Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rough House with Kevin - Part One

Toronto—March, 2015

It was a leisurely morning to get up and out of London and on to Toronto.  I took my time, making frequent stops along 401 and 403:   Mid-morning coffee, a piss break and an early lunch.  Each time, I would log on to Recon and send Kevin a progress report.  I was winding him up.  And I knew it.
I got to town.  I went to NorthBound Leather.  I wanted something very specific for Rough House.  I hate shopping—I don’t have that particular gay gene.  When I know what I want, I can rarely find it.  But I did.  And it fit.  The guy waiting on me looked at me long and hard (and at the bulge in the 501’s) and nodded his approval before asking if I was headed to Rough House.  I said I was.

“Knock ‘em dead, stud,” he told me as he slipped the purchase into the ubiquitous black shopping bag of all leather stores.

It’s crowded.  There is not a room to be had.  I have checked in before the 5pm start time.  I want to shower and change into my gear.  It would be so much easier to get dressed in a room.  I manage to fit my bag full of leathers and toys into the locker and the moment I turn for the showers, I see my number flashing on the monitor.  I now have a room.  I pull it all out and go back to registration. 

I shower.  I get into my chaps, pulling the laces tight behind me.  My harness goes on and then the combat boots.  I make sure I have the things in my bag I want to use with Kevin.  I tuck the new purchase on top and go off to find him.  He’s told me he would come early, clean up and be sure to get a sling room.  I have told him he could have the door to his room open.  He could talk to the milling men, but he could not play until I got there.

I head to the best sling room in the complex—the room he had the time we met.  The door is shut, but the one next to it is open.  And there he is.  Our eyes meet.  He tells a younger man he’s been talking with to check back later and gets him out of the doorway.  I step in the room.

Kevin kneels.  Head down.  Arms go behind his back, wrists clasped.  I toss the bag on the bed and close the door.  I stand in front of him.  My full jock strap brushes the hair on his head.  He shivers.  I pull his chin up.  He is sure I am going to order him to suck my cock.  But I just stare into his face.  Memorizing it.

My hands hook into his armpits and I pull him up.  We kiss.  Deeply.  His mouth yields to my probing tongue.  He makes a small sound at the back of his throat. 

The sound of surrender.

I pull out of the kiss.  “Let’s get these on you.”  I move to my bag.  Out come the restraints:  a pair for his wrists and a pair for his ankles.  I sit on the bed.  Kevin kneels in front of me.  I fasten the leather band around his right wrist first. The back of his hand rests on the mound of cock flesh in the pouch of my jock.  “Now the other.”  I repeat the process with Kevin’s left hand.  “Now stand up.”  He does and the ankles get their restraints. 

The sling hangs down right in front of the foot of the bed.  This room is much more crowded than the good one.  I move Kevin around until he is standing at the business end of the sling.  I clip his hands high on the sling chains so he is spread eagled as if on a cross.  I take my home made spreader bar and clip his ankles apart so he can’t bring his legs together.  I go back into the bag.  I hood him with a hood that has an open mouth and eye holes.  I watch his handsome face disappear.  I slip the choke collar over his head.

Now I bind his eyes shut with the yellow bandanna.  I don’t want him to know where my hands and tongue will be.  I work his nipples—one with my hand, the other with my tongue and teeth—grazing the flesh lightly.   He shivers again and his cock pokes out of his jock.

I surprise him by licking at it.  I am rewarded with a large dollop of precum on my tongue.  “Taste yourself.”  I stand up and kiss him again.  He sucks my tongue hungrily.  I unclip him and help turn him around so he is facing the sling.  He shuffles clumsily with the spreader bar still in place.  The hands are clipped back in place, but slightly lower so he can really arch his back.

I kneel behind him.  The ass I’ve driven all this way for is right in front of me.  I can feel the heat from the exposed crack.  My tongue lashes out.  I pull his hairy cheeks apart and spit and slobber all around his hole.

I am poking my tongue as deeply as I can into him.  My hands are busy suiting up.  I smear extra lube on my cock.  I stand up.  My head pushes into him.  It’s all I can do to stay still and let him adjust to me.  When I feel his chute relax, I inch in.  I want him to remember just how big I am. 

“Fuck…” he whispers.  “Fuck, yes…”

“Is this the cock you wanted?”

“Yes, Sir.”

And with his response, he relaxes and my bush grinds against his ass cheeks.


I hold.

And then I fuck.  Hard.  Loud.  Ass slapping.  Groans from the two of us.  I open the door without his knowledge.  Four or five guys crowd in the frame to watch us fuck.  I pick out a rubber daddy and gesture for him to work Kevin’s nipples.  Kevin lets out a gasp as a second pair of hands is suddenly on him.  The man strokes and pinches Kevin’s nipples.  His hands never stop.  They go from his chest up to his face, around his ears and back down to where they began.  I notice that the Daddy’s cock swells and distorts the cod piece he’s wearing.

I fuck until I’m concerned about Kevin’s arms hanging for too long in one place.  I move around  and whisper in the Daddy’s ear to get his cock out.  I un-clip Kevin and help him kneel in front of the Daddy.  His masked, blindfolded face is suddenly filled with the man’s dick. 

“Suck him.  Thank him for helping.”

Kevin sucks willingly and takes the above average cock deep in his throat.  I move and stand next to the man, stripping off the Magnum.   I slap my cock against Kevin’s cheek.  He swallows me. 

“Go back and forth,” I tell him.  “Get them good and wet.”  He does.  I turn to the Daddy.  We begin to kiss as the boy goes blindly back and forth between our dicks…

More to come…


  1. That is one hot body and ass! Looking forward to the rest of the story...thanks for the morning hard-on!

    1. You are welcome---as always.

      He was truly worth the drive...