Saturday, April 30, 2016

CLAW: Friday Night Asylum

Cleveland—Friday Night, April 2016

I had bought a ticket for FlexxxAsylum—the big pig party in the warehouse space of Flex where there are countless crosses, slings, etc.  Marco told me, sometime before he left to go teach, that he had invited a number of men to the room at midnight.  He hoped I’d be there.  We hadn’t played the night before—this was a chance to actually spend time with him, so I stayed at the hotel.

The first young man there (45 minutes late) was hot and ready for dick and fist.  He was blond and had a hairless ass made to take tongue and dick and my fingers.  He snapped a couple of pics of my hard cock to entice some friends to come.  I was dicking him down on my bed, when a man who stopped playing with me years ago arrived.  We were both wary and distant, but he is a friend of Marco’s.  I ignored him as they got to fisting in my sling and I concentrated on the boy in front of me. But the temperature of the room and gone from hot to frosty.  It plummeted even lower as two very young men arrived all hair gel and smart phones. One stripped, but the other couldn’t put his phone down.  The naked one literally pushed me aside, telling me the boy on the bed didn’t want dick he wanted a hand.

That was more than enough.

I pulled on my Air Force flight suit over my leather and got the hell out.

It’s late. A huge portion of the crowd (I presume) has gone.  But I instantly find what I need.  At the nearest sling, a daddy I recognize has his dick in a gorgeous young man.   He waves me over.  “You will love this ass.”

I hope it feels as good as it looks.  It’s a true bubble butt.  It is lightly haired, like the beginning of stubble on his face and his worked out chest.  I sink to my knees and tongue his hole.  It is incredibly pliable.  He’s been fucked a lot tonight. He moans as my tongue massages his used hole.  I am tasting load, I’m sure of it.  I stand up and insert.  He’s had his eyes closed.  He has no idea of my size.  But he knows now.  He whimpers.  But he’s hungry for it.  Wants it.  And that’s just what I need.  I fuck him in long, slow strokes.  He starts jerking his cock.  I pick up the pace.  I am soon rattling the chains of the sling.

This brings over the stragglers left in the room.  Soon there is a man bent over on either side licking each of the boy’s nipples.  I push the better looking one from nipple to the bottom’s cock.  He sucks it as I thrust.  I am sure it can’t last long.

It doesn’t.  The bottom pushes the sucker away to finish the job himself.  He shoots a huge load all over his hot chest.  The sucker cleans him up.  I pull out, bend and suck his cock clean.  I stick some of his own load into his thoroughly fucked hole.

And so it goes.  I fuck a stocky man on a fuck bench.  Until he shoots.  It’s that time.  Guys want to shoot a load and get home. 

I look around.  The warehouse is pretty empty.  I go into the main part of the bathhouse—(this year our ticket price covers both).  In the main playroom I find another man in the sling with a ring of men around him.  He’s obviously just been fucked.  The bottom is sucking a Black man, in the awkward way you do while lying in a sling.  I take the position at his ass and stick my tongue in it.  Yup.  Creamy as hell.  I lick and swallow.  I stand up and insert my cock.  He groans around the dick in his mouth.  My fucking excites the Black guy.  In moments, he cums down the bottom’s throat.  The man chokes and sputters—and he needs to take a break.

I wander.

I fuck in the dark room.  I can’t even see much about the man.  And I don’t care.  His ass is wet and used.  And that’s what my dick wants right now.

Then I hit pay dirt.  A Black cub bends over.  I eat out his hole and fuck.  A Black daddy with a dick about the same size as mine, but with a slight upward curve to it, shoves it into the boy’s mouth.  We spit roast him.

After a bit, I pull out.  “Turn around,” I tell him.  And he does.  The daddy takes his ass.  “Clean my cock.” I shove my ass juiced cock in his mouth.  We both fuck into our new holes.

And we turn him again.

And again.

We turn the cub until his knees are weak and he begs off.

A much better built young Black man is right there to take his place.  At first I can’t get into his ass.  I’m obviously his first.  I eat him out until he opens his hole.  I stand and this time I am sucked into his guts.  My fellow Dad nods in agreement.  I can see in his eyes he can’t wait to fuck this one. 

