Friday, April 22, 2016

Sharing Dean with a Cute Cub

Near Home—January, 2016

It was cold and snowy. 

It was that time of year when sometimes it was truly safer to be adult—to cancel a hook up and not chance the roads (and the other drivers!)  Snow was pummeling my area of Michigan.
Of course that left me really horned and ready for a good fuck.

So I responded to a last minute text.  Dean, the handsome top who has been exploring his bottom side with me, hoped I might be free.  A regular of his was in town.  Dean had been exploring his bottom side with him, too it seemed.  Dean wondered if I would like to share his ass with this bear cub.  Of course I said yes.   The weather cooperated that morning and I had a cold, but clear drive to the city nearest me...

I am early.  I sit in my car for a moment and check my phone for the room number.  It’s a hotel I’ve never fucked in—always fun—and one at a higher price point than my usual trysting places.  Obviously it is a business trip for the Cub.  I look up and see Dean park his car a few spaces away.  I get out of the car, grab my bag and we go in together. 

“You think you two can DP me?”  he asks.

I shrug.

We go two floors up and avoid the squadron of maids filling the corridor.

Dean knocks.  The Cub answers, wearing only a towel.  He is mid-thirties, a little soft, with a few extra pounds, all covered in ginger hair.  I grin—this will be a pleasure.

I’ve been instructed to bring my leather.  We don’t wait for either of us to change.  The Cub is on a tight schedule.  Dean and the Cub are kissing as I put my bag down.  I add in--and get Dean’s pants open.  He’s wearing his chastity device.  My mouth is being invaded my two different tongues.  Quite enough to get me hard.  I apply the slightest pressure to Dean’s shoulder.  He kneels and takes me in his mouth.  The Cub watches, his mouth open, as he sees my cock for the first time.  Dean switches to the Cub’s dick.  Then it’s back and forth as the Cub and I kiss.

“Up here.”  The Cub breaks the kiss and sprawls on the bed.  Dean shucks off the rest of his clothes and kneels between the Cub’s splayed legs.  His ass is in the air and points right at me.  I strip, then kneel behind him and stick my tongue deep into his wrinkled pucker.

Dean groans around the cock in his mouth.  I lick and drill into him quite happily.

“Shove that cock of yours up him,” the Cub mutters.  “I want to see him take it.”

I rise up and align my dick at the dripping hole.  I remember to go slowly with Dean’s lack of experience.  I go in much easier than I expect.  I think his concentrating on the fat cock in his mouth takes his mind off me and his ass.  I am in.  I hold.  I fuck.

Dean is moaning around the Cub’s dick.   I fuck with a slow and steady rhythm—the kind that forces Dean down on the dick he’s sucking with each stroke.

I pull out.  Fuck.   A rushed clean out.  Dean scampers to the bathroom with me.  I’m cleaned up first and go back to the Cub.  He really wants to try sucking my cock.  I lie on the bed, my knees over the edge of the mattress.  He stands on the floor between my splayed legs, bends and sucks my dick.  He’s fine, but he tires of it quickly. 

“Here,” he tells me, patting the edge of the bed, “put your head there.”  I do.  And I get royally face fucked.  No mercy.  And I take it, his balls slapping against my nose.  My eyes are watering, my nose is filling up, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna ask him to stop.  I think for a moment I may get the load designated for Dean’s ass.  The Cub is panting and sweating.  I can feel his already thick cock expand.  I know I’m about to be flooded.

The bathroom door opens and breaks the moment.  The Cub pulls out of me.  He pushes Dean over and inserts.  In moments he gives Dean a load up his butt.

I hope for some felching.  But it’s not to be.  Both men go into shower instead.

I wait. 

The Cub emerges first, hurriedly dresses and tells me we can keep playing but he’s late for his meeting.   Dean emerges all sheepish.  I make a mental note for one of my fisting boys to take Dean in hand and talk clean out.  We forget about his ass.

Dean has taken the cage off in the shower.  I love that he can’t quite control himself around me.  We sixty-nine for no time at all.  He’s ready to blow his load.  He pants and shoots.  I swallow all of it.
“Where do you want mine?” I grunt out.

“Across my face, Sir.”

I kneel to one side of his head.   Ribbon after ribbon of white cum marks his handsome face.

We kiss.

I leave him in the shower, getting ready for work.


  1. So my partner's a top and lately he's been feeling the itch to bottom more but man, even though we have been together for well over a dozen years I just can't bring myself up to say how I wish he cleans out more. Ha! So for his birthday I figured I'd lead by example and cleaned out and holy crap, he fucked me senseless five times that night. I'm like yup, prepping is a pain but such a good reward at the end though. I'm still not sure I'm doing it right, though. Lol. I tried a couple months back and it wasn't as successful. Oh well.

    1. I wish it were a science--there are just so many variables to clean out. Dean's issue, I think, is rushing it. And maybe cleaning for a smaller cock than mine...I go through the second sphincter on most men. My best boys use a thin toy to open that sphincter as they clean...and I love them for it.