Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Repost: Gangbang Competition

I am having to write for work right now...and I can't quite bring myself to write anything else.

From the numbers Google sends me about each post, this entry seems to be a "go to" for a quick wank.  But it's old enough that many current readers likely haven't seen it.  So here it is--with it's motley cast of characters and in all it's fucking and felching glory...

Find it Here.

Let's load this ass until it is overflowing...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FTM Porn--new photos

I was on the Breeding Zone…a place I have no real need to be anymore as the blog is no longer picked up and reprinted there.  But I went today -- and a post from a good looking top talking about how he loved to fuck FTM men caught my eye. 

I told him about the three men I met and fucked while we were filmed for a fledgling porn company.  I loved the men that let me have all three holes.

In my archive I found two more pictures from those shoots that I have never shared here.

My posts about making the FTM porn can be found by hitting ‘FTM’ in the label list at the bottom of the column on the right.  

Or on the bottom of this post...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trapped Under the Rimseat--New Year's Eve

Chicago—December 2015

Time to catch up on one of my favorite gatherings of the year…

It’s late.   Marco, the muscle hole, has just arrived at my house.  He’s driven up after work and walked in my door at just after 1:00 am.  We barely chat.  We head straight to bed.  Not to fuck.  But to sleep.  It feels really good to wrap my arms around him.

“I have the whole holiday weekend planned for us,” he murmurs in my ear.

I grunt--not sure I want to hear it right now.  I want to concentrate on warming up the man who’s just come in from the cold.  He flips around and grinds his hairy ass against my crotch.  I grunt again—sounding happier, even to my ears.

And drift off to sleep.


By late afternoon, we are at Rod and Brice’s house in Chicago.  I am setting up the padded fuck bench.  They have their sling out and the rimseat they purchased with me in mind.  There is also a big screen television where porn will be playing and a double bed.  Rod, a silver fox with a big dick, is helping me screw the legs into place.  He tells me that it’s a big guest list.  Equal parts, he says, of men they know and men they want to know.  We can hear Brice, his partner, in the shower upstairs.  Or maybe it’s Marco.  I finish up, snap these pictures and grab a quick nap. 

My alarm goes off in my phone.  Marco comes into our room to make sure I’m awake.  I start to dress in my leathers.  Marco tells me he has a load up his butt from Brice.  “Just to make your dick feel that much better,” he tells me.  I kiss him and tie up my boot laces.

We don’t wait for the guests.  We just go downstairs and start to have sloppy sex.  Marco is in the sling.  I am on my knees poking my tongue into his hairy, matted hole.  Brice is standing behind Marco’s head and working his nipples.  Marco’s hole flowers open.  My tongue pokes in.  He clamps down on me.  My cock beads a huge dollop of pre-cum.  I cover my cock head with it, stand up and push my slimy dick into his pre-lubed manhole.  Marco groans.

“Fuck him with my load,” Brice commands.  I do.  My hips slap against Marco’s upturned ass.

And the parade of men start to arrive.

I keep fucking as a Black top arrives.  He’s a regular—I recognize him from every past party.  He thinks I pay him the highest compliment one top can pay another by eating his jizz out of whatever bottom he has loaded that night.  He hugs me from behind.  I feel that massive cock hardening between my cheeks for just a moment before he grabs Brice and puts him on the fuck bench.

I keep fucking as my bathhouse buddy Juan comes in.  Juan loves to take loads at any bath and bring them to me to eat out.  He gets right down on his knees, crawls under the sling and begins licking the underside of my cock each time it pulls out of Marco.

“Am I tasting cum?” Juan asks.

“Yes.  Brice gave him a load.”

Juan groans in the back of his throat.  He redoubles his effort to get every drop I pull out of Marco’s hole down his throat.

I keep fucking as the multi-orgasmic Black top arrives.  He only fucks his chosen man for a few moments.  But he’s good for three to five loads in a couple of hours of play.  Juan crawls out from under and takes the new arrival to the bed.

I keep fucking as a hot tatted man arrives—in a yellow jock and harness.  He stops at the sling.  He watches my dick intently.  “Let me see that full cock,” he says. 