“Turn.”  This boy hesitates.  You can see on his face he knows he shouldn’t—but he does.  The other Daddy drives it home.  He fucks—building to a cum shot.  I pull out of the young man’s mouth and kneel, holding his cheeks apart.  The dad knows what I want.  He pulls my face so it’s between his thrusting pelvis and the hot ass.  My tongue snakes out and I taste the dick for a moment.

It sends the Dad into overdrive.  The sound of the two of them rutting fills the room.  The Dad shoots.  Fills that ass with cum.  I watch every contraction.  He doesn’t stay in the dripping ass.  He pulls right out and shoves his cock in my mouth.

“Clean it, you perv.”

I do.  Every drop.  I then taste the hole.  Oh, fuck.

“I’m going to fuck it deep,” I announce to the room.  I push my cock into the creamy mess I just tasted.

Our bottom is shaking, trying to pull away.  I realize he’s shot all over the floor.  I reluctantly pull out and go off for the next hole. 

I find it in the main playroom.  Cowboy Boots—a name that hasn’t appeared in this blog for a long time—is in the main sling.  And yeah, he’s wearing his boots.  And his hole is damp.

I tongue him deep.  “How many loads?” I ask.


I groan.  I redouble my effort to get more of it on my tongue.  Finally, I’m ready to fuck.  I sink into the creamiest hole of the night.  It’s heaven. 

I fuck.

I lick up the jizz I pull out.

I fuck.

I lick.

I fuck.

I finally stop.  To catch my breath.  He gets up.

I realize this was the hole I should have filled.  But he’s gone.

I fuck one other—he’s good, but gets off himself before I can load him.

It’s almost 4am—I need to get my stuff from the coat check before they close.  There is no one left to unload in.

A cocksucker who was watching the last fuck, asks if he can take me.

I let him suck my over stimulated cock.

And wonder of wonders—I give him my load.

Friday, April 29, 2016

CLAW: Gangbang X 2

Cleveland—Friday Afternoon, April, 2016

I am typing this with my cum still in my beard.

Let me back up.

A lazy morning.  Marco was gone first thing to do his other volunteer stint.  I did some work (my real job) and drank an extra mug of tea.  I cruised the vendor mart after lunch.  I ran into Derrick and Jacob and met their roommate—who is every bit as hot as the two of them.  We lounged in the lobby as we waited for their room to be ready.  I help them unload the minivan and take their bags up to their room.  It’s much fancier than mine—a true suite.  I nuzzle Jacob’s sweat pits—cleaning them with my tongue.  Then I’m off for my first sex of CLAW:  a gangbang with two hot bottoms.

I find the room easily, a couple of floors down from the guys.  I knock.  The one I’ve corresponded with opens the door.  I go in.  I’m the first to arrive.  I start stripping as the two men do last minute kind of things— dimming the lights while laying out lube and poppers.  I love the looks of both of them.  The one I’ve chatted with is late 40’s, Hispanic, with close cropped hair and a Nasty Pig jock that is showing off a furry butt.  His fuck buddy is about the same age and hairier—on his head, his ass, his chest and a beard I eventually get to lick and chew.  He is in some sort of designer jock as well and a collar.  I strip to a clean but stained jock and put my boots back on.

We’re ready.  The Latino kneels in front of me.  He sucks my cock.  I get hard easily.  Collar Boy answers the door.  Men start to troop in.  The Latino turns his ass to me.  I surprise him that I want to eat him out.  I do.  Heaven.  First ass on my face this week.  I insert.  Even better.  Wet but not slick.  Yet.  He is also surprised at my length. I just keep filling him.  A short guy with a tiny dick is working it into the other bottom while the collared guy blows the third top.

In the next 15 minutes more men come in. I think there are eleven guys total—all at once.  Some are being blown by other tops while they wait for ass.  I move to the collared boy.  A quick lick and my dick sinks into ass number two.    I fuck him hard—hips slapping his upturned ass.  We are fucking on a hide-a-bed in the front of their suite—it’s really low for me.  I make way for others—stroking and watching.  One man cums on entry into the Latino.  I clean his dick and he leaves.  All but the two Black tops are older than the men offering their holes.  It’s a great “make daddy happy” vibe.

