the floor, his ass jutting out of the door frame and still give good head.  I kneel behind the ass (blocking traffic) and sink my tongue into his ass crack.  His grunt of appreciation is muffled by the cock in his mouth.  He pulls away from the cock in the wall for just a moment.

“You can fuck me, too, as long as you fuck bare.”

I grunt a yes, deep into his ass.

I look up from my kneeling position.  The ass belongs to a tall, slim, mid 40’s guy.  He’s wearing a red and yellow Nasty Pig jock.  I eat him out until he’s moaning around the cock in his mouth.  I spit into his hole.  My cock brushes against the cleft in his ass.  I pull the full cheeks apart and enter.  He grunts.  I notice he no longer has a cock in his mouth.  I wonder if he got a load—I find out when he spits into his hand and lubes the half of my cock not already imbedded in his butt.  It’s cum.  I slide in perfectly.

He’s a great fuck.  It’s all about his clenching his ass muscles around my cock.  Long, lingering pull outs as he milks me—and a loosening up as I thrust in.  I could get off easily in him if it wasn’t so early in the evening.

We only stop when he calls for a rest.


I recognize him from his BBRT profile.  He has more (and beautiful) tattoos on his buff upper body than almost any man I know.  We are at the sling in the middle section of the bathhouse.  I’m fucking some hairy assed twink in the sling.  Raw.  I pull out.  Mr. Tattoo is right there to clean my cock and then push into the sling boy himself.

Soon, it’s my turn to clean his ample cock.

When we tire of this boy we go off looking for more ass to plunder together.  We chat a little as we walk the halls.

We fuck a Black kid on one of the fuck benches near the slurp ramp.  This time he goes first.  I spit on his cock as it drives into the young man who is being very vocal.

“You yell like that now,” Mr. Tattoo chides him, “wait until my friend fucks you.”  The Black kid looks over towards me.  My cock waves in front of him.  He shuts up as I thump his cheek with it.
This time I don’t clean his dick—he takes it around to the boy’s mouth as I start up that hot Black ass.


The cock in his mouth is forgotten as he tries to take me. I move slowly…but it’s too much.  We give up.

We find the perfect boy to share on a fuck bench in the middle area.  A reddish furred Cub is astride it.  I let my new friend open him up while I feed the Cub my cock.  When it’s my turn he takes me like a champ.  He’s tight, but in the best possible way.  I fuck him hard.  Others push in to watch and give us no room to maneuver.  I drag the Cub up and out of the alcove where the fuck bench sits.  I push him to all fours on the couch outside the DJ booth.  The DJ grins and gives me a thumbs up as we go back to ravishing this hot boy.

We pause to let a leather daddy fuck the Cub’s hole.

We also give it to a young man—who gives the Cub a load.

I also see the Dirty Blond Top from Saturday.  He is more than happy to fuck the Cub.

We break only to catch our breathes.  The Cub excuses himself and disappears with the Dirty Blond Top.  Mr. Tattoo and I wander a little more. 

The door to a private sling room is open.  I see a young man on the floor.  His chest catches the light perfectly—showing off his hours at the gym.  His face is in shadow.  His hands are behind his back.  We step into the room. 


I tilt up his chin.

He’s gorgeous.  Those classic Hollywood chiseled features. Dark.cropped hair and stubble.  Pale skin.

I can’t believe my luck.   My cock pushes into his mouth.  He ovals hungrily.

He’s the man with who I’ll spend the rest of the night…

(To be continued)


  1. Great post! Can't wait for part 2.

    1. Thanks. Your wait is over. It took a little longer as I was under the weather this week. I hope you enjoy it as much as Part One.