Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rough House with Kevin - Part Two

Toronto—March, 2015

This picks up maybe 15 minutes after the last post

The Rubber Daddy is gone.  It’s early in the evening, he didn’t want to cum yet. 

I have removed Kevin’s blindfold, but he is still on his knees.  He looks empty without a dick in him.  He looks at me as I move back to my bag on the bed.  I rummage in it again.  I find what I want.  Kevin can hear the sound of the metal links clink together.  He looks up at me expectantly.  He grins when I show him the choke collar.  I stand in front of him.  He nuzzles my wet semi-hard that I have not bothered to put away.  I slip the collar over his neck. 

“Stay right there.

I take the picture.

“Close your eyes.” 

He does and I rummage some more.  I take out my NorthBound purchase.  I pull it over my freshly shaved head.


He does.  He grins again.  “That’s hot.”

I look in the mirror next to the bed.  I have to agree.  The executioner’s mask looks good.

I reach down and remove his hood.  I want everyone to see the beautiful man I’m leading around the bathhouse.  I tug him to his feet with the collar.  He gets up obediently and we tour the club. 

The slurp ramp is very busy.  But the fuck bench near it is empty.   As is the sling in the play area in the middle of the bathhouse.  Men are milling about but few are playing in public.  I deliberately walk by the two private sling rooms I know about—both are shut tight.  But I know where I want to use him.  We head to the back hallway of cubicles.

We step through the curtain into the busy, dark corridor.  Men are groping each other, not bothering to use the gloryholes or booths.  I make for the middle cubicle.  It has a plexi-glass door.  I step in and lock it behind us.  Men press against the door and watch us.  I touch Kevin’s shoulder.  He kneels.

“Get me hard again.” 

It doesn’t take much.  He is sucking me, loving that he is on display.  He deliberately pulls off my cock to show it off to the jerking guys.  I help him up, telling him to bend over.  He supports himself on the side wall.  There is just enough room for me to get behind him and eat his ass.  He groans as my tongue finds the lips of his hole.  The mask cuts down some of my peripheral vision, but not so much that I don’t see the hard cock sticking into our booth near Kevin’s head.

“Suck him.  Make him feel as good as you made me feel.”

I wait for him to get the dick in his mouth before I go back to rimming.  I fuck him with my tongue as he gives the man head.  I lick and spit, getting his hole ready for my cock.  My hands are busy getting my dick in the Magnum.  I notice Kevin has stopped sucking—the cock gone.  I stand up.

Unbidden, Kevin straightens up and points to his mouth.  I get it.  We kiss.  He snowballs me the creamy load given him by the over excited dick.   We pass it back and forth—luxuriating in the viscid quality and the quantity of the cum.  I try to let him swallow most of it, but I’m greedier than I mean to be.  My cock is rampant in the latex.  I bend him back over and enter his ass.

Kevin is braced against the wall, holding on to it with both hands.  An arm is now reaching for Kevin’s bouncing dick from the gloryhole.  I let the invisible man fondle Kevin as I plow his butt from behind.  I look at the men at the door.  They are feeling up each other now—liking what they see.  A young Asian face disappears as he kneels and starts sucking on the hard cocks outside our booth.  I look behind me.  A huge uncut beauty is poking through the hole on my wall.  It takes some maneuvering in the tight space, but I move Kevin around so he can suck it—without ever taking my dick from his ass.

Kevin groans as my fucking forces him deeper on the uncut cock.  Fuck.  This is exactly the moment for which we both came to Rough House…

The cock has withdrawn.  Kevin refocuses all of his skills on milking my dick with his hole.

A muscular guy in his 40’s appears outside our door.  His head is shaved, he’s in a neoprene jock and harness.  The beautiful uncut cock is just visible.  It’s the man from the glory hole.  I pull out of Kevin and let him in our cubicle.

It’s tight.  But the three of us just fit—especially as Kevin has gotten to his knees unbidden.

He’s back to sucking one dick and jerking the other.  I kiss the new arrival.  We fight to see whose tongue can reach the farthest down the throat of the other.

“Do you want to fuck him?”

“Yeah.”  Kevin puts the condom on the guy’s wet dick as I step aside.  I have to flatten myself against the wall to get out of the way, but we make it work.  I hold on to Kevin.  His muscled arms are gripping me around my chest, as the new man works his cock into the proffered ass. 

“You got him nice and open,” the new top tells me as he enters Kevin.  I watch the man’s face—as I stroke Kevin’s head.  I can tell just what he’s feeling as he fucks.  I ignore the dicks being pushed into the room from either side.  At one point, I help push Kevin repeatedly back on the man’s dick to match his thrusts.

“Oh, shit…”  Kevin pulls off him and somehow manages to kneel.  The man jerks the condom off as the first shot covers Kevin’s face.  The rest is delivered straight down Kevin’s throat.  The man thanks us and leaves. 

I lock the door.  I kneel next to Kevin.  He is just in the act of wiping the jizz off his face.  I stop him.  My tongue cleans the man’s load off him.  And Kevin cleans my tongue.   When there is no evidence of any cum left on his face, we kiss.  Lips tight, tongues idly playing with the other.  A kiss that starts tenderly, but within moments my cock is demanding I pay attention to it.

“Suck him,” I tell my boy for the night, pointing to the tiny cock poking through the wall.  “I want to fuck you again.”

Kevin scrambles over and takes all of the dick into his mouth with his hairy ass in the air, while I lube up my dripping cock…

One more segment to come…

This picture was taken later in the month--but here is the new mask.


  1. This story gets hotter and hotter!! Love the new mask by the way as well! ;)

    1. Thanks and thanks...I love playing with him. I think we are very in tune with what the other likes...