Saturday, November 8, 2014

CumUnion Toronto -- Part Two

Toronto—September, 2014

(Immediately after the last post)

The door to a private sling room is open.  I see a young man on the floor.  His chest catches the light perfectly—showing off his hours at the gym.  His face is in shadow.  His hands are behind his back.  We push into the room. 


I pull up his chin.

He’s gorgeous.  Those classic Hollywood chiseled features. Dark hair, pale skin.

I can’t believe my luck.   My cock pushes into his mouth.  He ovals hungrily.

He’s the man with who I’ll spend the rest of the night…

I start fucking the hot boy’s mouth in earnest.  He takes me to the root each time.  I pull him off my cock.  There is a huge strand of deep spittle.  I catch it with my free hand and smear it on his pretty face before I shove him down on Mr. Tattoo’s cock.  The Pretty Boy loves being manhandled.  I can see his ample cock poke out of his black Nasty Pig jock and ooze pre-cum onto his taut belly.  I reach down and with a quick swipe along his abs, I coat my fingers.  I make him suckle those before he can return to my cock.  Mr. Tattoo reaches down and fingers his ass.  He moves around and lifts his butt in the air for easier access.  He stops sucking and turns to Mr. Tattoo.

“The only thing, I need you to wear condoms.”

“This is CumUnion.  It’s a bareback event.”

“It’s a sex party,” I remind him.  “We need to play as…”  I don’t get it all out, before Mr. Tattoo is out the door.  I shrug at the boy.  “What’s your name?”


“I’m not about to pass up that hot looking ass of yours, just because I have to latex it.”  I reach down and pull a Magnum out of my sock.  “Lean into the sling.”    Kevin follows orders well.  He arches his back, showing off the hard muscle butt he’s worked so hard to get.  I kneel behind him and bury my face in it.  There’s just enough hair to make my pulse race.  I poke at his tight hole, opening him up with lots of spit and hard drilling.  With my left hand I’m lubing and jacking my cock.  I rip open the Magnum, never once pausing on my oral assault of his hole.  I roll the condom down, slather more lube on it and spit one last time into his dripping ass crack.  I stand up and slap my cock on his round cheeks.  I want him to know I’m covered.  I push into him.  Slowly.

Kevin grunts and grabs onto the sling for support.  I move slowly, inexorably, until I bottom out.  Even with the damn condom on, I can feel the heat of his ass.  He grunts again and I start fucking.
There is a crowd at the door—mostly tourists who want to jerk under their towels.  I look back at the beautiful young man under me. He cranes his head around and begs me to fuck him harder.  I slap his ass a resounding whack, and he calls me “Sir” instinctively.  This makes some of the twinks in the doorway gasp.  I turn back to them, about to order them out or shut the door, when pushing through them, I see Dirty Blond Top still with the Cub in tow.

“So you found him,” says DBT in my ear.  “He’s a great fuck.” 

I nod.  And show him the remains of the Magnum wrapper.

“I know.  We’ve played before at these events.”  DBT pushes the Cub onto his back on the bed.  He’s just in the line of sight of Kevin in the sling.  Kevin can’t take his eyes off the raw cock that slides into Cub.  We fuck our respective bottoms for a long time.

Then we switch.  I love peeling off the rubber, tossing it at Kevin’s feet and sliding into the Cub bare.  DBT slides his latexed dick into Kevin.  Once again, only the sound of our hips smacking taut flesh is heard.

“Get them side by side on the bed.”  I pull out of the Cub and flip him to all fours.  Kevin joins him.  It’s a tight fit, but perfect.  The boys are hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder.  DBT pulls off the condom; I unroll a new one as we switch boys.  We both bend to taste the holes in front of us.  In perfect harmony, we rise and insert our cocks.  The boys hold hands, their fingers entwined.  “Kiss each other,” I bark out.  They do.  They can’t get enough of the taste of each other’s mouth—both knowing the other is feeling a cock in his ass just like he is.