One of the Black tops sucks me.  This gets him so hot he can’t last more than a few strokes in Collar Boy’s hairy butt.  I clean his cock and send him out the door.  And fuck in the load he’s left behind.  I’m in full dirty talk mode.  “I have more of his load in my mouth,” I mumble.  “Let me spit it up your ass.”  I do.  “And push it deeper.”  Hamlet would be proud—I suit the action to the word.  My cock glides into his cummy hole.

“Ride me.”  I lay down on the bed and Collar Boy straddles and rides me.  The rest of the room takes a turn up the Latino as we fuck. 

Then we reverse.  Eight dicks go up Collar Boy as I fuck the Latino, still on all fours. 

I do notice that one of the tops is now fucking one of the tops.

Another man I recognize from these weekends, loves to clean cock straight from the hole as much as I do.  We take turns on each dick as it’s pulled out.

Guys are shooting.  Leaving.  So I’m first and last.  I do both of them again.  It’s especially hot to see the Latino get so turned on by my fucking, that he tops Collar Boy.

I know I’m going to blow it soon.  Collar Boy has gone to check on his boyfriend skulking in the bedroom.  I eat the ass of the Latino one last time.  Insert.  And feel it build.  I can’t stop shooting.  It’s great.  I marinate in all the loads for a moment, then let him do a cock clean.  I rinse my dick in the bathroom.  When I walk back in the room, he’s still on all fours.  I can see my load beginning to trickle out of him.  I kneel and felch myself.

It’s all over my beard.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

CLAW 2016

Cleveland—April, 2016

I arrived about 4 hours ago.  

I have hugged Marco (the muscle hole) and have seen him for about 10 minutes before he went off to volunteer. 

I have purchased my tickets for Flexxx Asylum.  (This is where I got lucky last year with porn hottie David Benjamin.)

I have greeted Derrick and Jacob and met a buddy of theirs who is staying with them.

I have set up the sling in the room.  The rimseat is still in the suitcase as I write this post.

I think this may be a lower key CLAW for me.  I am feeling tired…but that has a lot to do with getting up at 4am this morning. 

I am hoping some good sex will be a good restorative.

The Claw website is here—with all the classes, parties and functions I mostly ignore.

I am certainly here to get into trouble…and into some hot ass I don’t see anywhere else.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Four Months of Derrick and Jacob -- Part Two

West Michigan—February, 2016

I am back with Derrick and Jacob (without the rimseat this time) in their crowded playroom.  There is gear and apparatus everywhere—and a huge mixture of odd objects d’art…

I am sitting on a low bean bag chair in their playroom.  I’m watching.  And stroking. 

Derrick is sitting on the couch across from me.  Jacob is on his knees and blowing his partner.  His furry butt is pointed right at me.  It’s an open invitation.  But I just watch.  And stroke.  And wait.
Jacob comes up for air.  Derrick tells me that Jacob is working on deep throating.  Jacob pants.  

“Now go suck our guest,” he’s told.  Jacob swivels around and takes half of my bigger dick in his hot mouth.  I fuck another inch into him.  He gags.   I pull back, let him sputter then do it again.  He takes about three quarters of my dick this time.  He finally gags and pulls off me.  He goes again.  Is it deeper?  I can’t quite tell.  He pulls off.

Derrick is jerking at the show going on. 

I slither down into the bean bag.  “You did good.  Now sit on my face as your reward.”

I don’t have to tell him twice.  He grinds his furry butt onto my tongue.  I get his hole deliciously wet.  “Now on my dick,” I mutter into his ass.  Jacob moves down and impales himself on my spit slick rod.  Derrick strokes faster.  Jacob takes me like a champ.  He barely pauses as he settles down on my full length.  A momentary pause as he bottoms out, grinding against my bush.  He begins to fuck himself.  He pounds himself down on my cock.

