Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vanishing Act

My Playrooom--November, 2014

It started with his picture.  But doesn’t it always?  When a new name flashed in my inbox, I looked at his profile first.  In one word:  Hot.  It showed a broad chest with the head obscured by the smart phone taking the picture.  It was the chest I would love to have—worked out and sculpted.  The blond/reddish hair was trimmed tight to the skin to show off the definition, but with enough hair there to still be furry.  He was 32.  And writing to me.  There was only the one picture.  That worried me, as I clicked back to the message.

It was brief:  “I have a piss fantasy.  But I’m a piss virgin.  Can u help?”

I wrote back I could. 

He didn’t need specific things to happen, so much as just have a totally wet experience.


We set times. 

I waited for him to cancel, but he was at my door 30 minutes early.  I didn’t even have the bladder as full as I wanted.  But off we went to the playroom.

I watch him undress.  The rest of him is just as hot—short cropped blond hair, a cute smile, good legs leading to a rounded, almost hairless, butt.  His cock is sticking out of some sort of designer jockstrap.

“I’ve been hard for the last 10 minutes,” he says.  He gets right to his knees and buries his face in my yellow jock from the piss party.  He inhales and beats his meat.  “You are a fucking pig.”  He mouths the stained fabric.  His spit freshens the dried piss.  He gurgles and swallows noisily.  I want to piss his mouth, but I’m concerned my piss isn’t clear yet.  I just let him suck my cock.  He is more enthusiastic than talented.  But looking down on that hot body gets me hard with no problem.

“Up on the bench.”

He scrambles up.  (I am never told his name.)  That glorious ass is spread in front of me.  I slap it with my spit slick cock and swipe it down his ass crack.  My piss rushes out, hosing his crack. 

“Fuck that’s hot.”

I kneel and start tonguing my piss off him.

“You pig.”  He opens his poppers.  “You fuckin’ pig.”

My piss has vanished.  What little hair on his ass now just looks damp.  I stand and push my cock against his wet hole.

“Fuck me bare.”  He grinds his ass back at me.  Another inch vanishes.  “Fuck me raw with that big dick.”

I push into him until my entire cock has vanished up his grasping hole.  I stay in place.  I let him fuck himself on my thick cock.  He is calling me a pig again.  And a dirty barebacker.

 My hand comes down on his wet ass.  It sounds harder than it is.  Now I’m fucking.  Fucking him hard.  Showing him Daddy is in charge now.

I pull out.  A short blast of piss on his fucked hole.  I lean down and taste.  It’s clear.  I walk to the head of the bench, holding my dick at the base.  It slaps his jaw.

“Suck my dick.” 

He’s all over it.  My cock vanishes down his throat.  I pull back so just the head is inside.  And then I give it to him—the first blast of piss in his mouth.  His eyes widen but he takes it like a champ.  He swallows and swallows.  When there is no more, I pull out of his mouth and wipe it across his upper lip.

“That was…” he gropes for the right, ecstatic word.  He never finds it for I’m back up his ass, using his spittle for lube.


We’ve done the bench. 

He has drunk my second load on his knees.

I have sprayed some on his ass crack before we’ve used the rimseat.

Now he’s in the sling.  I am fucking.   Fucking and drinking my Gatorade.  Mid fuck, I pull out and send a perfect arc across that beautiful chest and into his open mouth.  We stay connected like that for a moment, than the volume slows and I am covering his perfect chest, his perfect abs and his crotch.  Two flicks of my fist around my cock and I’m back to hard enough to plow back into him.

“You are the dirtiest fucker I know,” he rasps out, his eyes aglow.  I’m giving him exactly what he has dreamed about.  He is mopping my piss off his chest with the flat of his hand and sucking his fingers.

I keep plowing.

“Oh, fuck.” 

I think he’s coming.  But, no.  He’s pissing.  I’m fucking the piss out of him.  His arc is as big as mine—and it lands in his mouth again.  He hoses himself completely, wallowing in the fact he can piss anywhere in the sling area.  I bend over and suckle the last of his piss out of his dick.  I swallow some and spit the rest on his hole.  I go back to fucking.

“You want my cum?”  I ask him.

“Shoot it on me.”

Why did I ask?  I should have just bred him.  I fuck.  I lean over and taste his piss soaked ass.
I’m ready.  I step to the side and send a geyser of cum over his chest.  One of his hands is frantically jerking himself.  The other is mopping up a mixture of our mingled piss and my cum.  He smears it onto his face, his tongue out, lapping at his hand each time he brings it to his head.  My cum vanishes.  And it’s his turn.  He covers his abs.  I bend and lick him clean.  It all vanishes down my throat.


He showers and heads out the door.  He tells me it was everything he’s dreamt about and can’t wait to do it again.

I get online to write him a thank you note. 

His profile has vanished.  Never to be seen again. 


  1. Hey FP,

    WOW! What a story! I like that you bourght out the various types of vanishing, from cum to piss to the bottom pig! I can almost the piss.

    Paul, NYC

    1. I"m glad you liked it....and good to see you back on here....