Saturday, April 1, 2017

Derrick Is Double Loaded

West Michigan—February, 2017

Derrick knew I was traveling throughout February, but offered me some play time between trips.  I was happy to oblige.  Jacob was not home.  He was half a world away. Derrick, all but naked, kissed me at the door.  I always forget that he’s so tall.  Taller than my 6’ 3” slender frame. I tilted my neck back and surrendered to it. 

We sat and talked in the den for a bit.  Then he said he wanted to go downstairs.  I assumed we were headed to the playroom, but he turned in the other direction and went into the guest room.  As I started to get undressed, he told me he wanted to work on taking more of my dick deep into his throat and he thought a bed would be better than the sling or the sofa in the playroom.  He sprawled on the bed, face up and head hanging over the edge.  The position alone made me stiffen up…

I straddle his head.  He adjusts himself so his head hangs a little lower, to better the angle.  I give him just the tip on my cock in his mouth.  I let his tongue swirl around the head.  I lower myself into him.  I’m three quarters of the way in.  I pull back.  He’s not choking.  He’s taking me easily. 

I continue a slow in and out.  He chokes only once.

I begin to fuck his face.  He is now taking almost all of me.  If I break the rhythm and fuck into his mouth slowly he can take all of me, but not if I do it repeatedly.

I bend down and kiss him.  I notice his dick is rock hard and dripping.  I bend across him, lick it up and spit it into his mouth.  My cock drives back into his throat.  I am at full fuck speed now.  Giving him at least two thirds of my dick on each stroke.

Now deeper.  One.  Two.  Three.  Fours strokes.  Finally he gags.

I grab his head and adjust him slightly, to ease the pressure on his neck.  I fuck his mouth again.  I slap his open tongue with my sopping dick, covered in deep spittle, and then dive back into his throat.

I pull out completely.  I mean, rip it out of his mouth.  I bend my knees and let him suckle on my balls.  Each orb is treated individually.  Then together.  Soon they are as wet as my cock.

I move around and fuck his ass.  His legs on my shoulders.  His head still lolling over the edge of the bed.  He grunts his appreciation.

I pull out.  I walk around to his head.  I squat over his face.

“Give me that butt,” he grunts.

I lower myself onto his face.  Slowly.  Teasing him.  Making him want it that much more.  I let him lick my hole until my legs can no longer take the awkward position.  I stand up and turn around.  I fuck his mouth again.

“I want you to eat my ass—but in comfort.”

We go into the playroom and pull the rimseat out from under where it is stored under the sling.


We indulge in a marathon of ass eating. 

Derrick drill fucking me with his tongue. 

Me, tasting his briefly fucked hole.  And opening it wide and gaping with my tongue, teeth and goatee.

We trade on the rimseat.

We take turns in the sling.

We literally lose track of time.

Of course his turn in the sling leads to more fucking.  I slide easily into the gape I’ve created. 

I fuck with long strokes.

At full speed.

I rim him again.

And fuck him some more.

And do it all again.

Eventually I let loose the load that has been building for so many hours.

I stay in place.  Derrick loves to jerk himself with my softening dick in his ass.  His hand scoops up vast amounts of Elbow Grease.  He works his dick furiously. 

And works it some more. 

I touch his balls.  Twist his big, hard nipples.  His dick finally shoots—making his hole contract around my cock.

“You want it?”  I ask?


“You know…”  I look him right in the eye.  Still buried deep in his butt.

I begin to piss. 

And piss.

I spasm with the clenching of his ass, but keep on power washing his gut.


We look at the clock in disbelief.  We’ve been downstairs for over four hours.  Lost track of time indeed.

“Well, thanks for the birthday present,” he says kissing me at the door.

“It’s your birthday?”

“Later in the week.  But yeah.”

I give him an even tighter hug…


  1. Sounds like the best way to spend four hours that I can imagine!

  2. Wow! What I wouldn't give for a perfect birthday gift like this. Pure heaven.
    Four incredible hours of having my throat and ass used. Taking turns eating ass and then being filled with your cum and piss. It just couldn't get any better then this.
    Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you.

    1. You are welcome! I"m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. A note....I saw them yesterday. I was taken to task that I did not mention the macaroni and cheese.

    Yes, Derrick took me out to dinner after all that sex...and I had the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had...with sauteed mushrooms and bacon stirred into the three cheese goodness.

    There. I've mentioned it...

    1. Sounds delicious. Perfect finish to a great afternoon!

    2. And Gary, I didn't say that I am often available to make birthday wishes come true!!