Sunday, April 30, 2017

CLAW: Master and Slave

Cleveland—April, 2017

Friday Evening.

I went to lunch after Dustin left, and then the Vendor’s Mart.  I considered a couple of different things, but in the end came home empty handed.  As I was typing up the notes on playing with Dustin I got a text from a Master I’d met several years ago at IML.  That story is here.  I had chatted online with the Master every few months since that time.  We’d tried a meet at another IML, but everybody got too busy.  This year we hoped to make it happen—and here was his text asking if we might do it. 
The slave was back from the gym and was stepping into the shower—he could be ready for us in no time.  We chatted for another moment and found out they were just several doors down from us at our hotel.  They’d see me in 30 minutes.  I would be fucking both of them.  I set the room back up, 
getting a towel on the bed.  I had boots and harness on as they knocked at the door.  I answered…

“Let us help you with that.”

Both men are on the floor, helping me zip up the chaps.  It’s actually harder for them to do it then if I did it myself, but it’s damned hot to be served.  “Get naked,” I tell them, zipping the final zipper. 
The slave has only gotten bigger with 4 more years at the gym.  He’s now in his late 40’s.  I wrote before about this incredibly buff man:  He could pick me up and toss me on the bed if he wanted.  His shoulders are huge, his chest tapers to a trim waist and a hot butt.  He is covered in the most intricate tattoo pattern, one that forms a complete picture—done with foresight and artistic skill….He has pierced his ball sack with at least six silver rings that bounce and clank together….

I am guessing the Master is my age, maybe older.  His white hair is extremely trim and the mustache full.  The gym is keeping age at bay.  He’s shorter than I, but carries himself with great authority.  The slave asks for direction a number of times as they strip.

Then they are all over me.  They are both on their knees, taking turns sucking my dick.  I pass it back and forth.  Soon it’s just the Master on me, as the slave, redirected, is sucking his Master’s cock.

“I want to eat some ass.”

The slave is told to get on the bed.  He pushes the muscled butt towards me.  I take a long time rimming it—especially as the Master has just enough room to be sucking my dick while I do it.
I stand up and fuck.  The slave takes me with a lot of vocals.  I find it hot.  I offer the hole to the Master, but he is in his non-top head space.  I continue fucking.  

I pull out and fuck the Master.  He’s standing, holding on to his boy, as I plow him.

“We have a sling, let’s use it.”

The slave is into and deftly finds the stirrups with no assistance.  I find it so hot, that I know both these men each have a stable of slaves and boys of their own, but with me they are here to serve.  I enter the slave and work his pierced nipples.

“You can use those like handle bars,” he tells me.  “Pull hard.”

I pull on them.  He howls and his PA’ed cock erects.  It’s huge.  I don’t remember it being this big.  I lean down, and still fucking, can lick a pearl of precum out of the slit.  The Master stands to the side and watches and plays with himself.

“Move around and hold on to him.”  I get them chest to chest with the Master’s feet on the floor.  I fuck him hard.  “Hold on to him tight,” I instruct the slave.  He does, cradling the man he loves.

I pull out.  He has rushed his clean out.  I wash and go back up the slave.  I ask the Master if he wants to go freshen up, since they are so close, but he tells me to just fuck the hole in front of me.  I do.  With pleasure.

“Master, may I jerk off?”

He’s given permission.  I swear the cock gets still bigger.  And he shoots.  Howling out his cumming.  Over and over.  I slow, pull out and bend to lick it up.

“I’d really like to taste what I did to his hole, with him on the rimseat.”

I’m given permission.  It’s incredible to watch this muscle god lower himself onto my face. 

“I am a great self-luber,” he says as he opens his fuck hole to my tongue.

It gushes out.  Truly as is I’d shot a load. 

Though I’m painfully aware that I didn’t.

Suddenly he‘s up, and they are dressed and gone…and I’m stuck with what to do tonight.

But not for long…


  1. Truly hot to have a master and his slave whose only goal was to service you. But I could never have left without taking your load. That's just me.

    1. I was hot! And to know that BOTH of those men top all the time, but come to me for nothing but cock.