Monday, August 3, 2015

The Professor in Chicago: Sunday Afternoon at the Bathhouse

Chicago—May, 2015

“Are you still up for it?”

The Professor put his fork down on his plate with a slight clatter.  We were having breakfast at a near-by diner after the night of fucking with the pornstars.


“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a bathhouse.  Not with as much traveling as you do.”

The Professor shrugged and asked what time I thought would be best, before taking another forkful of egg.

“It’s Sunday.  Guys have to work tomorrow, so Sunday night is likely to be light.  I would think the afternoon would be better.”

So by 2 o’clock that afternoon, we walked into the slurp ramp at Steamworks.

He’s a little nervous, as we come in on the lower level.  A few men are here, waiting for a cock to be presented to them through the railing on the platform three feet above them.  I don’t wait.   I just whisper for the Professor to lean forward and arch his back.  My face is instantly buried in his jockstapped ass.  I massage his hole with my tongue—that “poor ravaged hole” that took such big cock last night.  All it takes is someone to start to play for others to join.  A stocky man thrusts a fat dick into the Professor’s mouth from above.  I stand up and insert my cock into the Professor.  Instantly hands are on my ass and my balls, caressing and confirming I didn’t slip a condom on my dick.  A short man next to us mimics the Professor’s stance, waiting for me to slip out and do him instead.  But he loses—I stick with the man who brought me—and no one offers this copycat even a dick to suck.

My open palm comes down on the Professor’s ass.  The sound reverberates through the small room.  I swear more guys come in with the sound of it.  A man is on his knees in the corner and is working on two guys, their towels now flung over their shoulders.  A new man replaces the dick in the Professor’s mouth.  I kneel and lick the hole I was just fucking.  Some man squats next to me and tries to jack me off as I eat the Professor’s ass.  He all but strangles my cock, he squeezes it so hard.  I bat him away with the back of my hand, and get back to fucking. 

More men have stuck cocks through the gloryholes and guys below are slobbering over them.  The temperature of the room increases with all the bodies, but the sexual heat is higher.  It’s a great moment to illustrate Bathhouse Sex 101.   A man at the other end of the platform has a noisy orgasm into the mouth of some lucky guy.  

And suddenly the crowd shifts and is gone.

I stop fucking and look at the Professor.  The smile on his face tells me all I need to know.

“Let’s use the public fuckbench,” I tell him.

It’s in a darkish corner of another room with a mini-slurp ramp.  We are much more comfortable for an extended ass eat.  Guys come by.  Many caress his back or hips.  I offer his ass to fuck.  No takers.  All oral guys, it seems.  I fuck the Professor with abandon.  That at least gets a man to feed the Professor some cock so he’s filled at both ends for a time.

We move to the sling, on the other side of the mini slurp ramp.  I feel like the entire population of the bathhouse strolls by at some point as I eat and fuck and eat again, but no one wants to do anything more than play with his nipples or offer to suck his dick.

“I think I’m ready to look around on my own,” the Professor tells me as I get him out of the sling.  

“You go have some fun.”   He goes off to the third floor where our room is located.  I go back to the slurp ramp.  I stand on the upper level and stick my dick through the hole.  Instead of a cock sucker below, the man next to me, pulls out of his gloryhole, where he was getting head, and goes to his knees.  I turn and use the mouth right there.  He’s hot—muscled and tatted and hung.  A clone of my cocksucker pulls out of the hole next to him and inserts himself into our play.  We all take turns sucking the other two big dicks.  From watching them, I am guessing they are partners. 

“Fuck us.”

Now I’m sure. 

The first man to play with me, sticks his dick through the gloryhole.  He gets sucked from below as I worm behind him and into his ass.  I don’t have much thrust room, but just enough.  His partner is standing at the next hole, feeding another sucker.  After a bit, I pull out of his partner and slowly enter the other man.  He must love it—he shoots into the mouth working on him.

I pull out and the pair of them go off to the showers.

I wander.

I get a huge load from the tiniest dick I have ever seen at a bathhouse gloryhole.

I find a hot young man on the fuckbench.  I fuck his firm, hairless ass until he breathlessly asks me for a break.

The Professor and I meet up again.  “Any luck?” I ask.

“Nothing to speak of—not from this bouquet of bottoms.”

We fuck again at the sling, the slurp ramp and the fuck bench.  Once again, there are no takers for the Professor’s ass.

“I want to try the steam room,” he tells me when we are done—and once again we separate.

I find the Hottie—this time on the third floor fuck bench.  I fuck him again.  And fuck his load out of him, splattering it all over the tiled floor below.

I meet up with the young, lithe Black man I fucked at CLAW—here in his home city.  I could cum—but I want to save it for the Professor.

I find him in our room.  I ask if he want me to fuck him right here with the door open. 

“I think my hole is done.  I’ll nap.  Go get off.”

I wind through the maze of rooms with open doors as no one is at the public sex furniture.  It’s dinner time and the crowd is thinning fast.  I play with a fully dressed leather man in his room.  I love watching us fuck and suck in the mirrors that are on every wall of his double bed room.  He tells me he has never had a better tongue up his ass—but I can’t quite get over the edge with him.  I am relieved when I fuck the cum out of him, too.

I wander.


Then at the third floor fuck bench I find my bud from CLAW.  He smiles when he sees me round the corner.  He raises his butt off the bench slightly.  I bend and give it a quick lick—but I need to breed. 
I slip into his hot hole and give him the load.

We are back at the diner for a late dinner.

“So what did you think?” I asked.

The Professor chewed thoughtfully for a moment, swallowed and took a sip of water as he considered.  “I loved having you fuck me so much.  I loved doing that in front of others.  But you seemed to be the only man wanting to fuck.”

I had to smile—for it was true.  We’d seen no other anal action than what I had precipitated. 

He sipped again.  “I don’t think I enjoyed the hunt and chase aspect.”  He shook his head.  “I am glad I went, but I don’t know if I’d do it again.”

I nodded and cut into my grilled chicken breast.  Why, indeed?  When he can order up a rent man to his exact specifications…


  1. The Professor wrote this the day I published:

    "Hey. Great entry. I had an amazingly good time with you fucking me every which way but loose. At this point, I think I would go back, but maybe on a Saturday night during some special event, when the pigs come out looking for truffles! Anyway, thanks for the experience. Something else off my bucket list!"

    1. When I didn't get it posted--he wrote me today with:

      "Hi FP,

      Could you post this on the site? Thanks!

      The Professor DEFINITELY wants to do it again!"

      So, there you go....