Then his legs give out.  He gets up, fisting his aroused, PA-ed cock.

“Feed Derrick your dick.”

Jacob clambers up on the couch, straddles his partner’s thighs and thrusts his cock into Derrick’s mouth.  I get up behind him and enter his wet ass.  This causes Jacob to collide with one of the many decorations over the couch—the sword of a swordfish hanging from the ceiling.

“Ah!” he squawks.  “I’m being attacked.”  He turns to me.  “I want this moment in the blog!”

You got it, baby…

(For the record, I later fisted Jacob in the sling and he got off in my mouth—my hand still in him.  I shot in Derrick, also in the sling.  He jerked off with my dick marinating in his butt.)

West Michigan—March, 2016

Derrick is alone.  Jacob is out of the country.  It’s the first time I’ve played one on one since Dad died.  It couldn’t be nicer.  Tender.  Then rough. Tactile.  Wet and good.  Derrick rims me in the sling until I cry.  Not cry out.  Cry. 

It is cathartic.  And I’m so glad it is with him.

I later fuck a load out of him that leaves him a giggling mass of endorphins…

West Michigan—April, 2016.

Jacob is home and in the sling.  We are taking turns on him.

Maybe a picture  (or  four) will be truly worth those thousand words I could write about his ass…

Monday, April 25, 2016

Four Months of Derrick and Jacob--Part One

West Michigan—January, 2016

Derrick, the big bear of man, and his cub Derrick welcomed me into their playroom once each month this year.  I love how we play together.  We haven’t done wildly different things each time, but the keeping it to once a month has made everyone involved really ready and wanting it when it happens.  Instead of writing them up separately, as they would be so similar, I thought I would hit a few high points in this installment and the next.

I walk into their beautiful, modern home this cold January night with a slight butterfly in my stomach.  I have been reading Jacob’s tumblr blog just before I left.  He has mentioned in a post that a trick of theirs has outed me as a blog writer.  The trick recognized the orca dildo I had written about and told them all about the blog.  I wonder what this will do to us…

We settle down for a chat before the strip down and leathering up—as we always do.  We talk of this and that.  Then Jacob stands up, gets a Japanese beer and says:  “So I read all the posts about us.”


“It was hot.  I like the way you write.”

And that was that.

I have brought the rimseat—the one thing they don’t have—even with Derrick as fanatic an ass eater as myself.  I have warmed up the boy’s hole.  I have taken a turn with my tongue in Derrick’s ass, too, as the boy rides my cock.

Now I’m sitting on the seat.  Derrick’s beard is massaging my ass crack.  It starts light and slowly works to a grind of his chin into my cleft.  Jacob is off to the side watching.  It excites him to watch his Sir give me pleasure.  His PA-ed cock stands up.  He stands in front of me and sticks it in my mouth just as Derrick’s tongue goes into me for the first time.  I’m being double penetrated.  The PA clatters against my teeth.  My tongue works at keeping it out of the way by pushing it back against his cock head.  He can’t take much of my active tongue.  He pulls out, turns around, and straddling Derrick’s chest, sits on my rock hard cock.  My ass is pushed down even tighter onto Derrick’s face.  We all groan:  Derrick into my butt, Me into Jacob’s ear, Jacob to the room at large. 

He rides me.   Derrick is now drilling my hole.  I have never felt a tongue so deep in me.  I now know how it feels—just what my boys tell me I do to them.  Jacob grinds down on my dick—telling me how full he feels.  He groans again and this time slides as slowly as possible down my entire length—and squeezes my dripping cock.

Jacob stand up—his legs need a break.  He turns to me and, bending, kisses me.  When we pull out of the kiss, he settles down on his daddy’s cock and rides it.

I love watching his face—getting fucked by the dick he knows so well.  How it hits every spot in his grasping hole.  How it’s his dick—you can see it on his face.  The love is tangible.

I lean forward.  I kiss him.  Our mouths connect the triangle.  We are all linked.  We are all one at that moment.

