Thursday, May 28, 2015

IML – Day Three - Eight Pigs on the Bed

Chicago—May, 2015

This is a tricky entry.  It was the best sex of the weekend.  And it's mostly a blur...just some of my favorite pigs doing what we love...

The invites are out.

Bob, my roommate for this weekend.  He’s 5’11” about 180 pounds approaching 50.  He has dark hair and a carefully trimmed dark scruff on his face.  Below the waist is where his hair pattern goes wild—it’s a wonderfully hairy ass.

Marco, the muscle hole.  He’s just 40, uncut and short in stature, with dark hair.    I have mentioned the forest of hair on his ass on more than one occasion.

Rod, of New Year’s Eve orgy fame.  He is just younger than me with a thick head of prematurely grey hair.  He has a big dick which he uses just as much as his talented ass. 

Bryce, his partner.  He is slightly younger, dark, hairy and a former leather title holder.  His ass can milk cock with the best of them.  He has a weakness for size up his hole. 

Bryant, who I have played with so much this weekend.  He is the youngest at 33.  Maybe 5’8” and thin, with dark hair.  He is truly versatile.

David, from the piss party.  Just taller than Bryant, olive skinned and dark.  He is in his late 40’s.

Don, the rubber man I fucked at the piss party.  A friend of David’s.  He is likely mid 40’s, handsome and proud of his white, firm ass.

And me.

Eight men into pig sex.

 Marco is has checked out of his hotel and is staying with us until after the party when he will hop on the bus for home.  He and Bob are chatting while I type on a blog entry.   

A knock.  It’s Bryant, just moments after the 3:00pm start time.

He strips down to his designer jock. I have him on all fours and am eating his ass the moment his last sock hits the floor.  Bob is on the bed, feeding him his cock—a cock I have never seen in action.  I fuck Bryant some, pushing hard enough to force him down on Bob.   Then I turn him around.   Yeah, I thought so—Bob is so turned on by this young man, that he fucks him, while Bryant cleans my dick.

Rod and Bryce arrive and strip.  Rod appropriates Bryant.  The third daddy is fucking Bryant’s boy hole.  I move around the bed and fuck Bob.  Bryce and Marco are having fun across from us.  It starts with Marco taking Bryce up his ass.  But soon it reverses.  The whole bed is a sea of hard dick and willing holes.


The couplings and threesomes are constantly changing.  One moment I am up Bob, the next I am licking Bryant’s cock before he fucks Marco. 

David arrives with Don about 45 minutes late.  But it’s a good thing.  We all have new play partners now.  I fuck David first with Bob in David’s mouth.  I hand David over to Rod and re-enter Bob.  
Marco opens up Don with his cock and then his hand.  Bryant fucks Bryce—and then they flip.

Everyone in the room but me bottoms.  Everyone in the room but Don tops.

We are sweating now on this warm spring day. 

I fuck Don again with him standing, bent over and holding onto the bed.  I feel a mouth on my balls.  Bryant has squirmed between us and is licking my balls and shaft right where they enter Don’s juicy ass.  When he gets his fill, Bryant stands up and kisses me.  My dick visibly swells with pride knowing he is this piggy in his 30’s.

Bryant is fucking Bob on the corner of the bed.  David slips into Bryant.  I watch for a moment.  I slip into David’s hole.  When the others realize what has happened, they all just hold still.  The force of my fucking drives each of them forward into the man they have on their dick.  It doesn’t last for long—we separate and David and I clean every cock and hole of our foursome.  We snow ball the pre-cum and ass juice to Bryant’s eager mouth.  It’s a three way kiss of squirming flesh.

No one is eager to cum.

We do, of course.  All deep in a hole.  I felch Rod’s load out of David.  It’s a blur where the others are shot.

We chat. 

And 20 minutes later it starts again—with Marco and Bryce sure they can open David’s hole to their fists.  Hands are used on Ron, too.  To a man, this makes dicks grow hard again. 

And we fuck the man nearest us…

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