Thursday, April 28, 2016

CLAW 2016

Cleveland—April, 2016

I arrived about 4 hours ago.  

I have hugged Marco (the muscle hole) and have seen him for about 10 minutes before he went off to volunteer. 

I have purchased my tickets for Flexxx Asylum.  (This is where I got lucky last year with porn hottie David Benjamin.)

I have greeted Derrick and Jacob and met a buddy of theirs who is staying with them.

I have set up the sling in the room.  The rimseat is still in the suitcase as I write this post.

I think this may be a lower key CLAW for me.  I am feeling tired…but that has a lot to do with getting up at 4am this morning. 

I am hoping some good sex will be a good restorative.

The Claw website is here—with all the classes, parties and functions I mostly ignore.

I am certainly here to get into trouble…and into some hot ass I don’t see anywhere else.


  1. Have a great time...looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

    1. Thanks...things started a little slowly, as both Marco and I were too tired to play by the time he got off his volunteering duty here at CLAW last night. He's helping teach one of the workshops, too. So I am headed off to a side by side seeding party...