I pull out obligingly.

“Shit, man!”  And he bends over and cleans me off.

Marco jumps out of the sling and indicates I should put the new arrival in it.  Marco grabs a water bottle, takes a slug and is led to the bed by another new arrival—also African American—and one who I know is versatile.  His cock is sliding into Marco, who is side by side with Juan on the bed, before I get the yellow jocked hottie into the sling.

I eat his hole.  So intently I miss the next few arrivals.  By the time I stand up, there are 13 of us there.  Cocks are being sucked or are plowing hole.  There are 4 top only men—but all who love their ass eaten.  Everyone else is versatile.  I love that I get to see Marco fuck—something I don’t often get to see. 

I go back to paying attention to the man beneath me.  He is breathing hard—and huffing poppers like crazy.  I fuck him until I finally need a break.


I am trapped under the rimseat.  Juan is on the seat, opening his hairy hole to my probing tongue.  He has the first load from the multi-cummer—and can’t wait to feed me.  I am pinned to the mat by the yellow jocked man riding my cock.

Juan pushes ever so slightly.  The load oozes into my mouth.  I clean up every drop that my tongue can find.  Juan is now sucking a cock.  I can’t see who it is, but I can hear the slurp of the dick being taken deep into Juan’s throat.  He won’t be going anywhere soon.  I lick his hole until it is sopping wet.

I am blinded by light.  Juan is up and the yellow jocked guy, fresh from riding my dick, is sitting down on my face.  No load yet, but plenty of precum as my cock was working overtime with what Juan was feeding me.  Someone sits on my cock.  I think it’s Juan, but I’m not sure. 

Just as fast, the tight hole is replaced with another.  A third man is riding my cock—and I have no idea who it is.  But I find out quickly.  Yellow jock tells the rider to change places with him.  It’s Brice.  The men switch.  “He has a load for you,” Yellow Jock tells me, “though he’s left some of it on your cock for me.”  I watch yellow jock impale himself  on my cummy dick before my world is blacked out again with Brice’s dripping ass on my face.

I must be there for an hour of the play time.  Every man in the room either rides my dick, sucks my cock or lets me rim him.  Some do all three.  It’s an incredible buffet of open butt for my tongue.  I lose track of how many loads are fed to me.  At least five.  Not everyone announces they have one.  Some feed me with an element of  total surprise.  Not for the first time I wish I could be more multi-orgasmic…


I am let up for midnight.  We drink a champagne toast and a number of men take off, totally spent.  I still have to get off.  Juan is busy with Rod.  I know I have the rest of the weekend with Marco and I believe you should always load your host if you can.  Last year it was Rod.  I get Brice back in the sling.

I sink my tongue into him.  His canal is so damn slippery.  It’s heaven.  I eat.  I spit some back in and stand up.

“Load me.  Start the new year right.”

“Yeah, I want to add mine to all the others.”

“Do it, man.”  Brice does this moan that is all about need.  “Give it to me.  Every drop.”

He’s egging me on and knows it.

“Fuck!”  I pull out and sink to my knees for one last taste.  It’s right there—rising up the length of my cock.  “FUCK!”  I stand up.  Insert.  And explode into the mix of DNA already in Brice.  Marco grabs me from behind and holds on to me.  Keeping me in place.  Finally I see why.  Juan is geting under the sling. 

“Now let him pull out,” he tells Marco.  My dick inches out.  My enlarged helmet head scrapes the walls of Brice’s ass of all the cum left in him.  With one large plop, I am out of his ass and Juan is there to catch the jizz on his tongue.  He swallows and swings around to plaster his mouth to Brice’s hole.  Marco won’t let me go.  Not until Juan has cleaned my cock.

Finally, I get a second glass of champagne.  I raise it slightly in a silent toast. 

Fuck, yeah…Welcome 2016!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hosed Down

The piss party was great fun.  Really worth the last minute drive to Chicago. 

Since I can't get to writing it up for a bit, I'll post a great drawing by Chicago artist Etienne.

I could wish we had a true tub in our back room bar...