We switch off.  Going back and forth between covered fucking and bare is heightening the experience—not diminishing it.

We put Kevin into the sling properly and make the Cub get under the sling to lick our balls as we fuck.  Then we repeat the process with Kevin under us as we take turns on the Cub.

The Cub is wearing out.  We let him go after one more time of the two of them side by side on the bed.  The Cub takes off and, moments later, so does Dirty Blond Top.  I thank him.

I pull Kevin up.  He stands in front of me.  I work on his pronounced nipples, first with my fingers, then with my teeth and tongue.  I come up for air and kiss him for the first time.  He melts under me.  I kick the stack of used condoms out of the way.   We sit on the bed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

We are so lost in each other, we don’t notice that at least three guys have pushed into the room to watch us.  I reach for one, he pulls away, not letting me touch him.

“Out.  All of you.”  They go.  I notice this room has a special door.  There is the regular one to lock up your room—and there is also an iron gate to keep people out, but let them watch.  I swing the metal gate shut and lock it.

I move to Kevin on the bed and lie down.  “Now sit on my face.”


I don’t know how long he is astride my face, grinding his ass crack across my beard.  I know I have to stop touching my cock or I will blow.

I get up and turn the light down even lower.  I love that we are on display.  There are shadowy forms always outside our door.  Hands reaching through.  Or occasionally hard cocks.  I make Kevin fellate one of them.

“Come here.” 

He does.  We kiss again, holding each other.

On the other side of the room, a chain stretches from behind the door to the wall opposite.  It’s about six feet in the air.  I tell him to hold on to it, as I don’t have restraints to keep him in place.  It’s just high enough to give him some support as he arches his back with his legs spread.  I kneel behind him and begin eating his ass again.

Then I fuck him some more.

I reach for my ever present bottle of water.  I take a pull and swallow his taste down.  Another pull, but this I leave in my mouth.  I kneel and push the cool water into his hot hole.  Kevin groans.  He likes it.  A lot.

I grab for my towel as I eat his ass, now rinsed with the water.  I swallow it down.  As I lick him I get the towel under his legs.  Then I stand up and piss his ass crack.  He babbles.  He can’t believe how hot it is to have the unexpected piss cascading down between his tight butt cheeks.  I kneel and lovingly clean him up.

“You’re marked now.  You’re mine for the night…”


We play more, but we don’t get off together.  He has to go home and I want an ass to explode in.

I find it in the person of one of the first guys I had that night—the slim guy in the red and yellow Nasty Pig jock from the front room.  I find him lolling in the sling with a load oozing out of his hole. 

I felch the unknown man’s cum, insert my cock in the slick remains and blast my load into him—the load I want to give to Kevin.


  1. Too bad Kevin wouldn't take it bare but it still makes it hot the way you describe him physically. Especially love it when you get Kev and Cub side by side with you and DBT switching boys. Hot post! Thanks!

    1. Of course I wish Kevin liked it bare, but I totally believe in doing what the bottom wants/needs in regard to safer sex...or I'd find someone else to play with. I'm glad I stayed with him--we had a great connection. I'm pretty sure we will find a way to meet again--and that's more important.

  2. I fall to my knees in awe and submission. Stupidly drunk from this tale. Fuck. Me.
    I don't think I have the stamina to last the full 8 hour room rental. And I tried taking a nap at a bathhouse once and just couldn't do it. Not sure why I can fall asleep on top of a huge amp/subwoofer at a club but not on a "bed" in a bathhouse. Must be the anticipation and sexual energy.

    1. I think all that happened in about five hours. I did put in my ear plugs, put on my blindfold and slept for about 3 hours with the phone alarm clock in my hand after I got off. It took years of bathhouse play to get me to be able to rest at all.

      Now let's talk about you on your knees in awe and submission. Good boy. Now listen carefully and do exactly what I whisper in your ear...