It’s too much for Jacob.  He cums all over Derrick’s hairy chest.  I hold onto him—feeling the shudder of each explosion before it jets out of his dick.  He clutches on to me blindly—lost in the throes of the climax.

We re-group. 

I get Derrick in the sling.  Jacob, spent, plays with his man’s nipples.  I rim Derrick.  Jacob uses his mouth on Derrick’s chest.

I scoop up Jacob’s load and use it as lube, slathering it on my dick. 

I fuck.

I shoot. 

And I hold in place--as Derrick jerks off--all the while my load mingles with the remains of Jacob’s semen.

One indeed….

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sharing Dean with a Cute Cub

Near Home—January, 2016

It was cold and snowy. 

It was that time of year when sometimes it was truly safer to be adult—to cancel a hook up and not chance the roads (and the other drivers!)  Snow was pummeling my area of Michigan.
Of course that left me really horned and ready for a good fuck.

So I responded to a last minute text.  Dean, the handsome top who has been exploring his bottom side with me, hoped I might be free.  A regular of his was in town.  Dean had been exploring his bottom side with him, too it seemed.  Dean wondered if I would like to share his ass with this bear cub.  Of course I said yes.   The weather cooperated that morning and I had a cold, but clear drive to the city nearest me...

I am early.  I sit in my car for a moment and check my phone for the room number.  It’s a hotel I’ve never fucked in—always fun—and one at a higher price point than my usual trysting places.  Obviously it is a business trip for the Cub.  I look up and see Dean park his car a few spaces away.  I get out of the car, grab my bag and we go in together. 

“You think you two can DP me?”  he asks.

I shrug.

We go two floors up and avoid the squadron of maids filling the corridor.

Dean knocks.  The Cub answers, wearing only a towel.  He is mid-thirties, a little soft, with a few extra pounds, all covered in ginger hair.  I grin—this will be a pleasure.

I’ve been instructed to bring my leather.  We don’t wait for either of us to change.  The Cub is on a tight schedule.  Dean and the Cub are kissing as I put my bag down.  I add in--and get Dean’s pants open.  He’s wearing his chastity device.  My mouth is being invaded my two different tongues.  Quite enough to get me hard.  I apply the slightest pressure to Dean’s shoulder.  He kneels and takes me in his mouth.  The Cub watches, his mouth open, as he sees my cock for the first time.  Dean switches to the Cub’s dick.  Then it’s back and forth as the Cub and I kiss.

“Up here.”  The Cub breaks the kiss and sprawls on the bed.  Dean shucks off the rest of his clothes and kneels between the Cub’s splayed legs.  His ass is in the air and points right at me.  I strip, then kneel behind him and stick my tongue deep into his wrinkled pucker.

Dean groans around the cock in his mouth.  I lick and drill into him quite happily.

“Shove that cock of yours up him,” the Cub mutters.  “I want to see him take it.”

I rise up and align my dick at the dripping hole.  I remember to go slowly with Dean’s lack of experience.  I go in much easier than I expect.  I think his concentrating on the fat cock in his mouth takes his mind off me and his ass.  I am in.  I hold.  I fuck.

Dean is moaning around the Cub’s dick.   I fuck with a slow and steady rhythm—the kind that forces Dean down on the dick he’s sucking with each stroke.

I pull out.  Fuck.   A rushed clean out.  Dean scampers to the bathroom with me.  I’m cleaned up first and go back to the Cub.  He really wants to try sucking my cock.  I lie on the bed, my knees over the edge of the mattress.  He stands on the floor between my splayed legs, bends and sucks my dick.  He’s fine, but he tires of it quickly. 

“Here,” he tells me, patting the edge of the bed, “put your head there.”  I do.  And I get royally face fucked.  No mercy.  And I take it, his balls slapping against my nose.  My eyes are watering, my nose is filling up, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna ask him to stop.  I think for a moment I may get the load designated for Dean’s ass.  The Cub is panting and sweating.  I can feel his already thick cock expand.  I know I’m about to be flooded.

The bathroom door opens and breaks the moment.  The Cub pulls out of me.  He pushes Dean over and inserts.  In moments he gives Dean a load up his butt.