For those who would like to know more about the artist--click here.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Photo Find: the other side of FP

I didn’t think I wanted to go to the piss party today. 

Instead, when I woke up this morning, I had an overwhelming desire to go (and to piss!).  

So I am.  I thought I’d be writing today, not having sex.  You can see which won out. 

I did find some more shots in some old emails.  

This is from the non-leather part of a photo shoot I did a couple of years ago.  

It includes two things you don’t usually see—my ass...

 and a flaccid cock…

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thirteen Cocksuckers

Ann Arbor—March, 2016

Thirteen gay men in a motel room…and not one wanted me to fuck them.

I thought for a moment I’d crossed into the Twilight Zone.

But I’m getting ahead of myself—let me back up for a moment…

With all that’s been going on in my life, I have found it hard to concentrate.  Writing takes a lot of concentration for me—and I left off the saga of my sex life right at the hot and sweaty New Year’s Eve sex party.  Each time I sat down to write it, I couldn’t figure out how to go about it.  I wanted a hook—and I still do.  So I’m skipping it.  I’m also skipping some other really hot stuff that happened in January—and writing up something that happened just now.  Monday, to be precise.  That motel room full of men afraid of a big dick…

I have mentioned Tyler a few times in these posts.  He’s 60, and with a body a good deal younger—trim and fairly toned.  I have detailed a couple of different threeway meets with Tyler and a muscle top named Jerry.   Each time I’d taken my sling to Jerry’s Victorian living room and the two of us had taken turns sticking our Magnum covered cocks up Tyler.

Tyler contacted me sometime before the funeral that he would he hosting a motel party in Ann Arbor in early March.  It was, he told me, a yearly event.  He expected a lot of returnees.  He hoped I might be one of the new ones.  So I went.

I walk into the hotel and turn to the left, just like I know where my room is located.  My guess is right, the sign on the wall confirms.  I follow a distinguished gentleman with perfectly coiffed grey hair.  He thinks he is alone—he can’t hear me six steps behind him.  He keeps tugging at the front of his pants.  Even behind him, I can tell he is checking to see if his Cialis is working.

He knocks.  Tyler, dressed but barefoot, welcomes us in.  I hug him and push into the room.  There is Jerry, fully dressed sitting on one of the two double beds conversing with an early arrival.  I set up my laptop and slip into it some vanilla (but bareback) porn.  The door keeps being opened as I dig out my bottle of water from my bag.  There are six of us now.  All dressed.  No one is making a move.  So I strip.  No jock.  Just my leather wrist band and my athletic socks left on, so I can stuff Magnums and my lube into them.  When I’m naked, Tyler finally notices.

“Let’s get comfortable, guys.”  And everyone starts shedding clothes as I go around and dim the lights.  Of course, one man tosses his clothes on the bed.  He’s reminded gently that we’ll be needing that space.

And the cocksucking begins.  Tyler is down on me instantly.  I am just getting hard as he is called away to answer the door.  Now it’s a flurry of hands and mouths—sucking, probing, caressing, biting, licking and twisting.  I have everyone in the room down on my dick—except the guy with whom I walked down the corridor.  He’s latched onto Jerry and will not let go.  He keeps asking Jerry to fuck him.

I do feel younger looking around the room.  A few are my age, most a little older—or at least look it.  But dicks are hard—and there is some excellent head being given.  I go down on a nice beer can of a dick.  The man sighs and tells the room I’m an expert.  I try to live up to the praise.

When I reluctantly get to my feet to give the next man a turn, the crowd has swollen.  There are now eleven naked men in the room.  Both beds are full and the space between them.  It’s all oral at the moment.  Two on one.  One on two .  Standing.  Prone.  Sitting up on the foot of a bed. 

The new wave has brought in a couple of younger men, too.  Late 30’s early 40’s.  They have mini crowds around them—all wanting to touch.  I see Tyler atop a thick man with a thick cock.  He is putting a condom on it.  I watch him sit down on it—incredibly slowly.  Then I go answer the door.  An Italian looking man, in a leather jacket comes in.  He’s naked in a trice and I’m sucking him to hardness.  Unfortunately, he is so excited by the undulating bodies all around the room, he shoots in my mouth before he reaches full hardness.  And takes off.


