Monday, April 25, 2016

Four Months of Derrick and Jacob--Part One

West Michigan—January, 2016

Derrick, the big bear of man, and his cub Derrick welcomed me into their playroom once each month this year.  I love how we play together.  We haven’t done wildly different things each time, but the keeping it to once a month has made everyone involved really ready and wanting it when it happens.  Instead of writing them up separately, as they would be so similar, I thought I would hit a few high points in this installment and the next.

I walk into their beautiful, modern home this cold January night with a slight butterfly in my stomach.  I have been reading Jacob’s tumblr blog just before I left.  He has mentioned in a post that a trick of theirs has outed me as a blog writer.  The trick recognized the orca dildo I had written about and told them all about the blog.  I wonder what this will do to us…

We settle down for a chat before the strip down and leathering up—as we always do.  We talk of this and that.  Then Jacob stands up, gets a Japanese beer and says:  “So I read all the posts about us.”


“It was hot.  I like the way you write.”

And that was that.

I have brought the rimseat—the one thing they don’t have—even with Derrick as fanatic an ass eater as myself.  I have warmed up the boy’s hole.  I have taken a turn with my tongue in Derrick’s ass, too, as the boy rides my cock.

Now I’m sitting on the seat.  Derrick’s beard is massaging my ass crack.  It starts light and slowly works to a grind of his chin into my cleft.  Jacob is off to the side watching.  It excites him to watch his Sir give me pleasure.  His PA-ed cock stands up.  He stands in front of me and sticks it in my mouth just as Derrick’s tongue goes into me for the first time.  I’m being double penetrated.  The PA clatters against my teeth.  My tongue works at keeping it out of the way by pushing it back against his cock head.  He can’t take much of my active tongue.  He pulls out, turns around, and straddling Derrick’s chest, sits on my rock hard cock.  My ass is pushed down even tighter onto Derrick’s face.  We all groan:  Derrick into my butt, Me into Jacob’s ear, Jacob to the room at large. 

He rides me.   Derrick is now drilling my hole.  I have never felt a tongue so deep in me.  I now know how it feels—just what my boys tell me I do to them.  Jacob grinds down on my dick—telling me how full he feels.  He groans again and this time slides as slowly as possible down my entire length—and squeezes my dripping cock.

Jacob stand up—his legs need a break.  He turns to me and, bending, kisses me.  When we pull out of the kiss, he settles down on his daddy’s cock and rides it.

I love watching his face—getting fucked by the dick he knows so well.  How it hits every spot in his grasping hole.  How it’s his dick—you can see it on his face.  The love is tangible.

I lean forward.  I kiss him.  Our mouths connect the triangle.  We are all linked.  We are all one at that moment.

It’s too much for Jacob.  He cums all over Derrick’s hairy chest.  I hold onto him—feeling the shudder of each explosion before it jets out of his dick.  He clutches on to me blindly—lost in the throes of the climax.

We re-group. 

I get Derrick in the sling.  Jacob, spent, plays with his man’s nipples.  I rim Derrick.  Jacob uses his mouth on Derrick’s chest.

I scoop up Jacob’s load and use it as lube, slathering it on my dick. 

I fuck.

I shoot. 

And I hold in place--as Derrick jerks off--all the while my load mingles with the remains of Jacob’s semen.

One indeed….


  1. Replies
    1. I try....and I need to help train that next generation of sex pigs...

  2. That moment when someone finds out about the blog is a tense awkward moment. Glad it all worked out.

    1. It is, indeed. I would hate to have spoiled anything with the two of them.