I hope for some felching.  But it’s not to be.  Both men go into shower instead.

I wait. 

The Cub emerges first, hurriedly dresses and tells me we can keep playing but he’s late for his meeting.   Dean emerges all sheepish.  I make a mental note for one of my fisting boys to take Dean in hand and talk clean out.  We forget about his ass.

Dean has taken the cage off in the shower.  I love that he can’t quite control himself around me.  We sixty-nine for no time at all.  He’s ready to blow his load.  He pants and shoots.  I swallow all of it.
“Where do you want mine?” I grunt out.

“Across my face, Sir.”

I kneel to one side of his head.   Ribbon after ribbon of white cum marks his handsome face.

We kiss.

I leave him in the shower, getting ready for work.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Coat Check Otter

Chicago—January, 2016

After Marco left for home on January 3rd, I did not want or need to play for several days.  I thought about going to the bookstore by the next Friday, but decided I’d let my load keep building—and head back to Chicago for the first piss party of the new year. 

It was a great drive in—cold, but bright and sunny.  That is until I hit the Illinois border…then huge, wet and sticky snowflakes began to pummel the windshield.  If it was this messy now—yikes, I wasn’t going to chance it five hours from now when the party was done. I drove straight to the cheap motel and booked in for later that night.

I got to the bar, paid and stripped.  I give my bag of clothes to the coat check otter I lust after.  He grins at me—and the bulge in my jock—as he hands me my claim ticket.  It is only a few minutes after starting time…

It’s actually warm in the bar.  They have cranked up the heat.  I refill my bottle at the huge thermos of water sitting on the bar.  The floor is dry—no one has started pissing yet.  It’s a smaller turn out, but that’s not surprising with the cold and the weather.  A piss party always sounds better in the heat of the summer.  Well, except to horn dogs like me.

I look down.  The man who loves to sit on the foot rail of the bar is right there.  He’s waiting to suckle anyone’s cock as they lean in to order a drink from the cute cub of a bartender.  I don’t want alcohol, but I chat with the cub for a bit—letting the rail sitter get a mouthful of cock.  He’s an excellent cock sucker and gets me hard.  I take a sip of water and am pretty sure I can feed him.  And he won’t mind in the least if it’s a little strong—not as clear as my piss will become for the rest of the night.  I know my man.  I pull out until just the tip of my hard cock is left in his mouth.  I concentrate.  I sip.  I let fly with my built up piss.  It streams right down his gullet.  He gives a happy gurgle and swallows.  And swallows.  Every. Last. Drop.

When he has wrung the last drop of piss out of my dick, he goes back to giving me head.  I let him suck until I notice another man who wants to unload in him.  I move off and sit watching the porn.


I suck a big bear of a man…first wetting his cock and extremely hairy ball sack with my now clear piss.

When I stand up and he returns the favor—I see one of my favorite pieces of ass filling his cup at the bar.  It’s the red haired young man with the insatiable ass I write about so often at these gatherings.  I let the bear get his fill of my pissy dick and then excuse myself to see if I can’t get my dick wet another way…

I follow the red haired young man to the front of the back bar.  For whatever reason, the boot black chair, near the clothes check, has not been wrapped in plastic as usual.  It makes the perfect fuck stand.

“Just don’t get it wet, guys” the hot otter minding our clothes tells us as I bend RH into the seat of the chair.  I nod at the otter.  I kneel on the dry floor and sink my face into the fleshy ass in front of me.
“You could eat my hole forever.  Fuck!”

I grunt an assent.  I feel the same way.  I poke and prod him with my tongue.  He relaxes his hole more easily here, not balanced on some saw horse in the back corner.  I probe deeper and deeper.  I love how he tastes.  I want to hose his ass crack, but I remember my promise to the otter and don’t do it.  I just spit repeatedly into his hole.

I stand up.  I wipe my drooling cock head on his now loose pucker.  My precum glistens as it mixes with my spittle.  I go back to my knees and push the pre-cum into him.

I repeat the whole process.  This time it’s a mini spurt of pre-cum.  I poke it home with my cock head.  Then my tongue.

