Monday, April 11, 2016

New Year's Day Loading

Work has really kicked my ass.  I thought I had some time to write, but not really, as it turned out.  I should have time now, as my world calms down—both professionally and with the family.  I really want to write as much as I can about what I did in January through March in these next few weeks.  Either way, I will report daily from CLAW.

When Marco had arrive at my house to drive into Chicago with me for New Year’s eve, I mentioned that he had planned our entire weekend in Chicago.  Well, some of it began to unravel from almost the moment I awoke, holding him in my arms, on New Year’s Day.  My beard was still encrusted with who knows how many loads of dried jizz. My cock began to harden as it slowly realized it was in the extremely furry cleft of Marco’s ass cheeks.  My mind began running over what we were doing today: 

Our now traditional French toast breakfast and a New Year’s hot tub with our hosts.

Packing up the bench.

Going deep into the western suburbs of Chicago to play with Marco’s pal Johann—and perhaps Johann’s partner.

Johann and Marco are card carrying members of MAFIA, the Chicago fisting club.  I knew it would be an afternoon of taking turns with cock and hand on one or the other—a nice relaxed hole play session after the frenzy of last night.

Marco stirred, grinding his ass back on my dick.

And that was the moment his phone began vibrating and buzzing.

“Sorry…”  He grabbed it and I went off to shower.

The upshot was that Johann’s partner’s mother was unexpectedly at their house.  We could not play with each other’s holes all over his home.  Marco explained to me that Johann would meet us at SteamWorks.  I still envisioned the same kind of scene…except once we got there, it was anything but just the three of us—the door to our sling room almost never closed…

Johann is in the sling.  His hairless ass is incredibly white.  He’s slender with cropped hair.  He looks younger than his forty-odd years.  His chin has a tightly trimmed goatee.  His eyes are telling me to keep right on fucking.  Marco is on his knees in the corner.  He is sucking a guy, who looks like a linebacker, getting him hard and ready to fuck.

I fuck Johann.  Hard.  Showing off for the cluster of men in our doorway.

The linebacker takes a turn up Johann.  I suck on a young African-American’s dick—though he is too shy to fuck in public.

When I stand back up, there is now a ring around the sling.  Hands are all over Johann: on his dick, his nipples, caressing his neck and ears.  There is a thin cock in his mouth.  A tall, gaunt man is fucking him.  Marco is bent over the bed and taking the linebacker.  I stand behind the gaunt fucker and twist his nipples.  He grunts and unloads into Johann.  I drop to my knees the moment he pulls out.  He is too sensitive for my tongue. 

But Johann knows what I like:  “Eat me out, stud.  Just kiss me when you’re done.”

I dive in.

This is too much for a few of the wanking twinks.  They leave. 

It’s a big load.  I have to really work at not swallowing every drop.  But I love sharing.  I keep some on my tongue and stand up.  Johann pulls off the cock he’s sucking and opens his mouth.  I let a large dollop roll off my tongue and into his gaping mouth.  He groans and our mouths connect.  My tongue does its best to retrieve the lost jizz.  We kiss for a long time.  My cock slides into the cummy mess in his ass.  I fuck as we kiss.

New men have replaced the twinks.  A man, who’s been off to the side, but flogging his sizable cock, catches my eye.  He’s early 30’s and a regular at the gym.

“Do you want to take a turn?”

He shakes his head.  “But I want to lick your cock when you pull out.”

I motion for him to kneel at my feet.  He does.  Eagerly.  His blue jock has been pulled to the side.  He runs the hand he’s used to jerk his dick over the fabric, saving his pre-cum in the absorbent fabric.  I pull out.  My cock is frothy with the gaunt man’s cum.  I stick it in the much younger man’s mouth.  He cleans me expertly.  I stick it back into Johann’s hole.  My cock cleaner is now gushing pre-cum.   That makes me do it again.  My cock pulls out, just as covered.  He cleans and swallows.  I step to the side and reach for the back of the cock cleaner’s head.  He resists for a moment—not sure if he can do it.  My hand insists.  It guides his head into Johann’s dripping hole.  He whimpers as his tongue connects.

I can’t be sure—but I’m pretty sure I just made him felch for the first time.  His right hand never leaves his dick and is moving at an incredible speed over his rigid flesh.  His face grinds into Johann—and he spurts—all over his blue jock.  I hold him in place for a long moment.  Then I help him up.

“Rub some of your cum on his hole.”

He does.  With pleasure.

Then turns to kiss me.  We connect.  “Thank you,” he whispers as he pulls out of the kiss.  “I’d never have done that without you.” 

I grin.  “I want to taste you.”

I go down on my knees and clean his cock—leaving most of the load to marinate on his jock.  I am sure he’ll want that for later.  His cum is sweet—and he is incredibly into it.

“Oh, fuck…” he falters—I look up at him—and follow his gaze over to Johann.  A new dick, thin and curved, is smearing Blue Jock’s semen around on Johann’s ass.  Suddenly the thin dick pushes it all inside.

“I just seeded him.”  He swiftly kisses me again.  “I can’t wait to tell my boyfriend.” 

And he’s gone.


It’s not until much later that we shut the door.  Marco worms his hand into Johann, with lots of J-lube and whatever jizz I haven’t eaten out of him.

I take a turn with my fist, too.

All too soon Johann has to go home and cook for his Mother-in-Law.  I ask if Marco (who has been so patient—making it all about Johann) wants his turn in the sling.

“My hole is still feeling it from last night.” 

I hug him.

We cancel the idea of staying in town and looking for trouble.  We go back to Michigan.  Where I spend all the next day playing with my favorite muscle hole…

A perfect start for 2016.

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