I let the corridor fondler suck me.  He’s the oldest man in the room and with the worst technique.  He’s all teeth—and I excuse myself.


I suck on one of the young ones.  He likes my mouth.  It’s easy to service his long, thin dick.  I push him back and lift his legs.  He likes how I eat his hole even more.  Others gather around and hold his legs in place.  I finally stop the rimming and ask if he likes to get fucked.  It’s the first time he touches my dick.  He cradles it in his small hand and says ‘Yes, but nothing that big.’  I go back to my tongue up him.


The other young one is straddling a man lying on the bed.  He is thrusting a slightly above average cock into the prone man’s mouth.  It puts his ass in the perfect position for me to lick his slightly spread hole on the back stroke.  I kneel and do just that.  He groans like I have stuck a hot poker up his ass.  He grinds back on me, calling me dirty names under his breath.  I am sure I will get up him.  The name calling attracts the guy who I rimmed first.  He comes over, watches, then takes a turn licking the man I just got so wet.

We break.  The first rimmee balances on the easy chair in the corner—his ass spread again for my tongue.  I go to it.  I suggest to another guy to taste this hole, too.

Then the other rimmee—the guy who’d been astride—gets on the chair.  I have him panting for a fuck.  I know that breathing.  He needs dick.  I stand up.  He reaches back and grabs my cock to guide it in.  He gasps and turns around.  Had he not seen my dick?  It’s not that dark in the room.  “No way,” he tells me.  “You’d tear me up.”

So the first rimmee with the long slender cock gets to fuck him until the bottom blows his load.


Men are leaving as they get off.  We are down to six or so.

The first rimmee lets me blow him to completion.  Well, sort of.  He yanks it out of my mouth after the first blast and lets the rest of it cover his pubes. 

But he does let me clean him up.


It’s just the three of us.  I assume that Tyler is about to get the fucking I have needed to give all night.  But no.  “I hurt myself with that guy.”

“You were guiding it in so gently,” I tell him.

“He decided I was too slow and just jabbed up.  I should have had you open me up.”

I nod.

And I settle for a rimming by Tyler.  I sit on his face and grind my ass down on him.  I lean forward, swallowing his hard on.  He gives me a load down my throat.

Tyler’s phone goes off.

A straggler.  We let him come.

He’s the youngest and buffest of the night.  Late 20’s or early 30’s.  Beautifully gym built.  And a top.  He’s hung over 7 inches and the slight curve to the left means you have to concentrate in order to suck it. But he finds a fuck rhythm down my throat that makes him very happy. 

He even takes a turn blowing me.  Then he stands up.

“I need to fuck one of you.” 

Tyler melts and thinks with his little head, not the big one.  He condoms the man up and his legs go up in the air.  Too soon, he’s hurting.  Badly enough to stop the hunk.

The new arrival rolls onto his back and jerks.  He allows me to tongue his balls as he flails on his cock.  I move up his shaft so the head is in my mouth as he beats off.  Just my tongue and lips occasionally connecting as he jerks.

“Let me spray it.”

I pull back and let him cover himself.

I dive for the drooling cock head and jerk out my load all over him.

He’s very good about letting me clean him up.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Watersports 101: A mini master class

Before I took my break, I’d promised LP of Hiredstud to do a piece on Watersports.  That somehow seemed like an easier way to start writing again…so here it is. 

Watersports 101

Maybe the first question is...Why?

Because it’s fun.

Because it’s hot, being slightly naughty.

Because it’s another liquid coming out of the dick you’ve been worshipping.

I always knew I’d get into watersports.  The earliest dream I remember (before I started school) was about swimming in a pool of piss.  Early on in my relationship, my very sexually conservative partner and I pissed on a gay guy (as a joke) who was using our shower.  The recipient of our mingled yellow streams laughed—and got hard.  I wanted to know more.

So I watched piss porn.  I used the internet. 

Around the same time, I found out my gay brother was all about piss play.  We talked.  On a veranda in Aruba.  Long into the night.  Over a scotch or three.

