Tuesday, November 25, 2014

September Round Up--Using My Head and My Hands

One:  a new personal best.

Kurt is back in the playroom.  He is the pig I have fisted up to the elbow and have put both my hands into him at the same time.  He’s a big man with big appetites and bigger toys.  I open him up with my cock—but he’s feeling over stretched.  Did he play with some of his big toys before he arrived?  I skip fucking with my wilting dick and pick up the box of ball bearings he brought with all his dildos.  I insert a 2” diameter sphere into his insatiable hole.  And then another.  I stick my dick back in.  Now he feels like a college kid.

“I have to get to work at 3:00,” he mutters, inhaling from the small brown bottle.

I pull my dick out.  I worm my hand into his warm ass and pull the stainless steel balls out one at a time.  I do a few preliminary lateral stretches on his hole.  I Crisco up both hands. Then I begin a slow crawl into him.  It always amazes me—that it feels like it is a straight shot up his insides. I inch in slowly as he huffs cheap poppers. 

I am mid forearm in no time.

I slather on more grease up to my elbow.

Soon I’m there.

And then I’m beyond.  Just.  But I can’t see the joint.

I tell him I’ve gone deeper than ever.  I hold in place.  Kurt groans, checking the mirror above him, seeing how deeply I’m buried in him. 

As I slowly pull out, his cock half erects and his balls empty without either of us touching them…

Two:  Suck-a-thon

It has been forever since I “worked” a lunch hour at the dirty book store. 

And today I’ve hit pay dirt. 

I am sitting in the back row of the straight theatre, right on the aisle.  There are eight or nine guys watching.  And all but one of them are stroking to the woman on the screen who is getting savagely butt fucked. 

A man in a business suit is leaning against the wall next to me.  The moment I sit down, he walks over and sticks his dick in my mouth.  He must have been jacking for some time, for he cums almost immediately.  He grunts quietly, but it’s loud enough for every head in the theatre to turn to us and see what is happening.  The man pulls out of my mouth, covers himself so no one can see his rather average cock and then turns his back to the others to get himself put back together.

The man sitting in front of me stands.  He wants some, too.  His thicker cock is sticking out of his blue jeans.  I take a swig from my water bottle—I want my palette fresh.  I work my tongue around his thick, flared head.  He cums fast, too.

And so it goes.  Only the one Black man in the room shoves his dick back in his pants and leaves.  The rest are all waiting for me to service them.  I have never seen the “straight” guys so brazen.  They usually make a show of no interest until they can catch the cocksucker alone. 

But not today.

And I seem to be the only sucker there—and that is amazing.  The guys don’t even fondle each other as they wait their turn.  Some don’t even let me rinse the last man’s cum out of my mouth before they stick their cock in me.

I take seven loads.  Quickly.  Efficiently.   

In no time at all, the theatre is down to the last man.  He’s been standing, watching all the others go ahead of him.  He hasn’t watched the movie since he stood up.  He’s been watching me stroke as I suck.  I hazard a guess that he’s the one who’s going to offer to do me.

But no.

He sticks his dick in my mouth.  He reaches down and touches my drooling cock.  That triggers his cum shot.  He is out the door before he can get his fly completely zipped.

And I’m alone.

I swallow.  I take a long drink from my water bottle.  I beat my meat.  No one is around now.  I know I should cum and get out of there.  How can it get better?

The door opens.  I turn to see who is coming in.  It’s the Black man who left.  He sees the empty room.  He looks at me.  He turns to leave.

I sigh.  But I don’t hear the door open.  I turn around a look again.  He’s stepped into the back corner behind the door.  And he has his thick, slightly curved cock out.  He strokes it, looking directly at me.
He wants me on my knees in front of him.

I get up and move to him.

His free left hand reaches for my shoulder.  He presses down.  I kneel in front of him.

After all the very average to small dicks I’ve sucked today, this feels massive.  I have to really work not to scrape him with my teeth.  All the other men were so excited they gave up their loads easily.  Now I have to work.  I have to earn this one.

And I do.

I get extra points when I pull off his cock and bury my face in his bull testicles.  His hand finds the top of my head and lets me know I’m right where I should be.  I’m sure guys forget about his balls—drawn to the big dick.  I have to stop touching my own cock—they reek of sex and half a day of work.

I try to go back to sucking.  He won’t let me.  His hand clamps me in place, mouth open on his hairy sack.  He grinds me into them. 

And he starts to shoot.  Only then does he release me so I can catch the second spurt on my tongue…

Three:  Marco’s Secret Spot

I spent the last weekend of the month with Marco, my room-mate from IML, down in Columbus.  We had three sessions during a relaxed, comfy weekend.  His ass is the exact opposite of Kurt’s.  He can take things every bit as big, but he still has a hole that is incredibly tight—until I work it open.

Tongue, cock and fist were never far away from his ass.

My hand was able to give him a full body orgasm. 


The sex was so intense I don’t want to write much more about it.

I will just say we were never done until I’d coated his stretched hole with the most copious loads I have shot in years.


  1. As usual I love your dirty book store escapades . You lucky pig!

    1. Thanks--I couldn't believe my luck....you just never know. The one September escapade I don't mention is a second trip to the bookstore--where absolutely nothing happened at all for there was a not a man in the place I'd let touch me...