Sunday, January 4, 2015

Halloween at the Book Store

Near Home—October, 2014

I had fled my neighborhood so I would not have to deal with pint sized Hobbits yelling “trick or treat.”  I was in the gay theatre.  The porn was good—something from Raw Fuck Club.  There was a good looking, bearded man in the chair to my right.  But my attention was on the young man in front of me.  Kneeling on the cold tile.  His hands behind his back.

“Please, Sir.  May I suck your dick?”

My right fist is slowly working my slightly lubed cock.  My hand works the entire shaft.  I become an even lazier jacker, now that he can’t take his eyes off me. 

I look the sub over, considering.  He’s likely in his mid 30’s.  He’s thin.  His shirt is unbuttoned. He has his fly open and is kneading a good sized cock still hidden by his briefs.  His white underwear contrasts starkly with his dark, ebony skin.    

“Lick my balls.” 

He moves forward and leans into me.  I can hear him inhale.  And sigh.  Only then does his tongue come out and start massaging the hairy sacks.  He’s good.  He licks at them; he does not try to suck them, painfully, into his mouth.  As soon as they are good and wet, I move him, with just a slight touch of my left hand, to inch up the shaft of my cock.  Soon he is licking at my head.  My piss slit.  Only then do I take my right hand away and let him engulf my entire cock with his mouth.  He sinks to my pubes, deep throating me expertly.

The man next to me watches the sub on my cock, his eye glazed with lust.  His hand tries to find my nipples under my sweatshirt.

I tell him “You’re good,” as I lift the sub off me, lifting him by the ears.  Our eyes bore into each other.  I hesitate for a moment, then spit in his open mouth.  I’ve guessed correctly.  He groans in the back of his throat.  I force him back down on my cock.

I let him set his own pace.  When I become bored, I hold him in place and listen to him try not to choke.  I let him up for air, push him back down and hold onto the back of his head as I fuck up into his mouth.  His spit collects on my balls.  I pull him off me and look him in the eye.

“Lick my balls clean.”

He does. 

“Can I suck it?”  It’s the man next to me.  He is very good looking with a trimmed beard.  He has opened his flannel shirt and jeans—disconcertingly revealing a pink teddy and matching lace briefs.  I sigh, but let him lean over and lick the head of my cock.  I like the feeling of two mouths on me at the same time.  I let them go at it for quite some time.

I tell the sub to take a break.  He gets up to stretch his legs.  I push the bearded cock sucker into his bulging briefs.  The cock sucker pulls the briefs down and gets the big dick behind them into his mouth. 

The sub looks at me.  “Let him,” I say.  The bearded man slurps loudly on the sub’s cock.  It starts to deflate and the bearded man loses interest.  He gets dressed and leaves as I stand up and push the sub boy down to his knees again.  I hold onto the top of his head.  “Now open your mouth.” 

I start fucking his face.  I can go deep.  I can pull all the way out.  I can slap the wet slab of meat against his cheek, his ears, his out-stretched tongue or on the top of his head.  I fuck his mouth repeatedly.  The subs hand is flying over his cock.  I fuck his mouth until I know he’s close.  I pull out of his mouth, reach down and grab his balls. I twist, just enough to stop his cum shot.

“Show me your ass.”

“I don’t get fucked, Sir.  Please…”

“Just show me your ass.” 

He turns around.  It’s a beautifully full bubble butt.  I reach out and touch the ebony cheeks.  He shudders.  “Lean into the chair.”  He does, bracing himself on the arms of the chair vacated by the cross dressing bearded guy.  I run my hands over his hairless ass.  I let a finger hover over his hole.  He starts to pant.  But it’s not passion now.  It’s fear.   I kneel behind him and stick my tongue into the cleft of his full cheeks before he can figure out what I’m doing.  He tastes of the exertion of sucking me for so long in a warm room.  He is moaning into his forearm where it is braced on the back of the chair.  I tongue fuck him at the same speed I fucked his throat just moments before.  I reach under him.  He is rock hard.  I pull his big cock back and get the head in my mouth—thinking I would spit some precum into his hole.

Instead, I get his load.  He is shaking and can’t stop shooting.

He apologizes as he dresses and leaves, never looking me in the face again.

Maybe an hour later.

I walk back into the gay theatre.  Sitting across from where I’d been seated before sits a handsome college boy, dressed in clothes far too good for this place.  It looks like he came here on the way home from a party.  He has his cock out—the blackness of it showing up even more with his khakis and white shirt. 

I sit back in my chair.  I get my cock out.

In moments, he waves me over with a “You want that sucked?”

We exchange friendly blow jobs. 

He sucks me until he’s on the edge of shooting. 

I take his load, to his surprise. 

I mean, I didn’t want him to get jizm on his nice clothes.

He starts to reach for a handkerchief to clean up, but stops when he realizes I’ve suckled him totally dry.  “Shoot that thing off for me?”

I am about to say no, thinking I want it in someone.  But my cock thinks otherwise.  I stand right in front of him, profile.  In a few quick strokes my pent-up load coats the linoleum.  We leave it there for some other cocksucker to kneel in.

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