Monday, May 1, 2017

CLAW: Nasty Kink Pigs Throw a Party

Cleveland—April, 2017

Friday Late Night:  I needed to get off.  The men I hoped to find online were either off or busy. I had made a conscious choice not to buy tickets to the Asylum parties.  They had gotten very expensive—and now seemed to be more about the porn star performances than great group sex gatherings.  I also didn’t really want to get my car out of the damned valet parking and go off site. 

And then I remembered.  The hookup site Nasty Kink Pigs was throwing a sex party at the host hotel.  It’s a site I don’t use, but I had been to a party of theirs one year at IML and I’d had fun.  Even better, it was a nominal admission and a block away.  I felt it my duty as an Investigative Blogger to let my readers know what it would be like…

I have dressed in my leathers and put the flight suit over them so I can get through the lobby of the host hotel.  I go up to the 16th floor.  It’s 20 minutes after the start time.  I know I’m early, but I like watching guys arrive and picking my prey.  It sounds noisy as I wait outside the door.  A group of five young men, none in leather, are desperately searching their pockets for enough to get through the door.  Finally they step aside.  I pay.  I’m banded with an orange wrist band.  I walk through the door. 

It’s dim but not dark.  It’s the living room of a suite.  Couches form an L shape in one corner, looking at a huge television playing Nasty Kink Pig porn.  To my left at the door is a sling.  A young man is in it and getting his ass rimmed.  The floor has been covered with a non slippery plastic to preserve the carpet.  On the television wall, but up by the sling, is a makeshift table set up to be a bar.  
Between the couches and the hall door, there is wall to ditch whatever clothes you don’t want to wear.  I have brought my usual gym bag to stow the leather jacket and the flight suit.  I zip them into it and go exploring.

The ass eater is just that, not a fucker.  The cubbish man in the sling is disappointed.  So I stick my dick in him.  He makes grateful noises and jerks off as my cock pounds a load out of him.  He takes off the moment I help him out of the sling.

I get some good head from a boy on the couch.  He disappears from my side the moment I tell him I don’t party.  There are maybe 16 men in the room.  That number only keeps growing all night.

A bearded guy has blindfolded himself by the bar.  He is kneeling, ready to give head to any man who sticks his dick in his mouth.  I’ve heard one man get off in him, so I have to try his skill level.  It does nothing for me.  I’m too tall for a good angle and he tends not to cover his teeth.

I fuck a young Black kid in the sling with a delectable bubble butt.

There are now 30 people here and it’s getting crowded.

“Gentlemen, you can now use the bedroom as well.”  The bartender has opened a door between the television and his bar.  There is nothing in the room but a double bed covered in a leatherish fabric.  You can use it from three sides.  For the next hours I’m there, there are always three or four men getting their asses fucked on the bed.

I christen the bed by fucking a big, hot bear.  He is a squealer and draws a crowd into the room.

I go out into the front room.  There must be 50 people here now.

I fuck one of the guys organizing the party.  Tall and good-looking and likely my age—who can tell in the gloom?—we exchange blow jobs first.  Then I bend him over.  He grabs a friend’s shoulders and takes a hard fuck.  When I stop, his only words are “You have to do that to me in the sling, too.”

I do, later in the night.

I pause and drink from my water bottle.  There is every age, every type here.  Men in full leather.  Men off the street.  Men in rubber.  Puppies.  All fucking and sucking with abandon.  Sometimes with the men they came with, usually with men they just met.  Or the men their Masters/trainers give them to service.

I wander again.  I get my cock sucked.  I fuck more ass in the bedroom.  I alternate between men my age and young men who want daddy’s dick.

Back out by the front door, there is hot young man in a designer jock.  He is tall, but he is crouching on a little ottoman in the clothes corner.  He is tatted with true art over his back and, I can only assume, his front which, in his present position, I can’t possible see.  Fucking him is a bearded cub in his early 40’s, dressed in a rubber singlet.  I watch and stroke.  I smile at the Cub.  He nods, knowing I want to be next up this hot boy hole.

He pulls out and offers me the ass.  I surprise him with “Let me clean your dick first.”  I do.  The Cub groans and fucks my mouth.  I pull off, not to keep the cute butt boy waiting.  He’s a great, fuck with a skilled hole.  The Cub and I go back and forth until the butt boy’s legs get tired.  The Cub goes down on me for the first time, licking his lips over the ass juice on my cock.

He stands up.  He reaches around and unzip the ass crack of the rubber singlet.  “Put that big thing up me.”  I drop to my knees and delight in a furry ass after the smooth butt boy.  I get him good and wet and fuck him hard.  He grabs his knees, taking my energetic stroking into him.

We move off.  

We play with others.

We find each other again.  I fuck him in the sling.  I can spend longer eating him out.  Has he been loaded?  I keep burrowing to find out, but I can’t quite tell.  The fuck is noisy enough to bring a hot leather man over to stick his big dick in the Cub’s bearded face.


I do another round and fuck a Black cub on the bed.

I find a corner by the television and give some head.

It’s now nearing 1:30am.  It’s not that late by CLAW time, but this is my third sex outing of the day.  I want to go home.

The crowd has thinned a little.   I can’t find the Black Cub who I’d be happy to fill.  Nor can I find the guy who was working the party, who expressed interest in my load.

But I see the Bearded Rubber Cub going out the door.  I stop him.  “Want a load to take out of here?”

He grins.  We go to the bed.  I fuck him for a bit on his back, looking at his face.  And it hits me—he’s not as good looking and is a few pounds heavier, but he reminds me of Jacob.  Well, shit.  I bend down and kiss him.  The feel of his full beard is just what I need.  I actually close my eyes for a moment and think of the real Jacob.  The thought makes me pull out of the Ersatz Jacob and makes me eat his ass until he’s howling for my dick and my load.

“Turn over,” I bark.

The Fake Jacob gets up on all fours.  “Breed me!  Fill me up!”

I ram my dick in him. 

And I explode.  

Finally.  After this day full of great sex.


  1. That Cub walked out of there with the biggest smile on his face, I bet. Not to mention how you felt after finally finding a great ass to breed.
    It doesn't matter where your mind needed to go to get to that place. It's all good. Wish I could have gotten that Cub in the rim chair after all that. Mnnnnnnnnnn!

    1. You are right--he did. As did I.

      I'd love to see you under the rimseat.....

  2. Woke up oddly early this am and needed something to read...and then grabbed the bedside bottle of lube...and read thru til I came hard and fell right back asleep. Love your storytelling FP! thanks for getting me going, getting me off, and getting me a couple more hours of rest ;)

    1. Glad to be of service!! (And thanks!!)

  3. I kinda wonder if you've bumped into one of the cubbish organizers that I've been chasing for a year out in LA...

    1. It could be...Not too surprisingly, I don't have a name...