Thursday, January 8, 2015

Four Sinners on All Saints' Day

West Michigan—November, 2014

The very next day I was off to the west coast of Michigan for another play session with Jack and Joey.  Jack is slightly older than his partner.  He is a versatile bottom and more of a top, I think, when I’m not around.  At previous meets, he would top for a while and then offer me his ass.  As it was not a group situation tonight, I guessed I might be the only top. 

That didn’t prove to be quite correct.  As I set up the sling in the living room, Leather Top arrived (who had been at their big party—and who’d helped me work over a fisting bottom in my playroom.)  It was to be the four of us that night.  And it was a good mix.  I certainly fucked Joey, but most of my attention was on Jack.  I had not taken advantage of his love of being restrained since I’d met him and “forced” him to take my dick in the cab of his truck.   Leather Top is all about his fists—and his hands found a willing hole with Joey.

Jack and I are stripped and relaxing on the couch talking about nothing in particular.  The other two are having a cigarette on the back porch.  I look over to the back door, wondering if we should wait for them.  I feel a hand on the pouch of my jock.  Jack is ready.  He kneads my bulge which grows thicker and firmer.  I’m ready, too.  Jack slips to the floor.  He is dressed in nothing but knee pads and boots.  He is giving me expert head as the guys troop in from outdoors.  Leather Top strips down as he watches us; Joey goes into the bedroom and finishes wriggling into a pair of ass-less rubber shorts. 

The next few moments are all about all of us using our mouths.  The four of us sample the cocks on display.  With Joey’s dick hidden, I concentrate on getting his hole wet.

I bend Jack over, telling him to hold on to one of the sling stand poles.  He does, jutting his ass out towards me.  I rim my second hole of the night.  But not for long.  I stand up and insert the length of my cock into him in one long slide.  He grunts and tells me to fuck him hard.  I do.  I fuck him until we are making the sling frame bounce and rattle.

The other two on the couch pause and watch us go at it.  I pull out.  Jack turns and lovingly cleans my dick of his ass juices.  Joey stands up and presents his ass.  I slip into it and fuck him as Jack and LT exchange blow jobs.

Joey pulls off me and Jack cleans my dick again.  As Joey prepares to get his hole stretched on the couch, I get Jack into both ankle and wrist restraints.  The sling is hanging from only two of its four chains, so I blindfold Jack and clip him into place on the center support of the sling frame. 

This arches his back in a way I find irresistible.  I redden Jack’s ass with my hand.  When his ass is bright pink, I spit on my dick and enter him again as he hangs there.  He loves this.  He can’t move and I can use him anyway I want.

I fuck him hard.  Slow. Fast.  And slow again.

The back of my hand keeps his ass bright pink. 

I fuck him until I think I should give his arms a rest.  I undo him and let the blood return to his fingers.

Jack is ready for more.

I hook up the sling, but decide to let the guys use it.  Jack and I go upstairs to the big mattress on the floor—the alternate play area.  I have brought my home-made spreader bar with me.  It is nothing more than an 18 inch long pipe.  Rope is threaded through it and D clips are fastened on either end.  I have Jack lie on his back, his ass right at the edge of the mattress.  I hook the D rings of the ankle restraints onto the clips at either end of the bar.  If he were standing, he wouldn’t be able to bring his feet together.  On his back, I hand him the spreader.  It pulls his legs into the air.  I have him hold them tightly in place, the bar across his chest.  I can concentrate on his hole not on balancing his legs on my shoulders.

This fuck is different.  It is slow.  Intense.  Each time my cock pulls almost all the way out of his hole.  His ass clutches at the head, desperate to hold me inside.  I wait.  And plow into him again.  Slowly.  Letting him and his over-sensitized hole feel every inch as I push forward.  I am unrelenting in slowly grinding my entire length into him.

I pull out.  I take hold of the bar and, bending over him, hold it over his head.  This raises his ass high in the air.  I can’t support it for long, but I do a quick pile driving fuck that is almost straight down.  Everything about how I enter his hole is the opposite of what I have just done.

I stop myself on the brink of orgasm and we both take a break.  We go and watch Joey’s ass swallow LT’s fists.


I fist Joey for a while.  At the end of my session, I leave my left hand in place.  LT is able to have his right hand slide down my wrist until Joey has both fists in place—one from each of us.  We entwine our fingers deep in his chute.


Much later.

It’s time to get off.  Jack is in the sling.  He has his legs in the stirrups, but I have fastened his wrists together under the sling. 

I fuck.  He has to beg Joey for poppers.  I slow the fuck as Joey feeds them to his partner.  The moment the bottle is away from his nose, I start fucking in earnest.  I have just one mission now.  I want to blow a load up his ass. 

“Shoot in me.  Shoot in my fucked up hole.”

I am on the crest.  And then it totally ebbs away from me.  I’m trying too hard.   I kneel and stick my tongue in his abused hole.  I lick and spit.  And lick.  I swallow.

And I know that I will shoot the moment I stand up and fuck my cock back into him.


  1. Mm... Jack and FP... I'd go bankrupt trying to woo you two into my bed.

  2. Great story and pics. They both have nice piggy holes and are great to play with!

    1. Absolutely. You and I need to get back there....

  3. Joey and I had a blast as usual! My ass was in heaven and wait on my knees with baited breath for the next time.


    1. Thanks....and any time you two are ready....