“Jeez.  Really fuck me with that thing.  Fuck me hard.”

I stand back up.  I can’t wait to get into him.  I push in.  His hole gives way and snaps tight on the shaft behind my cock head.  I wait.  He sighs.  His hole relaxes.  I push in.  Slow.  Steady.  One long stroke for the rest of the length of my shaft.

“Oh, fuck that feels so good,” he mutters.

I agree, but I just make a noise in the back of my throat.

And I start fucking. 


Just like he asked.

There are guys getting into the blow up pool next to us, but they pay no attention to us.  It’s all about us.  We are oblivious to others and lost in our own little world of ass and cock. 

Hot ass and hard cock. 

Soon he starts producing the lube I love.  I can feel my cock go wet.  The sound changes, too.  It’s loud and wet with the suction of fucking in his copious ass lube.

Eventually we slow.  He cleans my cock, as enamored of his own secretions as I am.  I hunker down and stick my tongue into his wet hole.  It’s a heady combo of ass and cock juice.  I swallow some and leave most of it for the fuck.

The boy gets on his back, his legs in the air.  I get into him, but it’s a hard position to hold—not nearly as comfortable.  I fuck for a bit, then let his legs down.

He stands.  We kiss.  And agree to meet up later.  He goes off to the bar as I move away from the pool and splashing pigs.  I take a long swallow of water.

“You are a hung fucker,” the coat check otter says as he comes around to the front of his counter.  He hefts my wet cock.

“I really wanted to piss his hole over there," I tell him, "but I was good.”

Coat check otter leans against his counter.  He looks over his shoulder at me. “Then do mine.”

He doesn’t need to ask twice.  I piss down the perfect cleft of his hairy ass cheeks.  It’s a long stream.  He’s dripping with my piss.  He starts to stand up.

“Don’t move.”

He bends again as I sink to my knees and bury my face in his sopping wet ass…

Monday, April 11, 2016

New Year's Day Loading

Work has really kicked my ass.  I thought I had some time to write, but not really, as it turned out.  I should have time now, as my world calms down—both professionally and with the family.  I really want to write as much as I can about what I did in January through March in these next few weeks.  Either way, I will report daily from CLAW.

When Marco had arrive at my house to drive into Chicago with me for New Year’s eve, I mentioned that he had planned our entire weekend in Chicago.  Well, some of it began to unravel from almost the moment I awoke, holding him in my arms, on New Year’s Day.  My beard was still encrusted with who knows how many loads of dried jizz. My cock began to harden as it slowly realized it was in the extremely furry cleft of Marco’s ass cheeks.  My mind began running over what we were doing today: 

Our now traditional French toast breakfast and a New Year’s hot tub with our hosts.

Packing up the bench.

Going deep into the western suburbs of Chicago to play with Marco’s pal Johann—and perhaps Johann’s partner.

Johann and Marco are card carrying members of MAFIA, the Chicago fisting club.  I knew it would be an afternoon of taking turns with cock and hand on one or the other—a nice relaxed hole play session after the frenzy of last night.

Marco stirred, grinding his ass back on my dick.

And that was the moment his phone began vibrating and buzzing.

“Sorry…”  He grabbed it and I went off to shower.

The upshot was that Johann’s partner’s mother was unexpectedly at their house.  We could not play with each other’s holes all over his home.  Marco explained to me that Johann would meet us at SteamWorks.  I still envisioned the same kind of scene…except once we got there, it was anything but just the three of us—the door to our sling room almost never closed…

Johann is in the sling.  His hairless ass is incredibly white.  He’s slender with cropped hair.  He looks younger than his forty-odd years.  His chin has a tightly trimmed goatee.  His eyes are telling me to keep right on fucking.  Marco is on his knees in the corner.  He is sucking a guy, who looks like a linebacker, getting him hard and ready to fuck.

I fuck Johann.  Hard.  Showing off for the cluster of men in our doorway.

The linebacker takes a turn up Johann.  I suck on a young African-American’s dick—though he is too shy to fuck in public.

