Monday, January 26, 2015

An Element of Surprise

My Playroom—November, 2014

I had a very busy November.  I got to play a lot.  On top of all the entries here, there were two trips to the bookstore that I am not going to write about.  I only noted load counts—(Four and Two for those who need to know)—and nothing about the men I took them from.  And I have no clue now.  This is one of the reasons I need to be writing about the sex I have faster after the fact.

There was also a man who visited my playroom mid-month.  He came from quite a distance.  He had met me at a group sex party and wanted more.  Unfortunately, his body would not help him out.  He could not stay clean, and I’m not going to write about it.   We had as much fun as we could.  But I don’t need to spend a 1000 words in writing it up.

So I was glad that Kerry was coming to the house at the end of the same week.  He was the man I met and wrote about in “Wet Inside and Out.”   I also learned that day that I play with his boyfriend, but never together.  Last time I described him saying:  “Kerry could be anywhere from 38 to 48.  He is a self-proclaimed bear, but really only because he has lots of hair all over and a broad chest.  He carries some extra weight on his 6 foot frame, but it’s anything but sloppy.  The hair is sort of blondish red.  An elaborate tattoo of Celtic design is…on the small of his back.”  And I see no reason to change it.

We were both online that morning, on one of the hook up sites.  So instead of getting him to text me as he departed, we took care of it right there.  I had almost an hour until he arrived.  The play room was set up—I just had to start the porn when he got there.  As I had a number of conversations going, I sat with another mug of tea and typed and typed…

Kerry is on the fuck bench.  He is panting, coming down from a huge hit of poppers and a loud, gut-stretching fuck.  His piss soaked butt cheeks are red from where my hips pounded against him.  I have rimmed him, pissed his crack and fucked him hard.  I bring my wet cock to his mouth.  He hungrily devours it, leaving me clean of any precum and ass juice as I pull away from his constantly moving tongue.

“Damn, that was hot,” he says as his breathing returns to normal.

“Let’s get you in the sling.”

“Yes, Sir!”  He says it with affection— as an equal, not remotely as a sub.

I get his booted feet into the leg stirrups.

“I want you to totally check out,” I tell him, taking the leather blindfold off the sling stand pole.  I help adjust it around the back of his head.  “I want you to be in control of your poppers, but keep your hands holding the sling chains above your head when you aren’t using them.  I want access to your mouth and pits.” 

Kerry grins.  He’s sure I am going to piss on his pits and clean them up like I did last time.  So I piss on his ass crack again.  I lap it up.  It makes Kerry squirm in pleasure.  I stand and quickly slip my cock into his ass.  After the full assault I gave his ass on the fuck bench, I am fucking him now with gentle, slow strokes.  And talking.

“You like my cock in you, don’t you?  You like that fat dick opening up your hole.  I am going to fuck you so hard.  Now take a hit.”  He does.  “You like my dick in you?  Tell me.”

Kerry opens his mouth to say something and a long, thin cock goes into it instead.  I have been talking to cover the sound of two naked men walking into the playroom.  The taller has slapped his cock into Kerry’s mouth.  Kerry looks confused.  And then I can see him work it out—I’m still fucking him so…He re-doubles his work on the new cock in his mouth.  The third man starts running his hands over the wet hair on Kerry’s chest.

I have found a fuck bud online earlier.  They have stripped down in the lower level and tip toed into the playroom.  Kerry is back to panting, but it’s not brought on by poppers.  I pull out and let the guy currently getting head come around and fuck Kerry.  The other man is too short to use Kerry’s mouth easily.  He pulls Kerry’s dick out of the jock and sucks him into semi-hardness.  Top 1 is balls deep and beginning to fuck.

“I like your whore,” he tells me.

I fondle the cocksucker’s ass.  He’s short and nicely put together.  If Kerry hadn’t been here, this is the ass I’d be doing right now.  But I am good—it’s Kerry’s day to be the only bottom.  And I want to see if this bottom really is versatile.

“Your turn.”  Top 1 pulls out.  He’s tall and thin.  His cock reflects him, long and thin.  And cut.  And shiny with ass juice.  I take care of that as the smaller man moves around to the end of the sling.  He has to stand on his toes, but he’s in and pumping hard in no time.  Top 1 is looking in admiration—I don’t think he’s ever seen his boy in this role.

“I’m going to cum, if I’m not careful.”  The short guy pulls out and I go back into Kerry.

“Three dicks,” I tell him.  As if he didn’t know.  We are all hung so individually, he can always tell who is up him.  Kerry has leaned halfway out of the sling, in order to get more of Top 1 in his mouth.  The smaller guy is back to sucking Kerry’s cock.

We do another rotation:  Me, Top 1, The short guy.

But this time the short guy blows his load in Kerry.  He shakes and convulses.  When he finally pulls out, Top 1 is right there to push his cock through the load left behind.

“I’ll fuck that deeper,” he says to no one in particular.

I have led the smaller guy over by the fuck bench.  I clean his cock of what remains of his load.  I hold it in my mouth.  I move to Kerry, push his chin down with my hand and dribble the mixture of cum and spit into his mouth.  Kerry’s cock emits a huge dollop of precum as he recognizes just what I’m doing.  I scoop his precum up and make him clean my fingers.

“Snow balling is so hot,” Top 1 grunts out. 

And that image sends him over the edge.  He grabs Kerry’s hips and pulls him onto his exploding cock.

“Shit!”  Kerry moans.  “That feels so hot…”

Top 1 finally stops shooting.  He stays in place.  “Let ever drop go in there,” he grins.

Kerry reaches up to remove the blindfold.

“No.”  I bark. “I don’t want you to see who bred you.”

“Yes, Sir.”  And this time he’s the perfect sub in his intonation.

Top 1 laughs and pulls out.  He can barely stand letting me clean his cock—it’s such exquisite agony.  But he does.

“Thanks, guys. Now I’m gonna push both loads really deep.”

The two spent men watch in fascination as my now extremely red and engorged cock pushes into Kerry’s creamy ass.  It’s so wet, so smooth, so hot.  Eventually the guys leave the room, as quietly as they came.

I fuck.  Slow.  Deep and hold it in place on every stroke.

I pull out.  I move to Kerry’s side.  My dripping cock smacks his half opened mouth.  With a gasp, he cleans my cock.  I take the blindfold off.

“Now, we are going to get you up.  And you are going to sit on the rim seat and feed me.”

I settle under the seat.  Kerry sits down.  His hole is awash with sticky white jizz.  My tongue flicks out.  I swallow it down. 

“Don’t worry—I’ll save enough to fuck in—so you’ll get my load.”

“Two fucking loads…” Kerry murmurs.  “I’ve never, never done this.”

I grunt in acknowledgement.

Gravity starts to work. 

And the feast begins…

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