Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Professor In Chicago: Saturday Night Porn Guys

Chicago—May, 2105

The Professor wrote me in February:

Hey FP.

I finally have a date for my presentation in Chicago--May 9.  I plan to come up a bit early and stay a bit afterwards.  How does this date look for you?

I was wondering if it might be fun for me to hire a porn guy to play in a group.

Hope you are well… 

Well, then the fun began.  The Professor went from thinking to hire one msn, to maybe two, well, three would work, wouldn’t it?  And then the selection.  I had never really cruised those sites.  It was eye opening.  The Professor went through a lot of emails.  These men proved as flakey as the regular gay male population online.  Our selections narrowed only slightly as we wanted men comfortable with bareback sex.  We settled on an exclusive top and two versatile men so I would have other guys available to fuck.  The exclusive top was a very tall blond who was working to put himself through grad school.  Marcus was in his early 30’s, quite pale with ginger-ish hair and was nicely worked out, but not excessively so.  And he had a 10 inch dick.  The other two were porn stars.  As one didn’t show on the day, I am not going to even bother to mention his name.  The other was the man I had suggested from the first moment this possibility came up:  Chad Brock.

I had sucked Chad’s cock and rimmed his ass at an IML piss party where he was hired to be the centerpiece of the night.  He was ideal: versatile and a man I had always wanted to fuck.

So I got to Chicago on Saturday afternoon.  The Professor had checked into the motel on the north side of the city which hosts countless fuck parties.  We were in a room with two double beds.  The sling fit, just, between the two.  We were ready by 7 pm.  And I was actually a little nervous.  Within moments there was a knock on the door…

It’s Marcus.

He has great pictures—but the man is much more handsome in person.  He sheds his clothes fast.  The Professor is instantly smitten.  They kiss, they fondle, there is a brief nude massage and I watch that 10 incher harden into a fucking lance as he rubs the Professor’s shoulders and ass cheeks.
Just before they fuck, there is another knock at the door.  It’s Chad.  The two guys know each other and smile.  I am suddenly no longer the voyeur.  Chad strips down, and instantly is on his knees, pulling my engorged but not fully hard cock out of my jock.  He gives great head.  I twist my balls once, just to make sure I’m not too excited.

And then I say the line I have always fantasized saying to him:  “Let’s get you into the sling.”

I kneel in front of his glorious ass.  And my tongue hits home.  He’s tight and I work lovingly to open him up.  I look over at the bed.  The Professor is on all fours and being long dicked.  He is grunting in rhythm to the slow, steady pounding he’s taking.  I concentrate on the ass in front of me.  Chad has a guiche piercing.  I take it in my mouth and pull on it slightly.  It’s heavy on my tongue.   I go back to lubing his hole with my saliva.  I want him good and wet when I finally get to sink my dick into this man.

I lick and spit.  And kiss him.  He seems to love the taste of his ass on my tongue.  As I kiss him, I have to lean across him, my cock head poking at his wet hole.  I marvel at how hard his body is—I’ve fucked a lot of guys in good shape, but I have never touched a man this ripped.  I pull out of the kiss and, as I stand up, my dick starts to enter him.  I get the head in.  But he’s not comfortable—I can see it on his face.  I work more slowly.  My cock is really stretching him. 

I glance over and am surprised to see the Professor giving Marcus a deep rimming.

I look down at my cock.  I’m only half in.

“Can I sit on it?” Chad asks.  I agree.

The two couples change areas—the Professor is in the sling and I lie down on the bed.

“Let me eat your ass some more.  Sit on my face,” I tell Chad.  He stands over me.  Those tree trunks of legs fold and lower that muscle butt onto my face.  I beat my cock as I rim, but I have to stop.  I can’t get enough of his ass.  Suddenly, Chad moves.  He turns around and settles down on my dick.  I am suddenly in him full length and in one easy glide.  Chad holds still for only a moment, and then begins fucking himself on my cock.  I love the look of pleasure on his face.  I watch the thick gold chain on his neck bounce in time with him.  My hands are everywhere, touching those huge biceps, that massive chest and the taut, muscled butt.  The guys at the sling have actually stopped fucking to watch us.

We fuck a long time and only stop  when Chad’s legs need a break.

“Now who’s the piss drinker?” Marcus asks.

“That would be me.”  I scramble off the bed and kneel before him.  The ten incher is not erect, but still nicely plumped.  I let him rest it in my mouth—and he delivers a hot, sweet load down my throat.  When I come up for air, the Professor is sucking Chad on the bed.  I look at Marcus.  “Do you mind if I eat your ass?”

“Help yourself.”  He gets in the sling and starts stroking his dick back to full hardness.  His ass is gloriously haired.  I lick the full length of his crack and then sink deeper into his butt than I expect.
When we finally stop, I ask Marcus to fuck Chad while I fuck the Professor.  Chad is still on his back on the bed.  He scoots down and lifts his legs onto the tall man’s shoulders.  I bend the Professor over so he can still lick Chad’s cock as I fuck him. A perfect mix of men and desires.


“I have more piss.”  Marcus gives me a second load.   It’s slightly stronger after all the exertion.  

When I stand, Marcus touches my butt.  "You have a cute ass.  Are you sure you don't want me to fuck you?"

I shake my head.  I can tell he's a good top, but there's no way I'm going there with a 10 incher.

Chad tries to give me some piss too, but turns pee shy.  I get up and turn him around and fuck him on all fours.

Marcus is fucking the Professor in the sling.  “Oh, fuck…”  Marcus is cumming.  10 inches deep in the Professor.   I am up for the challenge.  I pull out of Chad and kneel by the still joined men.  

Marcus understands instantly what I want.  He pulls out and lets me clean his oversized cock.  I get a taste of his sweetish jizz and leave his cock thoroughly cleaned.  I plaster my face into the Professor’s ass.  I burrow as deep with my tongue as I can.  But I want more.  I stand up and stick my dick into the slightly gaping hole and fuck in the cum Marcus has left in his ass.  I pull some out, kneeling quickly to catch it as it runs out of his hole.  I fuck again.  And catch more cum on my tongue. 

I move over to Chad, still on all fours on the bed.  I dribble some load from my mouth onto his ass crack.  He groans in pleasure.  I swab it up with my cock and fuck it into him. 

And I shoot into the ass I’ve fantasized about for years…


  1. The Professor just wrote: "Wow!

    Thanks for the great entry of the most memorable sexual experience of my life! I really loved it when you fucked "Marcus's" load into my wrecked hole and kept pulling his wad out of my hole. What a great night that was--thanks again for being the most important part of it!"

    And I say--anytime, Sir. Thank you for including me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gayslut!

      (And that's a beautiful ass in your profile...)

    2. Great post!!! Your poor muse works a lot of OT for you! I never know if I was actually there or not your stories are so detailed. The characters come to life. Chad is a fav of mine.

    3. Thanks, Anon. I'm glad you thought there were enough telling details. I worry I don't get enough in. As to my poor muse--well, he likes sloppy, wet hole as much as I do. He's happy to put in the extra hours for recounting a good fuck.

      Chad was a fav of mine, obviously--now more than ever!

  3. Yeah, I think I'd have to twist my balls the moment Chad touches my dick, let alone anything else. Gotta love a guy that can pull off a gold chain...

    1. It's a thick linked chain--and that bull neck makes it look smaller...

      And, dammit, I'll get his piss the next time we play!

  4. Great post...sounds like a hot time. Chad is one of my favorites as well and glad you got to enjoy him!

    1. Thanks, Ryan! I am hoping the Professor may want to do it again.