I went to the watersports party in Chicago.  The one I still attend.  I watched.  I knew I could piss on guys, likely let them feed from my dick, if that’s what they wanted.  I had no interest in drinking.  I fed a hot pig my piss.  When my stream petered out, he stood up, I thought to thank me.  Instead he kissed me—and gave me back a huge amount of my own piss.  I was so turned on, I shot on the spot.


There are so many variations of piss play.

Many men think of it only as a Dom pissing on his sub.  Well, sure.  Absolutely.  I have certainly pissed on any number of men who are in that head space.

But there is also so much more.  Hot water pouring out of a dick as it covers you feels good.  Another early piss episode was on the sand dunes on Lake Michigan—a scorching hot day on the gay beach.  We drank water and hosed each other down all day between sucking cocks.  Nothing better.

And that brings us to what you want out of piss.

Many men want to be covered.  They love the feel of the hot water cascading over them.  Some like to be covered while they are fully clothed—so the fabric sticks to them. 

For some men, the act of drinking piss goes right along with cocksucking.  I would say the majority of men at the piss party fit this profile.  It’s just fun, not subservient.  Like a guy cumming in your mouth?  Think about the piss pouring out of his dick and down your gullet.  I have called it in the blog ‘the never ending cum shot.’  It just goes on and on…and makes me harder than about anything else.  And the more you drink, the more you can feed…

I know a number of men who love it up their ass.  This is harder—but not impossible.  I can piss hard.  I can piss mid fuck and keep going.  Not everybody can do that—but you can open your partner with a speculum—and hose him down.  An enema bag.  Or any enema bottle can deliver the goods. There are toys from places like Fort Troff that are plugs to turn your boy into a drain.



Piss itself is sterile.  If there is a bacterial infection in the urethra, yes, the piss will pick it up, just like anything else.  Piss cannot contain HIV—it is not one of the “noble fluids” such as blood and semen.
Piss flushes out excess medications in your body.  The hard party drugs can also be transferred with piss—and why they are verboten at the piss party.

The Roman Centurions used their own piss to brush their teeth…it takes plaque right off.  I always try for a piss party just before my 6 month cleaning.


Prepping for piss

Drink more water than you ever think you’ll need.  I always have a mug of tea, and one or two bottles of Gatorade.  The sports drink gets the kidneys working.  Then water.  Lots.  I want to be able to piss often.  And I want my piss clear.  The more yellow—the stronger it will taste.  Beer piss is ideal (but I only like my beer recycled).   My brew of water, tea and citrus Gatorade seems to be great.  Soda makes sweet piss—some guys like it, others don’t.  Hard liquor almost always makes bad piss.  And watch what you eat—asparagus being the foulest piss I can remember.

If you take it up your ass—it will act as another enema.  Prep accordingly.  Clean deep or else…


Ok.  You want to try watersports.  This is the regime that I did myself to help me deliver the goods. 

You are asking your dick to do things it’s not used to doing.  Piss has likely always been a very solitary activity.  You will be pissing in places that are not necessarily bathrooms.  I began by pissing in the shower every day.  Soon it was habit.  I began laying down in the tub, water beating over me, and would piss on myself.  When I got comfortable with that, I lay down and pissed myself before the shower was on. 

My next step was going somewhere outside and pissing. Then in a container in a bathroom in a public spot or a container in my car or filling a cup at a rest area where guys might see me.  In other words—giving myself permission to piss anywhere.

Kegel exercises.  You’ve heard me preaching about them for bottoms—but they are also great for piss play.  The action of the Kegel is to work the muscle to stop a piss flow.  Being able to start and stop that massive bladder emptying is really good for feeding a beginner.

I also wanted to taste my own piss.  I tried it in a glass.  Diluted and almost clear.  Fine to the palate—but not exciting for me.  I needed it out of the cock for that thrill.  I got in the tub, head over heels (just like when I used to suck my own dick) and hosed down my face.  That worked.  I became so excited, I had to jerk off instantly (often arching back up and over to feed myself the load.)

The next piss party was a breeze…and I was on my way.