When I stand back up, there is now a ring around the sling.  Hands are all over Johann: on his dick, his nipples, caressing his neck and ears.  There is a thin cock in his mouth.  A tall, gaunt man is fucking him.  Marco is bent over the bed and taking the linebacker.  I stand behind the gaunt fucker and twist his nipples.  He grunts and unloads into Johann.  I drop to my knees the moment he pulls out.  He is too sensitive for my tongue. 

But Johann knows what I like:  “Eat me out, stud.  Just kiss me when you’re done.”

I dive in.

This is too much for a few of the wanking twinks.  They leave. 

It’s a big load.  I have to really work at not swallowing every drop.  But I love sharing.  I keep some on my tongue and stand up.  Johann pulls off the cock he’s sucking and opens his mouth.  I let a large dollop roll off my tongue and into his gaping mouth.  He groans and our mouths connect.  My tongue does its best to retrieve the lost jizz.  We kiss for a long time.  My cock slides into the cummy mess in his ass.  I fuck as we kiss.

New men have replaced the twinks.  A man, who’s been off to the side, but flogging his sizable cock, catches my eye.  He’s early 30’s and a regular at the gym.

“Do you want to take a turn?”

He shakes his head.  “But I want to lick your cock when you pull out.”

I motion for him to kneel at my feet.  He does.  Eagerly.  His blue jock has been pulled to the side.  He runs the hand he’s used to jerk his dick over the fabric, saving his pre-cum in the absorbent fabric.  I pull out.  My cock is frothy with the gaunt man’s cum.  I stick it in the much younger man’s mouth.  He cleans me expertly.  I stick it back into Johann’s hole.  My cock cleaner is now gushing pre-cum.   That makes me do it again.  My cock pulls out, just as covered.  He cleans and swallows.  I step to the side and reach for the back of the cock cleaner’s head.  He resists for a moment—not sure if he can do it.  My hand insists.  It guides his head into Johann’s dripping hole.  He whimpers as his tongue connects.

I can’t be sure—but I’m pretty sure I just made him felch for the first time.  His right hand never leaves his dick and is moving at an incredible speed over his rigid flesh.  His face grinds into Johann—and he spurts—all over his blue jock.  I hold him in place for a long moment.  Then I help him up.

“Rub some of your cum on his hole.”

He does.  With pleasure.

Then turns to kiss me.  We connect.  “Thank you,” he whispers as he pulls out of the kiss.  “I’d never have done that without you.” 

I grin.  “I want to taste you.”

I go down on my knees and clean his cock—leaving most of the load to marinate on his jock.  I am sure he’ll want that for later.  His cum is sweet—and he is incredibly into it.

“Oh, fuck…” he falters—I look up at him—and follow his gaze over to Johann.  A new dick, thin and curved, is smearing Blue Jock’s semen around on Johann’s ass.  Suddenly the thin dick pushes it all inside.

“I just seeded him.”  He swiftly kisses me again.  “I can’t wait to tell my boyfriend.” 

And he’s gone.


It’s not until much later that we shut the door.  Marco worms his hand into Johann, with lots of J-lube and whatever jizz I haven’t eaten out of him.

I take a turn with my fist, too.

All too soon Johann has to go home and cook for his Mother-in-Law.  I ask if Marco (who has been so patient—making it all about Johann) wants his turn in the sling.

“My hole is still feeling it from last night.” 

I hug him.

We cancel the idea of staying in town and looking for trouble.  We go back to Michigan.  Where I spend all the next day playing with my favorite muscle hole…

A perfect start for 2016.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

FP on Video

You may remember that I shot some porn for Bad Seed during IML last May.  For no real reason I checked in at the website this morning.  Lo and behold—the first thing I saw was me eating ass.

ExtremeCumHole was the great bottom.  

The video is aptly titled Cum in My Hole.

It is very reality based—no glossy boys here—just lots of raw rutting.  I am in the first three-on-one scene...

...and later in the stairwell section with a different bottom.

Bad Seed Media’s site is here.  The trailers (three from this video) looked hot--even to me--someone who can find it hard watch himself perform.